Nina Agdal, Chrissy Teigen & Lily Aldridge’s Butts Are Your 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

February 14th, 2014 // 21 Comments

Here’s the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover featuring Nina Agdal, Chrissy Teigen, and Lily Aldridge‘s butts. And before everyone starts joking that it takes three fantastic supermodel asses to make up for Kate Upton‘s giant breasts, maybe you should consider Sports Illustrated didn’t want to see their family members have any… unfortunate accidents. *slaps shut sniper rifle case, trips over coffee table trying to make smooth exit* My toesies! OH GOD THE PAIN.



  1. Nina Agdal Lily Aldridge Chrissy Teigen Swimsuit Cover
    Deacon Jones
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    If I ever got Nina in the sack, dick would look like a lawn sprinkler,

  2. Nina Agdal Lily Aldridge Chrissy Teigen Swimsuit Cover
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    Now that’s how you illustrate sports!

  3. My favorite part of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is the wave of readers who always write in to indignantly cancel their subscriptions to the magazine as if they didn’t know SI’s been publishing these swimsuit issues for 50 years now. Uhhh, wait!—I mean my favorite part is all the hot women in bikinis, and then the indignant readers…oh shut up.

  4. Your mobile site sucks so much that my dick just disappeared into my charger port. And I don’t even have a dick, so imagine my surprise. Seriously though, fix this fucking shit. What is wrong with you? Your sole job is to run a functional website and you can’t even do that? I remember when we used to burn people like you at the stake. We still do that actually. Meetings are weekdays 5-7.

  5. middle bitch wins, but right’s ass is best.

    • Lily’s (middle) face is the only good one there. Nina (left) looks like an alien, and Chrissy (right) is just flat out ugly. I’d also go with Lily’s ass as the best.

  6. coljack

    Hey, Fish, you do know Kendall Jenner’s nipples are all over the internet, right? Enough with this mass-produced bikini set – we rely on you for the NSFW trash! I would’ve thought there was some sort of beacon the internet lights for you when a Jenner bares her breasts. Oh, the internet is that beacon? My bad! You should be all over that.

  7. The SI swimsuit issue has jumped the shark. To resort to this smells of desperation. (Ad sales are down how much?)

  8. InEveTabel

    Wow, it takes three fantastic supermodel asses to make up for Kate Upton‘s giant breasts !

  9. Am I the only one who thinks Chrissy Teigen is a ginormous butterface?

  10. Nina Agdal Lily Aldridge Chrissy Teigen Swimsuit Cover
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    Sorry I just cannot choose, I want to have sex with all of them.. is that wrong…
    Am I immoral for those thoughts…
    Or just a horny old pervert :)

    • Gin&Tonic

      Nina: fuck
      Lily: marry
      Crissy: send her back to her douche boyfriend, #s 1 and 2 will keep me busy for a while

  11. Nina Agdal Lily Aldridge Chrissy Teigen Swimsuit Cover
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    Very fuckin’ sexy.

  12. Nina Agdal Lily Aldridge Chrissy Teigen Swimsuit Cover
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    International House of Pancake Butt.

  13. I find it hard to believe how many people in the world, especially on this blog, don’t know the difference between “ugly” and “beautiful.” You know, it’s all subjective. Just because someone isn’t your cup of tea, doesn’t make them ugly. Gwen Stefani, for example, does nothing for me. But there is no denying she is a beautiful woman. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. In other words, FUCK OFF! You hateful pricks.

  14. kitttykat

    Enough of these butter faces some more kate upton please.

  15. Josef

    Chrissy Teigen is more that just a butterface when you put in the context of SI or Modlels in general. She is not only unattractive her body is just okay. Her body doesn’t rate a cover or even a magazine. I can go find a young lady right now off the streets of my city that would be 50 times better than Chrissy Teigen. For those who want to call my comments hateful well I believe your being hateful because this is a forum designed for criticism period. You can not like my comments and I can dislike yours but i’m not a hater just a person sharing his opinion ( a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge ). I define this for you so you’ll get it! I think someone pulled some strings and enabled Chrissy spot on the cover after all she is married to John Legend. John has proven he is great at what he does so beauty lies in the beholder. However, after researching this extensively I realize there are a lot of nice people out there that will not comment in other words if you have nothing nice to say its best not to say anything. But, again if you want to say something positive or negative this is the place to do it. For most it’s like being in the comfort of your car and honking your horn in anger, road rage, etc. because your protected behind the locked doors of your 3000 pound vehicle. My personal opinion is that only one of these women deserves to be on the cover if your criteria is the whole package and she’s the one on the left. The one in the middle is hands down greatest booty. Chrissy, however doesn’t meet any of my criteria her body my be in shape but soft and on if she doesn’t start working it out i’d say she has 2 years left. Unlike, Christie Brinkley who’s body is much firmer and as a matter of fact would have been a better choice and she’s 60 years old.

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