Scott Stapp Won’t Vote For Obama. October Surprise, Bitches!

Because if there’s one thing people who watch FOX News probably love, it’s Creed, so Scott Stapp stopped by Fox & Friends this morning where he revealed that he voted for Obama in 2008, but won’t this year because he found his administration “ineffective” and “a lot of promises but no real delivery.” Except he’s not endorsing Mitt Romney either, so read into this as both campaigns paid him the exact same amount of money to say he’s not voting for their guy with neither one making any promises to unbloat his face. That said, if you’re hoping for some sort of poignant teardown of Obama, you should probably prepare yourself for Scott Stapp clearly being out of his element and saying “in my house” (Read: “Jesus put me in charge!”) he calls the recession “the correction” that’s going to bring about a great change because he once got drunk and threw a bottle of Orangina at his wife’s face, so he knows things, man. He knows things.

h/t Gawker