OJ Simpson takes great pictures

September 17th, 2007 // 84 Comments

Here’s a side by side comparison of OJ Simpson’s mugshot from 1994 after being booked on double homicide charges (left), and his mugshot from 2007 after being booked on multiple felony robbery charges (right). Can you believe he’s already 60-years-old? Looking at him I would’ve guessed 58, maybe even 57.


  1. Lindsay

    I’d date him…

  2. big

    Looks like your mom

  3. jeanna

    LOL. i love your commentary

  4. whoa

    he looks like a grandpa.

  5. wow, he looks like he could be brothers with sister patterson from i love new york!

  6. LadyJane

    He’d look much better with my boot to his face.

  7. I think he needs to come back for Naked Gun 4!

    Daily Hot babe and retro-video-games

  8. wkjfeflkbrflbhaerf

    If OJ gets off, are white people going to riot in the streets of Vegas?

  9. EbonicOvertureInRed

    Why can’t you white devils leave a successful Brother alone. He done did shit to any of you. I guess none of you aint never done nothin wrong huh? Big deal. A white man steals his shit and he gots the big black balls to take what is his. We over there in Iraq takin shit that aint ours. Right?

  10. Jones

    I can’t wait for the day when O.J. just says the hell with it and starts knocking off liquor stores…

  11. Darnell

    He looks good, actually. Nice skin for a 50-60yr old.

  12. ph7

    I don’t agree with him robbing the guy in the Vegas hotel, but I UNDERSTAND!

  13. Tyler

    WHY do you delete comments for no reason????

  14. It is interesting how some men age less far than women

    13 years on most women in their late 40s to early 60s would have been much more dramatic – even with makeup and surgery

  15. Roger


  16. Mike

    I hope he gets the maximum sentence and rots in there.

    And the judge set no bail because if he would post bail it would be a whole other case with the Goldman’s and OJ’s assets to that 33.5 million dollar settlement that he owes them.

  17. Cowgirl

    I want him to die a slow and painful death. I think he should be buried up to his neck in the hot Arizona desert, and left for the fire ants and turkey buzzards to pick at his ugly fat head.


  18. He is smiling because he knows if the glove don’t fit you must acquit

  19. @17 Hey Cowgurl – How are you doing this morning?

  20. Riotboy

    After his murder trial who would’ve thought he’d take a “stab” at robbery.

    ///Go Bears!!!!

  21. Why is he *smiling* like that? Gives me the creeps.

  22. my comment

    Lock that beast up and throw away the key.

    if not, I hope he dates Angelina Jolie next.

  23. lambman

    well, he hasn’t aged too much in 13 years, and at least he looks happier to be charged with armed robbery instead of murder!

    best of luck Juice!

  24. Turtle

    Is that Bill Cosby?

  25. leatherdaddy

    zzzzzzzzz. (dreaming: where are the beautiful people superfish?) really, who cares about this guy.

  26. maikl


  27. jrzmommy

    He’s mighty proud……….

  28. Cowgirl

    Hi Jimbo,

    I’m Cowgirl, and Cowgul is another person. Sorry…

    But —

    I’m going outside now to chop down some of my cactus that is growing over my fence. I use a giant machete for this, and the whole time I will be fantasing that I’m chopping off OJ’s head. I really don’t know why anyone didn’t think of doing this to him before. CHOP, CHOP, CHOP OFF OJ’s head. I always knew machetes had more than one purpose.

  29. igroovin

    he’s sick. he gets off on getting away with things. put him AWAY!!

  30. @28 OK Cowgirl. I will make sure that I don’t ever piss you off. Have fun with that machete and make sure you get out all of that pent up frustration.

  31. fjioarue

    @ #8: “I guess none of you aint never done nothin wrong huh?”

    I’m so confused.

  32. eastcoastgirl

    I hope they lock his murdering ass up for the rest of his life. He is an evil and violent man. If they don’t lock him up he will kill again. Please don’t let him walk again!


  33. @31 Hey Dumb shit. There is a big differnce from doing somehting wrong and killing two people. Why don’t you crawl back in the hole you came from

  34. fjioarue

    #33: Is there a difference between commenting on OJ and commenting on quadruple negatives someone used in a sentence? Apparently you don’t think so.

    (And comment #31 was actually directed toward #9…)

  35. veggi

    my favorite part of #9 was ” he done did shit to any of you”. ha!

  36. gerard Vandenberg

    Where there is smoke, there is FIRE!!

  37. White Bronco

    He went from the psycho who decapitates muthafuckas (left) to the old guy who tries to fondle the neighborhood kids (right). So sad.

  38. FACE

    White folks can blame themselves if they think OJ got away with something. They bungled the investigation and tainted it with racism. Johnnie Cochran was able to prove this within the legal system that they created which has served them – and only them – in this country since its inception.

    But don’t worry OJ haters – thousands of other black men who were innocent or not deserving of the punishment they got have been prosecuted in the US legal system since Emancipation. It still goes on today. Go ask Geronimo Pratt.

  39. jrzmommy

    Actually I met Mr. Pratt once at a rally. I have to confess that I didn’t take much away from it. I have great difficulty understanding niggaspeak, and there was no zoologist around to translate.

  40. Reese

    Jrzmommy: You mean the zoologist let you out of your cage? Didn’t he know that asses are dirty and dangerous creatures?

    Zoos are so incompetent these days…

  41. Athena

    ewww nigers :(

  42. It'sme

    #38 and #40 – I agree wholeheartedlyl. Great comments!!!! #39 you’re a straight up idiot.

  43. jrzmommy

    Ok, settle down monkeys. We lock up all the niggas because they do most of the crime. It’s a simple equation. Wait…you can’t do math, can you? Sorry about that. I don’t ask that you try to understand what I wrote – I’m not a cruel person.

  44. Athena

    Please stop being racist!

    In fact we have black people in our family tree…

    …we just haven’t cut them down yet.

  45. jrzmommy

    btw, it really really really hurts to be insulted by a person who thinks a zoologist is somebody who works at a zoo. Must be tough, trying all day long to figure out the meanings of the big words that white people use. That’s why ebonics is such an infantile dialect.

  46. Sheva

    I’m really worried for OJ this time. Johnny Cochran is dead and there isn’t going to be an all black jury. Quick can someone find a lawyer under such dire circumstances that will deal the race card from the bottom of the deck, and turn this around?

    We need someone who can do that and also sue Las Vegas for millions, destroy the whole area and make it safe for armed robbery.

    Is John Edwards available? I heard he’s taken a huge loss. He can’t collect $500,000 for part time “work” helping hedge funds to take the homes of poor people in sub prime mortgages.

    Surely, he’ll need to help here since that noteworthy source of income is gone.

  47. LicoriceOnFire

    All you little sqeaky Honkies can kiss my black ass! i done mo white girls then most white boyz dream about. Leave OJ alone. He has put up with enough bullshit from you people. And leave Mike Vick alone. What did he do to you? Best QB in da NFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Big black dick in a blonde ass True

  48. steve

    ^ when licorice is on fire, it makes for a nasty, nasty smell. True dat.

  49. homie

    Hey #47, I had no idea yo momma’s ass was blonde. Owned!

    LMAO #48

  50. Ted from LA

    I’ll bet OJ would kill to get out of jail.

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