Selena Gomez Fake Reading to Kids in a Park

Most folks that walk into parks and pick up the first kid they see wind up going to jail… More »

Joanna Krupa Said Something Stupid About Sexual Harassment Victims

A woman who gained her D-list notoriety by being hot and marrying a rich guy thinks the accusers are only trying to cash in/gain fame… This is hell, right? Did I miss the crossover? Was I hit by a bus coming in today? More »

A Scarf-Less Johnny Depp Emerges From Hiding

Who is this clean-shaven sober guy and what have you done with that old, mumbling pile of scarves! More »

Mixed Feelings About Jordan Peele’s ‘Twilight Zone’ Reboot

I love it and I hate it. Is this what shame boners feel like? More »

Sexual Harassment Inquisition: Alec Baldwin is Covering His Ass

He’s nipping this one in the bud… or I guess butt… that he probably inappropriately grabbed at some point. More »

Kimberley Garner and Alice Amelie Doing Bikini Things and Other News

We got butts on the beach, Weinstein’s Hunter S. Thompson-inspired briefcase of drugs, a video of Taylor Swift trying to write a song, and more! More »

No, Nick Carter… You’re Not Replacing Scott Goddamn Weiland

Is this dude serious? More »

Hey! Mariah Carey Dipped Her Boobs in Concrete

Mariah did the concrete imprint on the sidewalk thing and in case you’re wondering, the answer is yes… her boyfriend cried like a little girl. More »

Kourtney Kardashian’s Boyfriend Still Looks Lost

**clap clap** Younes! Younes, right here! C’mere boy! You want a treat?! More »

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are Probably Dating Again or Whatever

I’m pretty sure if you’re willing to wear someone’s sweaty, stinky hockey jersey, you’re probably dating… or their captive. More »

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