Olivia Munn is Dating That Guy From ‘Glee’ Now. Why Not?

February 21st, 2011 // 56 Comments

At some point apparently Olivia Munn and Glee’s Matthew Morrison started dating, but nobody noticed because it’s, well, Olivia Munn and Glee’s Matthew Morrison. At any rate, here they are at the Garden yesterday where you can see the exact moment Matthew realized he’d been set up. (Not unlike this.) Which has to be deflating because you think you’re attracting a woman with your talent and burgeoning star power only to realize she’s probably not going to let you touch a boob just for some free press. (Unless, again, she’s a Kardashian.) This is why you always need to negotiate these things ahead of time. Say one red carpet event equals a handjob, toplessness optional. Some might argue I just described prostitution, I like to think of it as “fancy whorery for hookers.” There’s a difference.

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  1. Any Guy

    used to like this broad, now I’m realizing she’s just a filthy fame whore like every other Hollywood tart that gets a bad sit-com. oh well.

    she looked much better with the long hair, not the Ho Chi Min bowl cut. we get it, you’re part Asian. congrats.

  2. Olivia Munn Matthew Morrison
    Sheik Yerbouti
    Commented on this photo:

    Well, at least he got a high five out of it.

  3. Ah, famewhoring. The only kind of prostitution that’s legal because the currency is attention. Frankly, I stopped caring about Olivia Munn when she revealed her true colors and stepped on all her geek fans the first chance she got to go mainstream.

    And to be honest, I almost didn’t recognize Matthew Morrison without some sort of vest/tie combo.

  4. jojo

    Wait. Why does Matthew Morrison need a beard? Everyone already knows he is gay.

  5. Olivia Munn Matthew Morrison
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    hahahaha the girl asleep

    most interesting thing about this post btw.

  6. Hemingway


  7. 12 year old girly girl

    No comments? great article fishy!

  8. Jimbo

    Keep moving. There is nothing to see here..

  9. Bucky Barnes

    Looks like the guy behind them is about to be devoured by the alien sock creature, or perhaps it only sucks out brains, in which case Matthew and Oivia have nothing to fear (alien sock creature: “Been there, done that… still famished.”).

  10. Deacon Jones

    She sucks on the Daily Show.

  11. Lauren

    eww. they should fire her off the daily show for this.

  12. Olivia Munn Matthew Morrison
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    Classic white person “High Five”. Nice.

  13. Feb 21, 2011…I am now officially over Olivia Munn.

  14. Rough & jury

    I like that no one is good enough to suck on her fleshy knees, unless they have some sort of notoriety.

  15. Olivia Munn is poop

    I want to flush her down a toilet.

  16. bitingontinfoil

    Who is Olivia Munn and why would I care?

  17. Reese

    So is that why Justin Timberlake won’t let them use his songs? His ho territory has been invaded.

  18. Clarence Beeks

    No she;’s not. this is so staged it isn’t even funny.

  19. ohlawd

    She’s cute, but there’s something about her face that’s off to me. Maybe she’s just hotter in person. *shrug*

  20. Mr Obvious

    It’s time to go back to G4TV. The nerds will always take her back. Plus, one day there will be a nerd that loves her for who she is and has money.

  21. Nero

    It looks like he isn’t even aware of her existence.

  22. E

    He’s sitting there pretending her soft, manicured hands belong to Kurt.

  23. sean

    She has a troll face!

  24. Fish sold out

    Haters gon’ hate.
    Why you all care so much?
    They’re just fuckin’, so..

  25. Nothing says “true love” (read: “I’m not gay”) like a half-hearted hi-five at a sporting event. Also, Olivia Munn is the least talented person EVER.

  26. Olivia's HOT!!

    Say what you will about Ms.Munn but those tits and lips are amazing!!

  27. edward

    noooooooooooooooooooooo why did it have to be someone from glee… i f@#kin’ hate that s@#t!

  28. Olivia Munn Matthew Morrison
    Commented on this photo:

    Terrible acting, I’m not convinced at all.

  29. Rico

    I see Olivia’s PR team got another article about her on the Superficial. How much does it cost to get an article about yourself on this site?

  30. Forget these two…what detergent does the guy behind them use? His clothes appear to smell FABULOUS!

  31. Olivia Munn Matthew Morrison
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  32. Demitrius Fondalanous

    Why diss “man” need two jacket? In my country, man need only one jacket.

  33. And try as she might, she can’t find anyone who cares that they’re there.

  34. MsAnonymous

    That lucky Bitch!!

  35. Christina

    Being from the Uk and not watching a lot of TV I have almost no idea who Oliva Munn is. Isn’t she like a borderline hot chick desperate for more publicity? Take it from media greats Olivia, all you need is to develop a coke dependency, get photographed with your septum missing, then do a turn on a D list celebrity dance show. We all wish you luck.

  36. aretha


  37. Olivia Munn Matthew Morrison
    salad tong
    Commented on this photo:

    pssst….blast one off in that girl’s hair.

  38. regina

    WOW that is very little press when you are trying to sell a beard…oh well now they HAVE to make out in a public place, but from Morrison’s face in that pic he might puke on her or something

  39. Puritan Boston

    “Don’t take the pic yet… he only looks mostly gay right now, we need totally gay… wait… wait…. wait… now! Good… perfect!”

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