UPDATE: Pamela Anderson is pregnant

January 9th, 2008 // 110 Comments

Pamela Anderson is pregnant with Rick Salomon’s baby, according to TMZ. However, that’s not stopping her from moving ahead with their divorce:

Salomon has told friends he believes she is “acting crazy” because of the pregnancy and hopes she will settle back into the marriage. Interestingly, in her divorce petition, Anderson asked for spousal support but not child support.

Okay, I can understand the husband leaving the wife for getting pregnant. Her egg, her fault. That’s simple geometry. But the wife leaving the husband? Is that legal? Can they do that? I mean, how will shirts get ironed? And, oh God, the dishes! Hold me.

UPDATE: Pamela Anderson posted a simple “No.” on her blog which her rep confirmed to People is in response to the pregnancy rumors.


  1. mememe

    one of the few times I find blatant sexism funny…lol

  2. woodhorse

    push my buttons, Fish, push my buttons and one day….

  3. She’s hot. It says on the net that many of her sexy and hot photos can be find at the bisexual club bimingle.commm. Well, that is right place for her to show her hot style.

  4. havoc

    Time to clean out the freezer and make room for another placenta……


  5. she is a nice babe, and she wil be the most happy mum…LOL

  6. I bet she’s wearing some pretty panties. God, how I’d love to have a used pair of her panties, I bet they smell wonderful.

  7. mavis

    Im sure she is not preggers, but wanting attention. She is as sick as Brit-Brit!

  8. Cvsmith122

    Dear god you mean people still want to have sex with that.

  9. The White Urkele

    How desperate do you need to be to want to put your crank into Pam Anderson? I would look at her aging vagina and think: ” I don’t have to be first, but I don’t want to be the 101st either.”

  10. Bob

    No way man, I’d love to be the 101st on the same night. I love sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths, etc……..Love licking out the cream-pie.

  11. While I think Pam Cansderson would be an excellent fuck, I wouldn’t be stoopit enough to make a deposit in the Aging Blonde Bank. Besides, we all know you can’t get pregnant orally.

    Oh yeah, Kid Rock shoots blanks.

  12. Why would she need support from him? She’s had a much more successful career than he has.

  13. The White Urkele

    Bob, you are nasty. But funny. I wouldn’t be apposed to getting a BJ from her, or giving it to her in the ass. Which I think I heard her say she enjoys it, when she was on Howard Stern once.

  14. minniememe

    doesn’t she have hepatitis?

  15. Bubbles

    Why? WHY?

    WHY oh why is she wearing that ridiculous outfit?

  16. gotmilk?

    a career? no. a joke? yes. what does she do now? she’s a magician’s assistant in vegas. she was in baywatch, some other shitty shows and playboy. i think she needs all the spousal support she can get because i don’t think she’s going to make it many more places on raw talent.

  17. Gerald_Tarrant

    I wouldn’t mind vomiting on her ridiculous tits. Just seeing pics of her tits brings me to the verge of throwing up. Seeing them in person would seal the deal.

  18. MBB-30

    Bubbles, I have to imagine that Pam got her outfit at greatglam.com.
    Cute Clothes! Great Prices!

  19. Bubbles…………………, so she can show-off her big fake tits.

  20. Ya, just what this world needs, is another kid for Pamela Anderson to screw up. HUGE therapy bills coming her way.

  21. wordwile

    She’s hot. her blog was found on ‘interracial loves. com’ a couple of days ago. She has a nice profile with hot pics there. Is she serious to date there?

  22. jrz

    *shakes head….walks away*

  23. DF

    Sheesh! I hope the kid doesn’t fall out!

  24. DF

    Sheesh! I hope the kid doesn’t fall out!

  25. DF

    Sheesh! I hope the kid doesn’t fall out!

  26. D. Richards, so sad.

    I can’t believe that I am back on here defending myself.

    1. I really am a Ph.D. student. Where is none of your business.
    2. Ture, belonging to mensa is not much of an accomplishment. but it also means that, as mensa membership is limited to individuals who are smarter than 98% of the population, that means that I am very likely smarter than you are.
    3. I am a woman, you jackass. Way to perpetuate gender stereotypes.

    Gotta go teach class now, kiddies. Ta Ta

  27. heyjeer

    She requested “spousal support”?

    Why? Did she actually do anything while married that warrented it?

    Were they even married long enough to qualify for any thing?

    She is a joke.

    Which is sad becasue I thought she was a beautiful women (except for the tits) and she seemed to have a sense of humour which showed a little bit of intelligence (unlike Anna Nicole for instance) and she really could have had a decent life had she wanted it.

    Big boobs got her attention. Got her married to one low life after another. Got her access to the Playboy mansion. Got her party party party.

    Got her nothing.

    What a waste.

  28. I know very little of stuff and whatnot

    There is no way D. Richards is a woman. Is there? No…. I….can’t….what? NO! My universe is completely crushed..

    That means her TITS are gonna be BIGGER?
    I think this wil be “DANGEROUS”!!

  30. Bubbles

    Hi TT, guess who?

  31. speed

    Did you see her profile with hot pics? I saw it on ‘www.interracial loves. com’ several days ago. She’s sincere, sexy and hot there.

  32. Shallow Val

    26 – Please, do us all a personal favor….F.O.A.D. you pretentious skag. Now I gotta go and register for Spring Semester, sodeahr!

  33. Jack Nickels

    I’m the daddy

  34. I am smrt. s-m-r-t!!

    26- I hope you don’t have surgical errors as much as you have spelling errors.

  35. Bubbles

    BTW, to the PhD, a little FISH etiquette….

    You NEVER, EVER defend yourself here. Evah! You go with it and a plague on anyone’s house who doesn’t agree with you.

  36. D. Richards (Bastard.)

    Fuck, what’s wrong with these people? Pamela Anderson is forty fucking years old, yet she doesn’t understand that, when a man ejaculates in to a woman’s vagina (‘pussy’, for the laymen; ‘cunt’ for the hipsters), repeatedly, there’s a chance that a zygote may be created, resulting in nine months of pregnancy, and years upon years of torment? What a fool.

    I gotta hand-it to Rick Solidwastemon, he knows what he’s doing. Fucking all these celebrities, it’s a fantastic way to keep up your profile. What an artist.

  37. Anonymous

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  38. nipolian

    In case you don’t know…..women’s small hands fit a toilet brush perfectly.

  39. Gerald_Tarrant

    #29 – Don’t worry, she doesn’t have enough real tit to get any bigger. Her pregnancy won’t make those 50 gallon water baloons get any bigger.

  40. Philosopher of Dick

    Hey pervert, for once say something intelligent other than how to torture/murder children and babies. Wow Mensa must really be lowering their standards to accept pretentious degenerates, such as yourself. Well the once flourishing biological multiplicity has been diminished gravely resulting in an inevitable monoculture of tanned dullards – semicloned proletarian automatons laboriously executing the will of the genetically enhanced quasianthropoid transhumans (plastic surgery, dentures, stem cells, etc. being the mere vanguard of the transformation).
    And so thusly, miscreance displaces intellectuallsim and morality as the new creed of the inbred masses of incognizant laborers remaining to toil and oil the cyborgs preceding their evolution, resuslting in the extinction of “common man”.
    Presenting the Dr. Richards, village (trailer park) idiot, savant of vulgarity, coprophagic epicurean, maestro of verbal sadism, the only known man who currently injects artificial semen into it’s scrotum so that she may perpetually masturbate and ejaculate lifeless fluids from her deformed gentitals. Fantasizing the Armegeddon ending the natural union of man and woman and romance, something this pitiful creature has never and could never know.

  41. Auntie Kryst

    It’s sad that they are going through the divorce. On the upside both Rick and Pam strike me a two empathetic and caring people. Neither are selfish nor self-centered, so the child will have a good home with parents (albeit separated) dedicated to mutually raising the child…

    Ahh who the fuck am I kidding. That poor bastard. I hope that baby is kidnapped at birth for it’s own sake. Maybe the Chinese can start adopting our babies?

  42. I don’t have a clue…….Bubbles??????

  43. Sue

    “Salomon has told friends he believes she is “acting crazy” because of the pregnancy and hopes she will settle back onto his penis.”

  44. D. Richards (Substandard.)

    #26? Okay-Okay-Okay! You are smarter than I am, I aquiesce. I’m scum; and I know it.

    Yet, a couple of things: you misspelled the word ‘true’, using instead the word ‘ture’. Now, since you’re so goddamn intelligent (admittedly), I took the time to look the word ‘ture’ up; ’cause I didn’t want to be caught with my pants down; guess what (?), ‘ture’, it’s not a word. Odd.

    Also, ‘Where is none of your business’? Where is none of your business; I’m not sure where none of my business went (?). Are you sure you’re mensa?

    Whatever. Please tell me you’re not an english ‘teacher’! Please.

    Lastly, I called you a man to get under your skin, and, ya’ know what, it worked!

  45. Mandy

    You don’t need child support payments for a coat hanger.

  46. Ted from LA

    Wow, twins!

  47. D. Richards (Saint.)

    #40? You typed that gigantic paragraph for nothing, pal. If you weren’t such a moron you would have read the other entries. There are other entries besides mine. Did you know that? Do you know where you are?

    I ‘parenthetically’ used ‘mensa’ in jest, asshole.

    I was joking my new friend, ‘Ms. Mensa’; she’s this teacher slut that’s pretending to be a member of ‘mensa’. She may have low self-esteem or something. Whatever it is, I think she may be a fan of Dick, and is using her lies to try and impress his genitals.

    #40. You’re a cumstain..

  48. Mark

    With all the drugs and alcohol that she does daily, that pregnancy will be over in a few weeks when the fetus dribbles out as she’s passed out on a couch. Child support should be picking up the cleaning fee.

  49. bangthegenius

    #40, your sesquipedalian diatribe is, ultimately, empty of meaning.

    I read more cogent prose each morning when I clean out my SPAM folder.

  50. Sucksess

    If I pissed you off the point is mine, eh?

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