Hey, Natalie Portman. Zup?

See that look? Totally wants me.

Here’s a breastier blonde Natalie Portman on the set of the new Terrence Malick movie yesterday which, judging entirely by her outfit and my limited knowledge of his films, is about the time Sookie Stackhouse stared at a dinosaur in a corn field for 18 hours that never fucking ends. “A sniffier fart has never been snifted,” says The New Yorker. “I came and came again, and then I thought about the existential mystery of life through a Steinbeckian prism of dust and Jew titty and came some more,” raves Gene Shalit.

UPDATE: We’ve just received word the part of the dinosaur will be played by Michael Fassbender’s tattooed penis in a leather vest, so best of luck to the both of them.

Photos: Fame/Flynet