Natalie Portman (Might Have) Secretly Married Benjamin Millepied

Posted by Photo Boy

Natalie Portman is notoriously secretive of her private life which is exactly why when she decided to marry The Lord of The Sissy Dance, she told no one. That is, of course, until she knew she’d be on television with a billion eyes shatting their sockets at what appeared to be a wedding band on her finger. People Reports:

On Sunday night’s 84th Academy Awards, the actress appeared to be wearing a wedding ring set as she clutched an envelope onstage.

*Squee! Fart, ahhh* Wait, what there’s more?!

And her French fiancé, Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied, was photographed with a band on his wedding finger.


Maybe Natalie isn’t into making big public announcements about her personal life, or maybe it just so happens this year’s perfect accessory to a tuxedo and smug grin is a wedding rumor that nobody actually believes will ever make it to an anniversary. I don’t claim to understand Hollywood, or high fashion for that matter, but this Internet thingy seems pretty easy..

Photo: Getty, Splash News, WENN