OSCARS: Scarlett Johansson Showed Her Face in Public

February 28th, 2011 // 48 Comments

Despite appearing in both Iron Man 2 and He’s Just Not That Into You, Scarlett Johansson was still invited to the Oscars where she made a rare post-divorce appearance and brought her agent as a date. Also, surprisingly in attendance was Sandra Bullock who seems like the type that carries a gun in her purse now and has zero reservations about going to jail. Unfortunately, keeping with the spirit of the show, absolutely nothing interesting happened. Although at one point Kirk Douglas asked, “Are these two dykes gonna fight or what?” Then reminded everyone he’s old and dying right in front of their eyes.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin,Getty, Fame, Splash News, WireImage


  1. im more happy she showed her ass in public :D

  2. Scarlett Johansson Oscars
    Commented on this photo:

    fuckin perfect angle

  3. DogBoy

    that dress is so fug, I demand she take it off immediately.

  4. Scarlett Johansson Oscars
    Commented on this photo:

    too sexy for words

  5. Happy Spillmore

    Nice tattoo, skank. About as tasteless as your dress.

  6. Cock Dr

    Do not like the dress & the hair is meh….but it’s always nice to see Scarlett.

  7. So many damn hot Oscar chick posts!
    Haven’t seen one yet I wouldn’t wreck….
    And ScarJo is their queen.

  8. Eric

    Just another Hollywood dope with a meaningless tattoo. She looks hot, though. For a girl who works at the mall.

  9. What is with this Fashion Police ad around the main content?
    So the show is about two guys, a girl, and an alien that bag on fashion?

    • JC

      Yeah, I’m getting those, too, and it’s led me to the somewhat-disturbing conclusion that Joan Rivers looks pretty hittable compared to Kelly Osbourne.

    • OMG – You are completely right…

      Given the choice of Osbourne or Rivers, I would choose Joan as well. Let’s face it. Either way you are banging someone “post op” but with Joan, at least you don’t have to wonder if you just banged a “post-op” transsexual.

    • But Dude… Think of the horror of the alternative… Kelly Osbourne?
      How does one screw her anyway? Think of the decisions that involves. Do you choose the one that looks LEAST like an anus? Or most… I guess it depends…. Regardless…. The horror…. The horror….

  10. Scarlett Johansson Oscars
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    wtf guys, i think she looks nice. like the make up, like the hair and definitely like the dress. and i usually do not like anything about her.

  11. Scarlett Johansson Oscars
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    wtf you guys, i think she looks really nice here. like the make up, like the hair and definitely like the dress. and i usually do not like anythng about her.

  12. Deacon Jones

    Annnnd. Her tits. Are, where?

  13. Richard McBeef

    I’m not sure which would be faster, the hitting or the quitting. Let’s get real, it would be the hitting as I can run out the door only so fast.

  14. Scarlett Johansson Oscars
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    Slide #19.

    The googles, they do nothing!

  15. Scarlett Johansson Oscars
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    Slide #19:

    The googles, they do nothing!

  16. Scarlett Johansson Oscars
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    sweet and sexy

  17. NTT

    The dress is hideous on her. She has an amazing body, she should be showing it off. And the tattoo. Oy Vey! It’s like graffiti on the Sistine Chapel. What’s wrong with this woman? She’s divorced! She needs to get back in the game.

  18. Scarlett Johansson Oscars
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    I see paris, I see france. I didn’t really notice her face actually.

  19. Jeremy

    she’s still incredibly pretty.

  20. brit

    So oblivious to her surroundings, she can’t even get the “woman in red” look correct.

  21. slappy magoo

    Her “Blue Steel” pose is equaled only by my “Blue Balls” pose.

  22. Carolyn

    Why the black undies? The eyeshadow, ring and tattoo are hideous.

    • K Soze

      Uh, sure….jealous much? a) black ‘undies’ for effect (who the fuck says undies?Whatre you, 84?) and obviously it worked.
      b) as far as the rest of that goes, youre still mad, as she looks f’ing hot, but ffs, stop nitpicking.

      Scarletts sexy as fuck, and looks just fine here. End of story.

      • Carolyn

        What sort of effect? Didn’t say she wasn’t hot, but eyeshadow, ring, etc. ugly. No, not jealous at all.

  23. If Scarlett Johannson didn’t show any cleavage at the Academy Awards everyone might as well have gone home.

  24. Mandy

    The tattoo looks like a child’s stamp :/

  25. petcov

    is that a tattoo wtf first time seeing it lol

  26. Levon Swift

    Actually there’s nothing surprising about Bullock attending, since she won Best Actress last year and was therefore presenting best Actor this year.

  27. Morgan

    I will never forgive her for doing that breast reduction surgery…

    This goes for Jennifer Connelly as well… So tragic…

  28. Scarlett Johansson Oscars
    Her Big Ass
    Commented on this photo:

    makes my schlong cry itself to sleep every night

  29. bronsoIX

    Too bad she let Gwinnie teach her how to starve herself and do fuckin aerobics for 9 hrs a day.

  30. Scarlett Johansson Oscars
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    Sean Penn You lucky Bastard

  31. muscles

    Don’t get the attraction to her. She has a horse face. Her body is decent but the dress looks like something an 80 yr old would wear.

  32. Noodle

    wow, she should’ve never shown her face again. I rather see her pic from 5 years ago. she looks painfully busted now.

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