Nereida Gallardo topless = I’m moving to Spain

August 1st, 2008 // 217 Comments

These are shots of Spanish model Nereida Gallardo topless in Ibiza. You may remember Nereida from the bikini shots a few weeks back when she was vacationing with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo – who just dumped her on her ass. Some say she’s prancing around topless to show him what he’s missing. While others say she’s just demonstrating Europeans less puritanical view of nudity. Allow me to provide my educated assessment: Whoopee!

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions. But, seriously, who needs a job when you can look at nipples? Words to live by, folks.

Photos: The Sun

  1. Space

    Nah, she’s not fat. Ugly face, though. @42: that link was fucking scary.

  2. haroof

    lol @ all the fat bitch cows showing their jealousy.

    you women are pathetic.

    this chick is gorgeous and you’re all just mad because your bf/husbands would cheat on you in a nanosecond to crawl up in that grade A puss.

  3. Deacon Jones

    I love how all the women always call the guys on this site sexist,
    and then when there’s smoking hot girl they degrade her.

    Ladies, I’ve got news for you. Your husbands/boyfriends would jump this chick’s bones in a heartbeat if they could. Dont play dumb.

  4. Tracy

    lol at you haroof. That’s such a typical fucking male response. Just because we actually have eyes and can tell the difference between gorgeous and gremlin, doesn’t mean we’re jealous. We just don’t like sites like this or horny losers like you ramming nasty skanks like this down our throats, calling them gorgeous.

    Gorgeous women are: Jessica Alba, Megan Ewing, Beyonce, Angelina, Megan Fox. I have no problem admitting that. Am I jealous of them”Most definitely.
    Am I jealous of this man-ho skank? Not in the least.

  5. laney

    her body is nice but her tits are totally fake. They look like little implanted globes under her skin. Everything is looks good though.

  6. Ryan

    @ all the guys telling women their boyfriends would do this piece of trash: it’s guys like you that bring shame to our sex.

    Develop some taste. Class is a big turn on. This skank has none.

  7. Ted from LA

    Praying she doesn’t get too close to a fire and melt her fake tits.

  8. SZ

    Fake tits are so disgusting!! I don’t understand for the life of me why women get them. Oh yeah men are f-ing pigs and the women who get fake tits are attention hungry whores!

    Other than that the rest of her looks great.

  9. me

    for all of you who have anything negative to say, it is probably because you are guys and you eat penis. and if you are females it is because you are gross, fat skeezas.

  10. kevin

    She is pretty and sexy. I think I will love her. LOL. Every time I sign in to the celeb club “”"”"”"C e l e b M i n g l e . c o m”"”"”"”, I can see many new topics talking about her. She has created a nice profile for seeking a hot man for hook ups.

  11. Deacon Jones


    Ryan, dont look now, but you have a massive dildo sticking out of your ass.

  12. Tits McTits

    no gusta la fakies

  13. Charles Few

    What I love about this site’s commenters is watching trolls troll trolls who are trolling other trolls.

  14. Joe

    Her beasts are beautiful. Really. Criticizing them for not being natural is like wishing Angela Jolie never got her cheek implants or nosejob…

    If your house’s siding looks ugly, you buy new siding to make it look better. No different for humans.

  15. Mark

    Her face is a little bit masculine, I’m not a big fan of tattoos (esp. for women who have slightly masculine faces – I don’t have THAT fantasy), and those are ugly cheap-looking implants. But, good lord, in all other respects her body is outstanding, the perfect balance of tone and softness. Sort of a waste, actually.

  16. me

    you should no about trolling, you are trolling for cock.

  17. the real deal

    i agree with you me.

  18. dude_on

    Did anyone tell Fish to take the rest of the day off?

    Ryan – excuse yourself and go shopping.

  19. SZ

    I have negative things to say about this chick bc she has really terrible fake boobs and I think they are gross. I will admit that I’m not well endowed myself, but I’m definitely a sexy woman (not fat at all) and my tits look a hell of a lot better than some fake ass tits. Just because someone on here doesn’t agree that she is hot, doesn’t make them ugly or fags and that’s the truth.

  20. Ryan

    @ 61 Why are you looking at my ass?

    Shouldn’t you be jerking off to this STD magnet and telling women they must be fat if they don’t think she’s the shit?

  21. Quad U

    Not a single nipple-less pic…

    Thank you!

  22. Deacon Jones

    Tracy, there’s a difference between “gorgeous” women and hot, fuck machines.

    This chick is a hot, fuck machine.
    Take her home to mom? Fuck no. That’s what Jessica Alba & company are for.
    Rip her clothes off and have rock-star, once in a lifetime sex? Hell yeah

    She was fucking Ronaldo for christ sake! What’s that mean, he has no taste? Some soccer superstar who can literally have his pick of women doesnt know shit about looks? Please.

  23. John

    We men are hilarious…

    Pictures of a troll with a nice body but not-so-nice face appear.

    Women say her face is not so nice, we say they must be fat.
    Men say her face is not so nice, we say they’re gay.

    Glad to see we’ve moved past 10th grade.

    (Oh, and BTW: her face is not great. I will now sit back and watch the “gay” comments come in…)

  24. me

    well SZ, i am never above letting people know how they look, how about you send me some pics and i will unbiasedly judge them?

  25. Pikachu

    why do dumb kunts keep getting terrible tits!!!!

  26. Greasy Weezel

    Why do they have to crop out her friend? Four boobs/nipples are always better than two.

  27. the real deal

    fo sho mr. me. i just dont understand why some people are so negative against a great pair of tits.

  28. Tracy

    @72 I get the first part, thanks for clearing that up.

    As for Ronaldo not having taste…please open your mind to the possibility. Just because he’s rich and famous doesn’t mean he has taste. You can’t buy taste. Have you not seen the pics of him in silver hotpants and pink t-shirt? He has all the money in the world to buy nice clothes…

    He came from a skanky upbringing. He looks skanky and likes skanky women. You should see some other chicks he’s dated.

    I think that’s what stuns us women more than anything. He has his pick of so many quality womren and he keeps choosing these. But that’s obviously because he’s in his “fuck machine” phase, which is also why he dumps them so quickly.

  29. Jay

    Absolutely perfect.

  30. Ted from LA

    Praying that Fish upgrades the site so the star removed pictures aren’t so fucking out of focus.

  31. me

    skanks are great!!
    let me tell you about a porcupine’s balls, they are small and they don’t give a SHIT!!!

  32. the real deal i think some one is flat chested!!!

  33. Deacon Jones


    Tracy, show me one European that doesnt dress like they’re in a Devo video.

  34. SoCalSteve


    Holy shit, you really think that Angelina is gorgeous? You really are dumb bitch aren’t you?

    Yes, all the women saying how ugly she is are almost certainly obese trolls with either pansies for boyfriends/husbands, or no one at all.

    She’s trashy? No class? This is acceptable behaviour in Europe. It’s ignorant Americans like you guys who give us a bad name.

    TL:DR ~

  35. me

    your mom is in a Devo video.

  36. me

    SoCal Steve, you are retarded, i guess you are just mad because she wouldn’t hook you up with her brother, HOMO

  37. Drunkman

    Holy shit she’s fine.

    To all haters: Dumping this girl does not attest to Ronaldo’s taste at all. He’s an international soccer superstar…he probably goes through 10 girls a week as hot or hotter than this. This chick is just another notch on the bedpost.

  38. the real deal

    whip it good!!!

  39. cengiz

    She may be fake, she may be trampy, that tattoo may be skanky, her eyebrows are very chola-ish, and there may be many better more “natural” beauties in Spain, but all that does not change the fact that she is smoking hot. No two ways about it. SMOKING HOT.

  40. wow. Super Hot. I would bang that all day like a drum!

  41. the real deal

    @87 you really must have had to much to drink you fucking dumbass. this chick has the greats tits on motha fuckin planet. if you had those fat saggy tits out of your face you would have realized this. JACKASS!!!

  42. Kelley

    What he’s missing are big plastic tits and a total show-off.

  43. me

    Wow!, Maybe you should go bang your head into a wall, you fucking tool.

  44. Tracy

    @83 Despite all their money…so that is a taste thing. Money or not.

    @84 You’re funny in a sad way. So I’m a dumb bitch if I think Angelina is gorgeous, then you turn around and call this Siamese cat fetus hot?

    Also, I’m European, not American. Calling this acceptible behaviour in Europe just proves you grew up in a trailer park. Granted, a European one, but a trailer park nonetheless. Go take your herpes meds and get a fucking life.

  45. me

    What you are missing is an IQ over 12, maybe take some english classes and learn to form intelligible sentences.

  46. Trey

    @87 She’s a notch on hundreds of bedposts (including Sergio Ramos…she fucked Sergio Ramos for God’s sake!)…and obviously out shopping for the next.

  47. Deacon Jones


    If guys didnt like fake tits, 99% of porn stars wouldnt have them since no one would buy their vids.

    Accept it. My ex had salines under the muscle and they were fucking great. Her nips were permanently hard as a result.

    It was funny as hell watching 40 yr old soccer moms give the stare of death to their gawking husbands whenever we were in public.

  48. me

    your mom is a notch on his bed post.

  49. the real deal

    @96 your mom is a knotch on my bedposts. and i think you are my son you little shit you. no go to bed fuckface.

  50. me

    so, when you say ex what you really mean is your avatar on yahoo im. you have never probably been seen in public with a human female. you like guys.

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