It’s Kim Kardashian’s Stupid Baby

When Prince George of Middle Finger was born, it took less than 24 hours before Kate Middleton and Prince William waltzed outside the hospital and let everyone take pictures of the kid for free with no strings attached. On the complete opposite end of that coin, let’s call it the ass end, North West was born over two months ago and only now, today, is anyone getting a look at her and only as a part of a ruse to boost ratings for Kris Jenner’s talk show so it gets picked up by FOX. The kid can’t even crawl and already every adult biologically responsible for her care is using her like a goddamn poker chip. After the show, Kanye probably tried to use her to tip the valet. “Tell you what, you get my car before all these other people, and you see this baby? I’mma give it to you. Go on, give it a smell. What’s that smell like? Kim Kardashian, that’s right. Now hurry your ass up.”

Photo: FOX 5/People