Paris Hilton Was In On The Plane Crash Prank

Remember when you found out Santa Claus isn’t real? That’s how I feel right now but way itchier. TMZ reports:

Paris Hilton is a better actress than we thought … we’ve learned she was totally in on the “near plane crash” stunt.
TMZ has obtained a document prepared by the Egyptian production company behind the prank. Turns out Paris wasn’t their first choice. The company sent the offer to the reps of other American celebs back in March, offering them big money to participate in the prank.
The document states, “We will act as if something is going wrong and ask all passengers to jump off the plane!!! Of course everyone will panic, we’ll be having skydivers in disguise with us on board.”
The doc goes on, “We will monitor the funny reactions from our celebrity guest when they fear jumping off the plane.”

If someone tells me Kris Jenner was behind the Kim Kardashian blowing Ray J flag, I swear to God I’ll jump off a bridge. I have very little to live for. *notices coffee ring on comic book* Make that nothing. I have nothing to live for. GERONIMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Photo: Instagram