Paris Hilton Tricked Into Thinking She’s Dying In A Plane Crash, Anyone?

I’m going to make this quick because these videos are getting pulled left and right, but here’s Paris Hilton getting epically pranked by Egyptian TV show Ramez in Control into thinking she was going to die in a plane crash. I’m talking they filled the whole plane with actors, the pilot’s in on it, and at one point a dude even bailed out with a parachute. It’s goddamn amazing. And yet a lot of people are saying this is an awful thing to do to anybody, to which I counter that it’s the most perfect thing to do to Paris Hilton. I’m literally going to remember this video for the rest of my life. “And then, haha, she held onto her phone the whole time!” I’ll tell my grandchildren before they beat me for rocket skate money because my stories suck. I’ll have it coming.

UPDATE: I just added the official video from the MBC Group who seems to be getting these pulled, so hopefully this one stays up.

Photo: YouTube