Meet Your New Pal George Zimmerman, Obama Tear Truther Cockfaces

If you haven’t heard by now, during President Obama’s executive action on gun control on Tuesday, he broke into tears while talking about Sandy Hook, which according to the American right, is clearly the sign of an out-of-control fascist because why else would one parent experience human emotions for other parents whose children were senselessly murdered? It’s gotta be onions. Libtard, George Soros-funded onions. I can taste them! But, seriously, if you’re wondering what kind of shit-brained, murderous psychopath would actually think you’d have to fake crying about elementary school kids getting gunned down in cold blood, it’s this kind. This kind right here. America’s #1 second amendment poster boy who conservatives can’t seem to get out of bed with. You guys should really get married. Via TMZ:

George Zimmerman put down his guns long enough to shoot off his mouth instead at President Barack Obama … accusing him of shedding crocodile tears over mass shootings.
Zimmerman, was leaving a shooting range near Orlando when he unloaded on a photog about what he calls Obama’s phony, emotional outpouring over the Sandy Hook massacre during Tuesday’s gun control news conference.

Of course, what does the conservative right think America should never once stop crying about? BENGHAZI! Not grade school children taking a bullet from an AR-15 to the face between finger-painting and recess, but four grown adults who sadly died during an attack on a foreign embassy, which has been happening during every single administration since the day someone went, “Holy shit, did you guys know they have oil over here?!” But little kids? Eh, fuck ‘em.

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