Emma Stone is Dating Someone From ‘SNL’ Now Too

Dating someone who works at 30 Rock is really en vogue, so I’m thinking about getting a job as a janitor there… More »

Fox News Goes All-In on Trolling Radiohead

Fox host Greg Gutfeld thinks Radiohead is nothing but “a poor-man’s Coldplay.” More »

Leo’s New Girlfriend Is Nineteen… Shocker?

Lord Hogbody has another girlfriend that could be his daughter! Everybody freak out!! More »

Everyone Went to Michelle Alves and Guy Oseary’s Wedding

Turns out the manager of bands like U2 and Madonna has a lot cooler friends than you do… More »

George H.W. Bush: Sexual Harassment of the Day

Oh, boy! Poppy allegedly helped himself to a handful of actress Heather Lind’s ass a couple years back. Who is Heather Lind? Beats me! More »

Chantel Jeffries Brought These to Drake’s Birthday

What a wonderful gift! More »

Tyrese Probably Isn’t up for the Father of the Year Award

When you have to resort to flying banners over your kid’s school that says, “no matter what, daddy loves you,” you probably fucked up. More »

Flea’s Naked Penis on a Balcony, Anyone?

We got the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist hanging out naked on a balcony, if that’s something you’d be interested in… More »

Steven Seagal: Sexual Predator of the Day

Just look how he handles those melons! More »

Someone Tried to Break into Bieber’s Disgusting Bathroom

No, it wasn’t my mom… she would have invited me… I’d hope. More »

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