Olivia Munn gets naked for elephants

April 27th, 2010 // 79 Comments

Olivia Munn posed “nude” for PETA recently because she hates the joy of children laughing at the circus:

“When you look at something like the circus and everyone’s laughing and there’s color and there’s music and everything seems so great, but when you go right behind that door and they’re in these crates all day long and then they’re getting shocked and beat just so they can get up and dance around on a ball … it was just so sickening.”

I have no problem with vegetarians or vegans because there’s all kinds of shit in meat these days even though I secretly believe that shit will eventually give me X-Ray vision. But I can’t stand these self-righteous PETA ads considering the “celebrities” in them are just pulling causes out of a hat to generate hype from the pseudo-nudity. “Let’s see. I’m against… making elephants stand on balls. Don’t even know what that means, but I’ll show them! (Use lots of airbrushing.)”

Photos: PETA, Splash News

  1. elephantman

    she is so friggin hot! shit all take a elephant!

  2. Nick

    Just do a google search and watch a video of how they treat those elephants and you will have a change of heart. It is sickening.

  3. Frank

    She found another way to get attention. She’s a less crazy Tila tequila.

  4. Dan Montana


  5. Dan Montana


  6. Darrel Cordova

    she’s more naked now than she was in playboy…. wtf?

  7. Tek

    Olivia = WIN. Beautiful girl with great sense of humor. But more importantly, this is for a good cause. I’ve seen some vids of how these circus folks abuse the animals and it’s sickening.

  8. Bill

    This sucks compared to all the other PETA ads at least she could do is show her ass or something

  9. Anita Hanjaab

    The poor man’s Megan Fox?

  10. Deacon Jones

    Exactly. They should do a case study on how to create an over-hyped “hot” girl.

    I’ve kicked hotter girls out of bed in the morning. I can go to the grocery store down the road and find a hotter chick.

  11. Fluffer

    Super hot NIP’s FTW!

  12. Fluffer

    Super hot NIP’s FTW!

  13. Bone

    all kinds of shit in meat these days…er, ah, Try a KFC Doubledown Today!

  14. jason

    don’t see the hype over this chick. very mediocre. i’ve seen hotter chicks at a bar.

  15. jason

    don’t see the hype over this chick. very mediocre. i’ve seen hotter chicks at a bar.

  16. xylus

    Meat is murder… delicious murder

  17. I think Olivia Munn should offer to exchange places with the elephants. She could live in their crates while handlers shock and beat her and trsain her to dance on a ball naked.

    I could blow a load to that and I wouldn’t even need any gayness to get my nut off.



  18. Taz

    she could suck me any day

  19. sasha

    I admire her for doing this. There is nothing fun about the circus for the animals. Cruelty for our entertainment.

  20. AteIsEnough

    I’d have much more respect and support for her cause if she would let her beaver roam free. LOL!

  21. dude

    well said fish. Publicity whore.

  22. arealcad

    Never liked the circus because the clowns spook the hell out of me.
    Still do.

  23. Torture Mitch

    Elephants are very intelligent. Homo sultus is the most idiotic, dangerous animal on the planet and should be eradicated. Homos ravaged the Earth and each other out of greed. Hopefully Hawkings is right and some alien INTELLIGENCE rids the universe of our malady before we spead our cancer elsewhere.
    Other than that, Olivia as always is lovely!
    Have a nice day primate fucks.

  24. lola

    LOL at #22.
    she’s got ape toes.

  25. Shouldn’t it say “btw, Boycott the Zoo, too.”

  26. boo

    I agree, let’s Torture Mitch.
    Eradicate humans? Let’s start with him

  27. Deacon Jones

    I wonder if she had any idea how many rats they force feed lipstick, or how many beagles’ eyes they dripped shampoo in on an hourly basis if she’d wear makeup.

    “ohh, oh, free elephants. yes, elephants”

  28. havoc

    If she could just move her left foot a bit, we might have something meaty.

    And I am a member of PETA.



  29. johnny

    She’s going to have to do way better than that to convince anyone to stop mistreating elephants. Is she against nature? Humans are part of nature. Elephants would have had us in cages if they could.

  30. lauren

    Big fall Hellz Yea @ “the “celebrities” in them are just pulling causes out of a hat to generate hype from the pseduo-nudity”.

  31. what olivia munn sitting nearly nude has to do with elephants, i dont get.. but at least she is barefoot.. that works for me.

  32. para

    clear winner for most overrated chick on this site. Of course that doesn’t include JWoww or any trash from Jersey Shore. You can’t count them bc they are just that, trash, not chicks.

  33. TheBigDonkey

    She is attractive but I would not classify her as super hot. She’s just trying to win us over by getting naked all the time which, quite frankly, is how it should be.

  34. MidwestMayham

    She could play with my balls… The crates and tasers are a little kinky but what the hell.

  35. Great White Hunter

    I say we do as the Good Book says and fell every tree and kill every animal we can and do God’s work here. This world is for human beings and not fucking animals. I would be more than happy to live in a realm of metal and cement and eat synthetic food and look up into the sky and witness clouds of sulphur rain acid onto the rooftops eradicating anything (like a liberal) too stupid to not go indoors.
    Kill all the elephants and get the ivory and then we can use the poor for our circus animals and freaks just like we used to do before the bleeding hearts bitched and cried their tears of “poor little elephants” and “let’s feed the (stupid) hungry idiots”.

    Hell shoot ‘em all and let’s eat elephant burgers!

    Palin for President!

  36. Chinny

    I’m against ugly bitches.

    Where’s my poster?

  37. Nick

    She may not be the hottest LOOKING chick, but her devotion to her fans, sense of humor, and geekiness put her near the top of my list.

  38. HeyHey

    Nice feet. Plain-looking, but she’s a geek girl who isn’t a double-bagger. She’s into computers and video games. What’s not to love?

  39. dude

    johnny @ 31 for the win

  40. Elephant Woman

    The should have gotten Kim Kardipshitian, an elephant advocating for other elephants….

  41. me

    The “People feeling guilty for being born people” are at it again. Did it ever occur to you that a traveling circus may be a child’s only way to see an elephant? Keep your liberal guilt to yourself and let the rest of the planet enjoy normality, whackjobs.

  42. Gueibor

    I like elefants and I don’t give a shit about circuses, but so help me Dog, I would gladly go sit on the front row and watch them balance on buckets, and I’d munch on my super-sized Dumboburger while wearing elephant hide boots and a jacket made exclusively of unborn elephant baby scrotum skin, just to piss PETA off. Self-important pricks.

  43. Gueibor

    I like elefants and I don’t give a shit about circuses, but so help me Dog, I would gladly go sit in the front row and watch them do headstands on buckets, and I’d munch on my DumboBurger while wearing elephant hide boots and a full suit made exclusively of unborn elephant baby scrotum skin, just to piss PETA off. Self-important pricks.

  44. bar room hero

    Every nerd I know gets a wank off to this chick. I’ve heard that show hosts a videogames program.

  45. Brooke

    It’s not liberal, it’s the same thing as Michael Vick, you don’t treat animals like shit for entertainment. It just seems so wonderful because there are children there, even though most are miserable and screaming. Because hello, the circus sucks ass regardless.

  46. A Vegitarian

    As a vegetarian, I can honestly say I fucking hate PETA. Don’t like the circus? Don’t fucking go, live and let live you asshats.
    After people learn I’m a vegetarian, that’s the 1st thing out of my mouth, “but I fucking hate PETA.” Then they nod in agreement.

  47. Put a naked chick on the poster–that will stop people from eating animals/ treating them cruelly!

  48. Bob

    I’d boycott circuses if she didn’t cross her legs…

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