Oksana: ‘Mel Gibson Wouldn’t Take a Psych Exam’

Because RadarOnline is her PR agent now, Oksana Grigorieva is blasting yesterday’s report that she had ulterior motives during the custody mediation with Mel Gibson. She claims he refused to submit to a psychiatric exam even though it’s already been documented in every form imaginable that he’s already in anger management and seeing a therapist because he’s fucking crazy. (Just wanted to make sure we’re clear on that.)

Oksana demanded Mel undergo medical and psychological testing to make sure he would not be a danger to their baby daughter Lucia.
The absence of an agreement covering that concern of Oksana’s was a major reason why the Russian musician
walked away from the big money settlement, one source told RadarOnline.com exclusively. Marathon negotiation sessions were held May 15 and 16 and a preliminary deal was struck , before it eventually exploded.
While most reports have said the deal guaranteed Oksana $15 million RadarOnline.com learned it was actually worth $20 million. Oksana signed a preliminary agreement but did not sign off on the final deal.

Oh, now she’s walked away from 20 million because that’s how concerned she was for her daughter and not that she was conveniently withholding evidence that she felt was worth at least her own island. I can’t wait for next week when we find out she really passed on a billion dollars but Mel Gibson wanted 60% custody and the right to use baby Lucia as a soccer ball at his discretion. On that note, I honestly don’t know how this thing’s going to end, but I guarantee it won’t be with blowjobs, so now we’re all in danger. Which is exactly why mail-order brides should be illegal and everyone needs to stop getting their panties in a bunch about sex slaves. I rest my case.

Photo: South Park Studios