Olivia Munn is Dating That Guy From ‘Glee’ Now. Why Not?

At some point apparently Olivia Munn and Glee’s Matthew Morrison started dating, but nobody noticed because it’s, well, Olivia Munn and Glee’s Matthew Morrison. At any rate, here they are at the Garden yesterday where you can see the exact moment Matthew realized he’d been set up. (Not unlike this.) Which has to be deflating because you think you’re attracting a woman with your talent and burgeoning star power only to realize she’s probably not going to let you touch a boob just for some free press. (Unless, again, she’s a Kardashian.) This is why you always need to negotiate these things ahead of time. Say one red carpet event equals a handjob, toplessness optional. Some might argue I just described prostitution, I like to think of it as “fancy whorery for hookers.” There’s a difference.

Photos: Getty