Olivia Munn Finally Grasps Twitter

January 13th, 2011 // 36 Comments

After finally realizing why Coco will be immortalized on the side of a mountain, if not two tied together, for future generations to marvel at, Olivia Munn has started posting pics of her cleavage on Twitter (above). Granted, she’s embroiled in a controversial debate over airbrushed pubic bone, I can’t see how this won’t send a clear message to her detractors. And that message is, “I’ve accepted my lack of talents. Titties?” That’ll teach ‘em.

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  1. gogo

    FIRSSSt! is she pregnant tooo??

  2. Is something different about her? She suddenly seems much cooler, and smarter than before. It’s almost like I could stand to listen to her ideas and opinions about stuff.

  3. zeke

    in the pictures where she’s standing outside is she wearing a snuggie??

  4. Jane Seymour’s son comes in for a photobomb in the back trying to convince everyone he doesn’t care about boobs

  5. The stupid is strong in this one.

  6. chuck

    my penis is that black cup ……. and then i woke up

  7. Chris Pine

    She got her breasts inflated and has been working on showing them off. And it’s not a push-up, double push-up, or duct tape.

  8. j-sin

    I saw that “pubic bone” pic and something tells me she’s tighter than a jew’s fist holding a quarter.

  9. Olivia Munn
    i love tittays
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  10. Joey

    Leave it to cleavage

  11. Susan

    Stop pigging out ya fattie

  12. Olivia Munn
    Commented on this photo:

    she is stating she will not breathe until she has ate all those cookies

  13. dR

    I dunno, she’s on minute 13 of her fame. Meh. She either needs to release a sex tape or move out of the way for the next LA hopeful off the bus.

  14. lightdragon

    everyone hide your eyes, she’s about to drink something!!!!!

  15. See Alice

    Olivia is trying so hard to become famous . Will she ever achieve it ?
    Where did that big rack come from ?

  16. Rico

    Olivia Munn definitely got breast implants. She went from being flat to have a handful. It is not a push up bra.

  17. Rico

    Oh and I hope her show fails and she ends up regretting leaving her job at G4. She walked away from guaranteed money at G4 to become an actress. Good Luck with that.

  18. Olivia Munn
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    The finger represents the number of people who actually care about her.

  19. Olivia Munn
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    is it just me or is this chick nothing special? I don`t see the appeal. I can go to the mall and find at least 30 hotter chicks any day of the week.

  20. Sorry, she only seems to fluctuate between chipmunk smile and some version of retarded face.

    She could have two glass eyes and I wouldn’t know the difference.

  21. Olivia Munn
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    Butter face.

  22. burner


  23. Tom

    Olivia would make an excellent “happy ending”

  24. Olivia Munn
    Boo Boo Kittie
    Commented on this photo:

    I totally agree with you Steve. She looks like every other woman walking into a Starbucks. She wasn’t even hired for AOTS for her gaming knowledge..just her “good looks”. She makes me sick and no, I’m not not jealous

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