Nina Dobrev Won The Emmys

In a sane and just world, a teen vampire drama riding the Sparkle-wiener coattails of Twilight would have no business being at the Emmys, but then again, they invited the gold-diggers from Real Housewives, so it’s really anyone’s game at that point. Anyway, here’s The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev who if you locked me in a closet and forced me to pick who looked the hottest last night – which happens a lot – I’d have to say her. (Julie Bowen, who’s coming up later, was a close second with only my memories of her dragon stomach holding her back.) In the meantime, I also tossed in shots of her boyfriend/costar Ian Somerhalder because you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who constantly ask me what I know about these two, so let me field those questions real quick: They fuck.

Also, really? The moists for Captain Incest from Lost? I will never understand women.

Photos: Getty