Paris Hilton Built a Night Club in Her House

Paris Hilton’s rendition of a man cave is more of a stripper den than anything. Adorned with designer logos and pictures of herself, it looks more like the waiting area outside the changing room of a Chanel store than anything. The word “gaudy” comes to mind because I’ve been spending Christmas in Florida and people use that word here to describe anything that resembles a Greek florist.

You can imagine all the fun murder mystery nights Paris hosts in this shrine to superficiality. Take away the images of Marilyn Monroe and the stripper pole, and you got Johnny Depp’s mud room. It’s pretty impressive that you can actually smell this room by looking at the pictures. The stench of stale vodka and cheap perfume are somehow visible in these photos.

Paris is lucky her dad didn’t have the same sobriety clause with her inheritance that Hugh Hefner put on his kids, or she’d be living on the street.

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