Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon get marriage license


Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon received a marriage license on Saturday. Pamela had announced a few months ago that she was engaged, but only recently was it revealed to be with Rick Salomon, who once made a sex tape with Paris Hilton. Access Hollywood reports:

Anderson and Salomon have known each other for 15 years, according to Pam, who noted the fact on her Web site blog, this past Thursday.
In another posting –on September 26, Anderson wrote that her life was going well and hinted that romance was on the cards, though she did not claim it was with Salomon.
“I’m in love,” she posted. “And my work is fun and creative. I’m healthy . . . I’m having the best time in my life.”

Wasn’t Kid Rock hanging out with Paris Hilton not too long ago? Now Pamela Anderson is marrying Rick Salomon. What is there some sort of secret STD society where all the members swap partners? I bet they have matching jackets and decoder rings too. Actually, this sounds like a pretty sweet club. Except for the part where your nads itch until the day you die. That I can live without. But then again they do play Skee-ball every Thursday. Decisions, decisions.