Pamela Anderson Regrets All That Naked Stuff

September 22nd, 2010 // 87 Comments

Pamela Anderson is starting to regret… pretty much her entire life’s work. Turns out that shit can really mess a kid up. Who knew? Via Guanabee:

“My children are made fun of because I have posed naked,” confessed actress and model, Pamela Anderson while attending a Playboy party during a two day tour in Bucharest. “When you pose, you are not thinking that one day you will have children who will see it,” added the 43 year old mother of two during an interview with Romanian channel, Pro TV.

Somewhere Kendra Wilkinson just read this and went, “Ohhhh, shiiiiit.”

She forgot to sell that other sex tape. How late is Vivid open?

Photos: Splash News


  1. lisa
    Commented on this photo:

    She is beautiful…but I think she should now go brunette…she’s getting too old to be able to pull off the bleach blonde bimbo without look hard.

  2. Lisa

    Just pull the kids from school and home school them…problem solved. Pam can easily afford that. Posing naked has to be about the easiest way to make big bucks and probably why she has done it so many times. I can’t believe she never stopped to think how those pics might someday affect her kids. Money talks,we all know that.

  3. original insider

    pam anderson lets see worked with her from day one.sly and calculating, fake nice , if she thinks she is getting something from you , will fuck your brains out if you get her a commercial or tv show or a movie deal or thinks you will. just ask arsenal hall , she thought he could help her ,he fooled her ,she did not know he had alread been black listed no power in hollywood. shes a ledgend in her own mind. cant sing dance or act. her talent is shes been paid thousands to show the world her tits and pussy

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