Nina Dobrev Won The Emmys

September 19th, 2011 // 56 Comments

In a sane and just world, a teen vampire drama riding the Sparkle-wiener coattails of Twilight would have no business being at the Emmys, but then again, they invited the gold-diggers from Real Housewives, so it’s really anyone’s game at that point. Anyway, here’s The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev who if you locked me in a closet and forced me to pick who looked the hottest last night – which happens a lot – I’d have to say her. (Julie Bowen, who’s coming up later, was a close second with only my memories of her dragon stomach holding her back.) In the meantime, I also tossed in shots of her boyfriend/costar Ian Somerhalder because you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who constantly ask me what I know about these two, so let me field those questions real quick: They fuck.

Also, really? The moists for Captain Incest from Lost? I will never understand women.

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  1. Ian Somerhalder Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    Praise Fish for the pic.

  2. Nina Dobrev Ian Somerhalder Emmys
    Cock Dr
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    How does he do his face like that? Is that involuntary? Is the whole face crooked?

  3. Ian Somerhalder Emmys
    Richard McBeef
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    never seen a sexier mid-stroke pic

  4. Anon

    Yeah, when I saw her pictures from the red carpet I was blown away! I’ve never liked anything she was in, but she did look stunningly beautiful last night. (Girl’s POV… Surely in a few minutes the more sexualized descriptions will be made)

  5. Parker

    Kate Winslet and her side boob looked the hottest. I’d pork her soft, pillowy butt any day.

  6. Brad Brown

    She and Victoria Justice will be the next it girls.

  7. Nina Dobrev Ian Somerhalder Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    Hottest couple ever.

  8. Hbbg

    Vampire Diaries was written long before Twighlight was.

    • Drew

      Hence why he said, it’s riding the coattails of Twilight. Derp.

      That said, Twilight doesn’t have girls in it that look like this, so who gives a fuck?

      • Anon

        I think “riding the coattails” implies that Vampire Diaries jumped on the bandwagon after Twilight was created and became such a sensation. What Hbbg is saying is that Vampire Diaries was written *before* Twilight, so it’s not technically riding the coattails. Probably got more popular due to Twilight’s success, but that doesn’t really count as riding its coattails.

        Basically… I don’t think his comment merits a derp.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Yes Drew, you are completely wrong about the meaning of that phrase and probably need to do some googling in general. Or show up for school.

        Vampire Diaries has lots of positive qualities, particularly not one moent of Kristen Stewart biting her ugly talentless face. Therefore I can watch it without punching my own face in.

      • not to mention after either seeing or hearing about Twilight. the series is extremely good in comparison.

    • Ron

      I hope you mean the show script was. because the show has nothing to do with the actual Vampire Dairies books (aka about Lestat). But yes the books were written long before, but again, show has nothing to do with the books.

      • John

        That and, Vampire diaries does its best to subvert every trope that Twilight puts forward, and generally spit in its face and moral stand point as often and blatantly as possible.

        The protagonists drink, fuck and do drugs, there are no religious overtones and it is actually quite strongly feminist at times. So really, attractive stars and vampire mythology aside, its actually nothing like twilight.

      • Shay

        Actually the TV series was based on The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith– which, aside from vampirism, has nothing to do with Lestat. Maybe you’re referring to The Vampire CHRONICLES by Anne Rice?

  9. Frank Burns

    Wow, very nice, never heard of the show (is it the one with the gay kid who turns into a werewolf?) but she is yummy.

  10. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Blah looks like J-WoW to me minus 5 years of overtanning, smoking and boozing. If this is the hottest girl there it must’ve been pretty slim pickings.

  11. Rocky

    Wow, that is one tight chck!

  12. forrest gump

    she looks indeed very VERY happy, folks!!

  13. Fletch

    Dayum, think I’ll have to start watching the show this chick is on.

  14. lily

    wow she is gorgeous!! she reminds me of a younger version of sloan from entourage.

  15. Cardinal Fang

    I’d love to add some white to that red dress

  16. Lissa

    Um, excuse you. Vampire Diaries was out way before Twilight. I read these books when I was in grade school in the80′s/90′s. Funny thing is, Vampire Diaries is actually a better story line, and some of the work is surprisingly familiar in Stephanie Meyers work…so guess who must be an LJ Smith fan?

    • I was totally a Vampire Diares fangirl. I remember when Buffy (the TV show, not the movie) came out and thinking, “I think someone’s read the Vampire Diaries…”

  17. She’s stunning, seriously.

    And re: The Captain Incest thing: Listen, dudes drool over Olivia Wilde like she’s the last piece of bacon on earth and the broad looks like a tranny. Let us have a pass on this one, SW. LET US HAVE THIS.

  18. rikardo dahkeens

    not a redhead. makes up for it with a red dress.

  19. Ian Somerhalder Emmys
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    eww. he used to be hot on lost.

  20. Ian Somerhalder Emmys
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    Way to find a weird photo of an always-hot guy. but major props for including him.

  21. nic

    She’s a better looking version of Emmanuelle Chriqui.

  22. Nina Dobrev Emmys
    Damion Scott
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  23. Nina Dobrev Emmys
    Damion Scott
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    i am speechless…just…just…omg

  24. kurumais

    who is captain incest from lost?

  25. richie

    thought this was a “gussied up” J-Woww

  26. Ian Somerhalder Emmys
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  27. Nina Dobrev Emmys
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  28. Nina Dobrev Emmys
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    wow, she purdy

  29. Nina Dobrev Ian Somerhalder Emmys
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    beauiful couple

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