Nicollette Sheridan in a bikini

August 4th, 2009 // 44 Comments

Here’s Nicollete Sheridan in Malibu Sunday and whenever she’s in a bikini I always comment on how awesome she looks for her age. So I’m going to try something different today and comment on how awesome I look to someone her age: Like a grandson you can have sex with. You know what? Let’s not do that and stick with the ol’ tried and true before I can never look at my grandmother again. Now, where was I? Oh, right. 45?! DAY-AMN!


  1. la la

    1st :)

  2. la la

    1st :)

  3. la la

    1st :)

  4. pete

    She put the “azz” in crazzy, amirite?

  5. crazypants

    She’s always looked good. What saves her as she gets older, is that she realizes that having 1% body fat and being ripped at 46 does NOT flatter the older woman.

    She’s still thinner than 90% of all American women, but she maintains a healthy weight and some fat – which helps her look womanly and sexy and not like a flesh eating ghoul.

  6. telly

    i’m sorry but seeing lindsay lohans face in the background of all these pictures just kills it.

  7. mike

    Still do-able at that age, awesome.

  8. In Praise of Normal Healthy Women

    She’s disgusting – dieting, drugs, and surgery, all to avoid growing into her curves like a normal woman. Jennifer Love Hewitt looks a million times better.

  9. uh

    Like, say, Madonna?


    Cougars scare me, but yea, her body is great.

  10. Tim

    I’d poke her beatup steel wool. Older chicks will do anything in gratitude for being with a younger guy instead of a typical middle aged saggy balled balding hairy bellied American guy.

  11. Deacon Jones


    I’m assuming you have about 4 inches of butt cheek hanging off each side of your chair right now, dont you?

  12. HUMAN


  13. clareargent

    #10, some of us have STANDARDS. the fact that you’re younger than me isn’t going to be enough. even if i’m just going to fuck you and then throw you the hell outta my house.

  14. Just remember kids the next time to decide to FAP to this woman…Michael Bolton’s penis was in it.

  15. Venom

    Not bad for a dinosaur. Not bad at all.

  16. Medicine cabinet?

    Is it wrong that i’m too young to know who she is?
    I still would though….

  17. Honesty

    #14… also David Spade. Lets not forget that.

    (i hate you David Spade)

  18. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  19. k_mali79

    ————————————She looks delicious!! love her very much. I saw her at dating site____R i c h K i s s i n g . c0m____ last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.(^_^)(^_^)*********************(^_^)

  20. Amy

    #16, She is from Desperate Housewives. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t know who she was either.

  21. Pico Mornay

    She is the perfect prototype of sexy MILF!!!!!!!

  22. Chris

    Very nice older woman body except for the bolt-ons. Can anyone explain her and Brooke Shield’s face morph? WTF?

  23. hit it with a bat

    How many more of these Hollywood whores are going to be at the beach at the very same time someone with a camera is there taking shots of them posing? Is this the sole contribution Paris Hilton has given to our society? How to “leak” your location to the paparazzi so you can stage a “candid” photo op with them.

    I need a fucking drink.

  24. Gibb

    All my life, I never had a sure thing.

  25. goodwolf

    #22 Chris was right on…..Don’t get what happened to her or Brooke Shields…
    Brooke was beautiful as a teenager, but soon as she hit her twenties went down very quickly…….I guess everybody can’t age like Michelle Pfeiffer has at 51….

  26. Picture

    She still looks like her dad, Kojak. Just picture her with a bald head, and you’d be screwing him.

  27. 27th!!!

    Uh . . . hello . . . ?

  28. chango666

    Tim # 10

    Dude, she would not dig your 2 inch cock any better, so chill . . .

  29. Annie Loves Anal

    Hey 8. I love people like you. You don’t want people to judge you on your weight, yet you attack someone that takes care of herself, eats right, and exercises? Hypocritcial much? I don’t have anything against women of size, but common, get off your high horse. There is NO WAY hewitt looks better than Sheridan. Oh, and thanks for promoting inactivity and unhealthy eating habits. I sure hope young girls you come in contact with DO NOT LISTEN TO YOU!

  30. Dread not

    She is pumped so full of botox, how is it possible that she is able to move, let alone, run on the beach? The body is rockin’, though. Looks like she could do a sequel to, The Sure Thing tomorrow and pull it off.

  31. spud

    It’s no damn fair. When my wife was 45 she was already looking like Shrek.

  32. Courtyardpigeon

    She has a better body than most 20 year olds. If Mike Bolton hadn’t had that I’d do it.

  33. datroof

    Another prime example of why fat cows claiming they are beautiful and natural are full of shit.

    This is a woman. This is how healthy, attractive, sexy women look. This is the ideal women should be working to be.

    If you are a fat woman claiming men should find you sexy, you are in reality a pancake-sucking couch potato too lazy to put in the effort to make yourself attractive. You want men to still find you attractive, as you cram every scrap of food within fifty feet into your gaping piehole.

    Well forget it fatties. You’re just fat. And lazy. Lazy and fat. Get off your doughy, square and/or flat asses and get on an exercise bike and start pedaling.

    You CAN look like this beautfiul WOMAN if you want to. If you care enough too. Or you can look like the disgusting, bloated bovine you are while you pathetically demand that men still find you sexy as devour enough food on a daily basis to sustain 3 Somali families. Plus a trip to Starbucks (3 blocks away but you still take your car) for a desert frappacino.

  34. Pilatunes

    Please come off, please come off, please come off.

  35. maryjade

    datroof – for every bloated bovine woman there’s a disgusting fat man. obesity isn’t gender specific. main reason to stay in shape should be health… not looking like a slob is just an added benefit.

    Sheridan’s body looks great — not sickly or operated on. i’ve never been a fan of her face, though.

  36. Annie Loves Anal

    Spot on 35. Sheridan definitely had work done on her head, even though her body could not look that good with lipo. She is definitely toned. I’m glad you brought up the men, who seem to think it’s cool letting thier bellies hang over the junk, all the while talking shit about girls with the same problem.

  37. ? ??

    I’d fuck her. Women are more prone to obesity than men. Get off your disgusting asses you fucking pigs.

  38. Ms. Swan

    She look like a man.

  39. 37 it look like a plane jihading into Jlo’s butt cheeks…

  40. ashley

    Did Mike Bolton kick her out of his house yet? –

  41. Danno

    OMG. She puts my flabby ass to shame. I mean, I’m skinny (6′, 135lbs) but I don’t have a toned body. I mean she’s RUNNING for christ’s sake, and still you see no ripples, dimples, wrinkly stomach, or stretch marks. She has obviously never been pregnant.

    Seriously though, she looks awesome. Any man who has a 45 y/o wife with a body that svelte should be thanking their lucky stars. I don’t care WHAT surgery or botox she’s had. She looks great. Now it’s time for me to do some squats. YUCK!

  42. Frenchy

    “She’s disgusting – dieting, drugs, and surgery, all to avoid growing into her curves like a normal woman.”

    Ironically, that’s a very misogynistic statement. Women come in all shapes and sizes and metabolic rates, remember? My wife, a one time internationally ranked speed skater, eats more than I do and she has a 24 inch waist.

  43. He puts shame my flabby ass. I mean, I’m skinny (6 ‘, £ 135), but I do not have a toned body. I mean he is running for God, and still you do not ripples, dimples wrinkly stomach, or see stretch marks. He obviously was never pregnant.

  44. The pictures are sexy.
    Beautiful figure.

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