Who Wants To See Olivia Munn Dislocate Her Shoulder While Riding A Swing Inside A House?

August 19th, 2013 // 29 Comments
Oliva Munn Swing Video
WATCH: Olivia Munn Dislocates Her Shoulder

Here’s Olivia Munn swinging inside somebody’s house before learning that building a makeshift swing indoors is stupid because it broke and she dislocated her shoulder like an idiot. Although, she is surprisingly chipper about it and posted the above video to Twitter for all of us to watch and go, “Oh, shit, this is worst than that time she used an off-the-record quote and told everyone about the Fukushima reactor.” Which absolutely no one said except me because I watch The Newsroom instead of cutting myself. Knives scare me.


  1. Deacon Jones

    Well that looks like it fucking hurt.

    Maybe this accident will knock some sense into her and she’ll tell the rest of the cast to stop delivering their lines on top of each other.

    • To my ear, it’s more like how people talk in real life – Sorkin had that same rhythm going way back in West Wing, so odds are he won’t be changing it anytime soon.

  2. She was doing it wrong. It’s a sex swing.

  3. Hugh Jazz

    Nice camera work there, Caleb Deschanel.

    • I know it seems weird but, unless it’s a bunch of frat boys, putting the camera down and going to check on the person is actually the correct response.

    • Thumbs up for the Caleb Deschanel shout-out! More than just Zooey and Bones-girl’s Dad, he’s also one of the better cinematographers out there.

  4. Her hands were slippery from shrimp grease.

  5. EricLR

    She’s such a fame whore that it wouldn’t surprise me if a deleted scene from this video featured her yelling “Hit my shoulder with the hammer, dammit!!! This is going to get me press!!!”

  6. LOL. Fucking comedy.

  7. Batu Khan

    I went straight to the “healing pictures”. I need a lot of healing.

  8. Who is this chick and why should I care?

  9. Frank Burns

    I expected to get a bit of schadenfreude from seeing Munn get hurt, because I don’t like her, but somehow she made it boring, which makes me like her even less.

    • Agreed. I nothing this woman, her presence is vaguely irritating, but I care so little about good or bad things that happen to her than I don’t actually get any satisfaction out of seeing this.

  10. Kate


  11. The moaning at the end was the best part.

  12. PumpkinBob

    If I was Overlord of Earth, there’d be an entire channel running 24/7 just showing D-list celebrities slowly having their shoulders dislocated.

  13. She’s a tough chick. This is the second time I’ve seen her get hurt on video.

    • Toughness has nothing to do with getting hurt on video, toughness has to do with how you handle getting hurt. Apparently she handles it by moaning and (likely) rolling around on the floor. Not an unreasonable reaction, mind, but hardly a tough one.

  14. anonym

    HAHAHAH. I laughed.

  15. Brandon

    Hey! I also watch The Newsroom.

  16. harriscandit

    Unless she is naked how is this news? She is Oliva Munns not someone important (unless naked)

  17. She never should have bought him that camera….

  18. LeftHand

    I’d still split her cheeks

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