Oksana: ‘Mel Gibson Wouldn’t Take a Psych Exam’

August 5th, 2010 // 15 Comments
Mel Gibson

Because RadarOnline is her PR agent now, Oksana Grigorieva is blasting yesterday’s report that she had ulterior motives during the custody mediation with Mel Gibson. She claims he refused to submit to a psychiatric exam even though it’s already been documented in every form imaginable that he’s already in anger management and seeing a therapist because he’s fucking crazy. (Just wanted to make sure we’re clear on that.)

Oksana demanded Mel undergo medical and psychological testing to make sure he would not be a danger to their baby daughter Lucia.
The absence of an agreement covering that concern of Oksana’s was a major reason why the Russian musician
walked away from the big money settlement, one source told RadarOnline.com exclusively. Marathon negotiation sessions were held May 15 and 16 and a preliminary deal was struck , before it eventually exploded.
While most reports have said the deal guaranteed Oksana $15 million RadarOnline.com learned it was actually worth $20 million. Oksana signed a preliminary agreement but did not sign off on the final deal.

Oh, now she’s walked away from 20 million because that’s how concerned she was for her daughter and not that she was conveniently withholding evidence that she felt was worth at least her own island. I can’t wait for next week when we find out she really passed on a billion dollars but Mel Gibson wanted 60% custody and the right to use baby Lucia as a soccer ball at his discretion. On that note, I honestly don’t know how this thing’s going to end, but I guarantee it won’t be with blowjobs, so now we’re all in danger. Which is exactly why mail-order brides should be illegal and everyone needs to stop getting their panties in a bunch about sex slaves. I rest my case.

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  1. Taz

    Nut case

  2. gogo

    haha looking fwd for the SP episode :P

  3. Cock Dr

    Most people won’t withhold ANYTHING when offered that much money.
    Are there any bookies taking bets on the final outcome of this trainwreck?
    I don’t think any charges will be brought against either player. Lawyers will huddle, money again will be offered up, documents signed, and POOF! this will all go away.
    Poor little Gibson spawn baby. Mommy & daddy just can’t get along.

  4. Does anyone really give a shit if Mel had a psych exam or not? BFD!!

  5. MT

    That $15 Million dollar deal was most likely structured like this:

    $10 Million = Trust Fund for Lucia when she reaches 18. Oksana could only dream about spending it, ortricking Lucia out of it when she reaches 18.
    [All of Mel's kids have a $10 Million Trust Fund, it's very likely]

    $10k-$15k Monthly for child support, hardly enough for poor Oksana to maintain the lifestyle she’s been living the last 20 years, leeching off of rich suitors like Mel and Timothy. With a “job” that requres expensive spa treatments, cosmetic surgery, young handsome landscapers “servicing” her lawn, and designer dresses for premieres [looking for her next future ex-boyfriend/husband], she can’t be wasting a large portion of that on little Lucia, not when “her” needs are the real priority.

    This only leaves a lump sum of around $3 million. That wouldn’t even be enough to cover the release of her second CD, which is sure to go Platinum. Just ask Oksana, as she slides her hand into your lap and looks lovingly into your eyes.

  6. I’ve been waiting for a South Park screenshot… nice!

    Can’t wait to see what a judge awards her after her media circus. I hope she ends up penniless back in Russia. If she was serious about any of these threats or the safety of her and their child then she’d be dealing with this in court and not in the tabloids.

  7. he wont take a psych test? if i may quote my *2nd* favorite jew, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

  8. stinky mcpoop

    This is why we need a law against anchor babies. And burying placenta underneath trees.

  9. Sobrietyisacrutch

    Let’s just say that Mel takes and passes a psych exam with flying colors. Does that mean that Oksana will immediately turn around and say, “Oh joy! Mel is not crazy after all! All the abuse and violence is now null and void because I trust the test results. Now I feel safe.”
    What would make her feel safer: A clean mental bill of health with minimal pay-out or a nutjob with a 15 million dollar jackpot?
    *shakes head* Those crazy kids….

  10. Aussie Mama

    why would he take a psych test?
    it’s not like his other 7 kids are nut jobs from their upbringing, quite the contrary actually.
    hear her boys a pussy n mummies boy, maybe she should take the test!!!

  11. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Aussie Mama- I am 100% sure you are a MAN who does all this violent shit to women.
    That novel you wrote yesterday how you are a blond who likes to be slapped on the butt when her man comes home was so priceless!
    Now get out of the closet!

    • Aussie Mama

      Aha, single white female, your the expert you know.
      When you gotta hot man, like I have, nothing better than a cheeky slap on the ass kiddo!

  12. captain america

    no need, HE IS JUST FUCKING CRAZY, folks!!

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