Olivia Wilde shows Marie Claire some nip

October 6th, 2009 // 42 Comments

Here’s Olivia Wilde in the latest issue of Marie Claire and I had no idea they showed nipples. Or at least poorly veiled ones. I almost want to make a dentist appointment just to sift through all the issues in the waiting room. Also, I can make sure housewives aren’t reading and kill two birds with one stone. It’s all about time management, folks.

EDIT: So apparently these are from 2006. Awesome. Consider this a commentary on how often I read Marie Claire and not the last time I went to the dentist.

Photos: Marie Claire

  1. Fucksakes

    Lose the star!

  2. shitbreak


  3. She is definitely steamy but i get the feeling she prefers the slanted clam over a sausage.

  4. Olivia fan

    this is old. Although Olivia is stunning

  5. david

    i’m sorry, but this chick just doesn’t do it for me. she’s got a man face.

  6. david

    i’m sorry, but this chick just doesn’t do it for me. she’s got a man face.

  7. david

    i’m sorry, but this chick just doesn’t do it for me. she’s got a man face.

  8. Verez

    Up against the wall in the last picture… me wanty.

  9. chupacabra

    why is she all of a sudden saturating the market with herself? Is this because she has a new manager or agent or something? What gives? next you’ll see she’ll be going through a high profile divorce.

  10. marc

    these pictures are from 2006.

  11. She is a stunning woman…who cares if we can see the nipple or not? The rest of her is just fantastic.

  12. Randal(l)

    I’m Pretty sure that’s Megan Fox in an Olivia Wilde mask. Mostly because this is the 4th website I’ve seen these pictures on today.


  13. Old, new – does it really matter? Olivia looks good enough to eat. And seriously – who knew Marie Claire was a hot bed for see-thru nipple pics? I guess they stick ‘em in between the Tips To Lose The Belly Fat and Great Halloween Party Ideas articles.

  14. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I want to put my mouse in her house.

  15. Porque Pig

    She’s used the Thighmaster before – I can tell

  16. Maximus

    I can’t say she’s the only reason I watch House, but she’s just about the only reason I watch House. She’s so hot, it makes me stoopid.

  17. chris

    shemale or a Thaui lady boy

  18. crazypants

    Dude she’s gotten way hotter in the past couple of years. Don’t know how, neither do I care, but she is smoking!

  19. Ragnarok

    She will have my babies!

  20. LOL @ “she has a man-face”

    Right. What kind of “men” are YOU hanging out with?

  21. josh

    Who is this random chick by the way ?

  22. Turd the third

    I guess she must like black and that ladyboy sort of look. I think she sucks.

  23. Rupert

    Oh, I was thinking of Olivia Munn. :\

  24. not hot

    she looks like a 45 year old meth addict with a rat face

  25. The Rough report

    I cant hardly see those wilde berries, but it looks like she got stung by a lucky bee on the right side of her vertical smile…

  26. See Alice

    She is hot . Olivia Munn is hotter

  27. UPinYA

    She’s hot. Sure you can cut a roast on her face, but I would nail the shit out of her!! It dosent matter when she’s face down ass up biting a pillow.

  28. rah! rah!

    Her face looks ridiculously Photoshopped in these photos.

  29. shavederic

    I don’t care if she has a man face. She has a woman’s vagina and tits.

  30. AuSi

    I have never watched this actress’s movies so I don’t know if she exudes sexiness in her acting, but on pure looks alone from these photos I really don’t get what is the big deal about her. Her body is trim but nothing to give a second glance to, and she does have beautiful eyes but without that her face is not very alluring. I like the last photo though, nice shot.

  31. lala

    Marie Claire showed Naomi Campbell’s boobs with nothing on.

  32. Berzerker

    forget Megan Fox, this chick blows her outta the water man!

  33. minx

    what the hell is the big deal, people? on the O.C. she looked like your average dangly crack whore. now she just looks less white trash, since she got rid of the blonde hair. She’s not ugly, but sexiest woman alive? come on now….

  34. she’s attractive, but she’s definitely got better pictures than these

  35. Gando

    I’ve seen worse.Not bad at all.

  36. I think I’m seeing too much of her lately.

  37. 7L

    Fucking amazing

  38. I just don’t get why anyone thinks that this girl is hot…. I’m sorry but she is just your average way too-skinny girl.

  39. I have never heard of her?

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