Paris Hilton is Topless Again. In Theory.

July 20th, 2010 // 18 Comments

Paris Hilton continued her topless sunbathing regimen in Sardinia yesterday and I’m not even going to bother starring these pics considering how blurry they are. Seriously, for all we know some paparazzo just set some LEGO figures on the edge of his tub. Which, from a purely hygienic standpoint, is actually way sexier than the concept presented in the headline. “Ooh, yeah, put on a knight’s helmet – and now this jetpack.”

Photos: INFdaily


  1. Phil Ashio

    “Thats Hot!”

  2. Paris Hilton Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    I would still hit that.

  3. Sugar

    She’s even skinnier than Angelina. Nasty and ugly.

  4. sean

    If you click on the NSFW links to the pics you are committing sin.

    • Truth shall set us free

      sean – you are full of shit. My wife goes topless in Europe. Sin is a bull shit concept made by men to control other men.
      There is no God.
      There is right and wrong, and you are wayyyyyyyyyyyy wrong.
      Do what is right, don’t impose your Taliban Christian BS on the rest of us. Fuck You Asshole!

      • Rush

        you are both wrong.

      • Phil Ashio

        wow, what an uptight homo sack of shit you sound like. Lighten up cock gobbler. it sounded like sarcasm to me. oh, and WELCOME to The Superficial. If you put the dick down long enough to pay attention, youll eventually get it.

      • CARLO

        Horrible pics. need more

        What is it about her? She’s not the hottest out there but she has that certain “fuckability” factor about her that just makes me drool over her every time I see her. Now I gotta spend the next hour looking up her video and other topless and upskirts. Love this girl!!!

        Did you know she used to play hockey back in the day?

  5. Paris Hilton Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    Terrible. The photographer needs to get a better cellphone and actually shoot through a lense instead of through the bottom of a Coke bottle.

  6. Paris Hilton Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    looks like someone got implants…

  7. lil jimmy

    what a boy chested whore bag…go away bitch

  8. brit

    now they’ll have to power wash and disinfect that ship again.

  9. oooaaahhh

    Yo Fish. Do we really need to see her that bad that we have to put up with the worst photos possible? Can you spell GRAINY?

  10. captain america

    when I need to see a dead body I go to some mortuary.

  11. joho777

    Paris really want those stories of her being arrested TWICE for holding grass OFF the news.

    I’d rather forget them on my own than have to look at photos like this anymore.

  12. Paris Hilton Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s got the worst pancake ass I’ve ever seen.

  13. Paris Hilton Topless
    Commented on this photo:


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