Pamela Anderson Breaks Playboy Record With 13th Cover

December 15th, 2010 // 85 Comments

Because what else was she built for? Pamela Anderson posed for the cover of the January 2011 issue of Playboy for a record 13th time which actually seems like a pretty low number considering her chest isn’t biodegradable, but I digress. Also, in the issue is a poem written by Pam which boggles the mind alone with its existence, not to mention the use of actual people words. I just assumed she spoke in a series of giggles and intricate breast claps based on all those times I hit mute whenever she talked. It was very scientific.

Photos: Courtesy of Playboy


  1. Oh snap

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t she just say a few months ago that she regretted all the nude stuff?

    • pablo

      This is so awful that I wouldn’t even fuck this with fergie’s, Lady Gaga’s, Snookie’s, Ke$ha’s, or Hulk Hogan’s full families dicks.

    • pablo

      This shit is so old that while they were in the middle of Photoshopping it much better Photoshopping technology came out. So in reality these were photoshopped photos from 2005 that were rephotoshopped in 2010.

    • David Hasselholf

      I would rather have a go at Kitt than pam now even after 100 beers…

      oh boy and to think people used to think she was hotter than me.

    • Me

      Pamela Anderson Breaks Playboy Record With 13th Cover… Isn’t the number 13 bad luck? Seems to me that she just broke Playboy alright.

      • nonminti

        hey,some day she helped Playboy,now Playboy helps her :) her career choice was to strip naked all the time and so she continues working, but I wouldn’t call it cover of Pam but black dress and photoshop.

  2. I thought she gave up modeling…whatever..hoes gotta eat too..

  3. piper

    I wonder how much overtime the photoshopper got on this.

  4. Pamela Anderson Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    I love ellipses too…

  5. anonymous

    forget pamela anderson. is that russian spy chick actually nude in this issue?

  6. IreneWienne

    That is some serious airbrushing.

  7. Where’s her legs? Where’s her ass? Weird cover shot.
    Good for Pam. She needs the money. But it is starting to become a little ridiculous. She’s as old as I am, and that does not make for good cheesecake pinup shots not matter how much you pay the Photoshop professional.

  8. Pamela Anderson Playboy
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    How sweet. Pam’s breasts speak out on the ills of the world & provide us with a sweeping massage of hope.
    She is truly an intellectual giant.

  9. Enidaj

    I think you meant January 2011 cover. Also, she looks nothing like that anymore. Photoshopped to the max.

  10. Oprah is a shaved gorilla

    It’s the scratch-n-sniff Hepatitis edition.

  11. nick

    doesnt she have a good ol’ disease???

  12. Pamela Anderson Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    so i wonder if this is a recent pic, or another “kendra” pic as in it was taken years ago..if not thats a great photoshop job, cause she looks scary as fuck in person, i met her in person in Jasper a few months ago and she looks NOTHING like these pics…shes haggard and looking older than her age.

    • GravyLeg

      You jest…. OF COURSE they are old pics… This hag is so old her first set of pics were “airbrushed” by Michaelangelo.

    • lindsay

      @ burton, there are TONS of pics on the internet that show how terribly shes aged. i cant even imagine how bad she looks in real life! shes lived a hard partying white trash lifestyle (shes even admitted doing cocaine) and it DEFINENTLY shows! she needs to stop still trying to be the hot blonde bombshell that she was 15+ years ago because the whole world knows she doesnt look like that anymore! shes becoming a laughingstock.

  13. Pamela Anderson Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    For the love of humanity, don’t tell me this is part (or all) of her poem. She used “supercool”. Is that even a legitimate compound word?

  14. Pamela Anderson Playboy
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    met her in Jasper a few months ago, she LOOKS NOTHING like these pics…she is scary looking and looks about 69 in real life.

  15. McFeely Smackup

    Further illustrating the downward spiral of Playboy Magazine. Recycling old used up models is about what I expect from them these days.

    The only thing that would make it more sad is if she wasn’t even nude inside the mag.

    oh, and then theres this:

  16. Pamela Anderson Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    Countdown to Playboy cease and desist letter to Fish…. 10… 9… 8…

  17. Slapkatyperry

    Pam is cute and she has that “sweet girl” personality, but she’s getting old. It’s time to retire and fade into obscurity. The 90′s are over, no one cares anymore.

    • McFeely Smackup

      if by “cute” you mean “Looks tired, used up and plastic surgery gone wrong” and by “sweet girl” you mean “jumps at any opportunity to take her clothes off in public, and then lament to the press how she regrets doing it”, then I think we all agree.

  18. jojo

    Double d’s, hep c , b rated actress, a 1 skank.

  19. GravyLeg

    Countdown to Playboy cease and desist letter to Fish…. 10… 9… 8…

  20. Pamela Anderson Playboy
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    photoshop overdose!!!!

  21. josh

    Why is that trashbag still around ? To my knowledge she hasn’t done anything relevant those past 20 years.

  22. Pamela Anderson Playboy
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    …there are… more… … … … … … … ellipses… than… … … w… ords…

  23. Pamela Anderson Playboy
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    Can I set a record for not caring?

  24. Pamela Anderson Playboy
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    Really? I just love “two lips”…

  25. What a Dumbass

    So, she “regretted all the nude stuff” in an article back in 09/2010, yet she now strips & spreads her legs for playboy again? The words “HYPOCRITE” and “LIAR” come to mind. This dried up hag is so nasty that, if you look up the word “Social Disease” in the encyclopedia, her picture is right next to the definition.

  26. Pamela Anderson Playboy
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    she looks fantastic! i can only assume these are left over shots circa 1998

  27. Cock Dr


  28. Deina

    Shouldn’t it read “Pamela Anderson Breaks Playboy Record With 13th Airbrushed Cover”??

  29. scarlett leaf

    i kinda feel bad for her…she completely lost her looks.

  30. cj

    forget the airbrushing, what exactly is the point of photoshopping a woman in a ball gown into a lake?? curious. perhaps she was already in the lake naked and it was the dress that was photoshopped on to her.

  31. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    ISLAMIC EROTICA??!!! Buaaaahahaha! Is there any such thing? I thought these people even concieved children fully clothed!

  32. Randal(l)

    Good Job. an actress who hasn’t been relevant in 10 years on the cover of a magazine that hasn’t been relevant in 20.

  33. Pamela Anderson Playboy
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    holy photoshop batman!

  34. flip me

    Pam….go away. Nobody is fooled by the massive photoshopping done to these photos…you’re rubbery, old and ugly.

  35. shoegal

    Notes on Jersey Shore by Bret Easton Ellis? This is the one time I will be buying Playboy for the article!

  36. I heard these pictures were taken last year, but like “Avatar”, they had to wait for Photoshop technology to catch up to the task at hand.

  37. Bored

    Don’t you mean January 2011??!!??

  38. Pamela Anderson Playboy
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    Note to photoshoppers… it doesn’t make the picture look less photoshopped when you put someone in a dress in the water.

  39. Pamela Anderson Playboy
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    would still hit it!

    Pam call me!!

    sponsored by wearing 5 Trojan ™ at once

  40. Pamela Anderson Playboy
    Normal Male
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    That is a whole lot of fucking Photoshop. I can’t imagine how much computing power it took to maker her look human & presentable. Cancer could have been cured with 1/1000000 of the computing power required to hide all her drug & disease induced flaws. She’ s a fucking waste of air & space. You want a true Canadian beauty who is a terrific mom and has her shit together: Shannon Tweed. Enough said.

    Hef is turning into a senile old fuck for putting this STD & Hepatitis riddled skank on the cover again. I guess he truly does not want to leave anything behind for his sons. He’s an asshole.

  41. Pamela Anderson Playboy
    Citizen Kane
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    Nudes or GTFO

  42. Pangulin

    I think you are all wrong. I don’t think Playboy can afford to pay Pam for “new” photos, so they just Photoshopped her head from a file photo onto Kendra Wilkinson’s body ! Everyone knows Hef still owns the “manufacturer’s rights to Kendra’s body. The whole “marriage to a football player” bit is just a ruse so they could make another “reality” TV show. Oh, and garner publicity for her ” sex tape”, so it would sell…Hef needs the money!

  43. Brian Wallace

    She’s in a ball gown in a fountain because it’s homage to “La Dolce Vita”. I’ve read this issue. There are two naked pictures of Anna Chapman inside. In the “Next Month” blurb, I don’t think it’s a full pictorial but there’s a nude picture of Jenn Sterger (Jet’s PR person that Brett Favre allegedly sexted.) Also, it’s “The Girls of the LFL (Lingerie Football League)” next month.The cover may be new but the pictures inside of Pam are at least 10 years old. Didn’t Playboy used to make an effort with regards to their two big holiday issues (December and January)? They usually got someone pretty big like Kim Kardashian (no pun intended ) in the Christmas issue three years ago. Now, we get old pictures of Kendra in the December issue and old pictures of Pam in the January issue. Is Playboy that hard up? Thank you, Brian Wallace

  44. wim


  45. LONELY

    I would bend this whore over my bed and fuck the living daylights out of her… But that’s only because I am desperate for physical contact and have no self respect.

  46. Whatever

    You are all insane, she looks great! Oh yeah, real original with the photoshop jokes-too bad they’ve been said about EVERY model to grace the cover of Playboy. So what if she’s older? We all age, idiots.

  47. liked her way better on tooltown. n striperella. the rest id rather forget

  48. Hank

    Here’s a revolting thought: How many times has PA sucked off HH? I’m guessing at least 13.

  49. Pamela Anderson Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    Someone (perhaps a hot surfer guy) should supply her with a filter in every orifice she has – Pure Warrior style, of course…

  50. Cardinal Fang

    She’ll be fuckable til the day she turns 60

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