We Are Now Worthy To Know The Name of Natalie Portman’s Son

“And then I had this horrible dream where your effete ass knocked me up. It was so real!”

Natalie Portman’s son was born almost a month ago, yet his name hasn’t been announced until now. Possibly because of Jewish custom which doesn’t sound sexy, so let’s assume Benjamin Millepied threw his crepes on the floor and cursed our peasant ears. Via Hollywood Life:

According to the Israeli TV show Good Evening with Guy Pines (remember, Natalie was born in Israel!), Natalie and Benjamin have chose the name Alef for their son!
[Ed. People says it’s spelled “Aleph.”]
Alef is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It has been said that the letter represents the “oneness of God” and is related to the element of Air.

Granted, it’s no Hiram Baryshnikov Alouette Millepied The Thousand and Oneth, I guess naming your kid “Lord of the Air” is still sort of pretentious. But, Yahweh willing, his middle name will turn out to be Jesus Amadeus Magic Feet.

Fingers crossed. Kosherly.

Photos: INFdaily