Nicole Richie Was Probably Doing Coke

In my haste to post what was clearly going to be Exhibit A in the resulting trial from Lindsay Lohan murdering Samantha Ronson with a hobo shiv, I somehow forgot to gaze directly into Nicole Richie’s nostril. Fortunately commenter “Jill” has better journalistic skills than I do and wasn’t afraid to stare into the abyss. What she found may or may not be a “coke booger” as the kids are calling it when they’re not putting babies inside each other, but I’m pretty sure the human body doesn’t produce anything that honky white in the nasal cavity. Then again, I’m not a doctor. Just a man who says he is until propaganda tells you mammograms don’t last two hours or require pudding to “check for lumps.” I’m trying to save lives.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin