Nancy Reagan Failed Her Country

September 29th, 2010 // 86 Comments
Nancy Reagan with Paris Hilton

Here’s Nancy Reagan at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel with a then two-year old Paris Hilton who posted the photo on Twitter today. At the time, Ronald Reagan was practically considered Jesus if Jesus was an elderly man with Alzheimer’s from California, so would anyone have really faulted his wife if she, oh I dunno, chucked a baby out a window? Seriously, I realize it’s hip these days to blame the Reagans for everything that’s gone wrong in this country over the past 30 years, but c’mon, how can you look at this photo and not yell, “Stab it in the neck! No jury will convict!” in the middle of a crowded bookstore until security escorts you out? It’s impossible. (Call my lawyer.)

Photo: Paris Hilton

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  1. Pffft

    Way to go Nancy, you should have squished it then

  2. Elvis Dingeldein

    What, no upskirt shot? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Inappropriate!

  3. Amazing how such a cute little kid can grow up into such an internationally known slutbag…

  4. markonius maximus

    1st the BS war on drugs…

    NOW THIS!?

    Thanks a lot Nancy ( Dry Martini ) Regan

    She is who we thought she was.

  5. Rocky Bushrod

    She looks like a cunt even as a toddler!

  6. alltyme

    The polital views here are terrible. Who blames Reagan for everything that has gone wrong over the last 30 years??? Most polls suggest he has been the most accomplished president over the past 40 in the eyes of Americans. Terrible political views or not, i still find the site humerous and will keep it in my “surfing the net when I’m supposed to be working” rotation of sites.

    • noonch

      “Most polls on Fox News…”

      • truth

        Most polls everywhere!!!!!

      • Rick's Daddy

        Reagan was an old, UNTALENTED white actor who happened to be President. Move on. That fucker was a joke, AND the reason I can’t smoke pot while I fuck your momma in the ass…on her plastic covered couch.

    • Reagan was a fuckin moron. His chief advisor was nancys astrologer. He put us in the fuckin poorhouse with his spendthrift warmongering that caused a recession. Took credit for the soviet union falling apart which walesa in poland and the pope plus afghanistan had infinately more to do with. And of course he deregulated the financial industry causing two major banking crises. Traded weapons for hostages. Oh and he cut and run out of beiruit. Ironically he was most things modern republicans hate and yet they anointed him a god. Fuck reagan and the horse he rode in on.

      • alltyme

        Like I said, pretty much any credible poll on the subject you look at disagrees.

        You are entitled to your opinions on all the topics you bring up, but you just make yourself sound ignorant saying “He put us in the fuckin poorhouse with his spendthrift warmongering that caused a recession.” The deficit grew by $200B under Reagan, which is actually the smallest growth for an outgoing president since 1957. That small increase was during the greatest military buildup in history to disuade a war with your commie buddies over there. Oh yeah, he also grew employment 2.1% each year and cut taxes across the board despite congress fighting back on half of his planned budget cuts.

      • Tito

        wow, another political moron

        Astrologer? wrong, but big deal if it was true…hillary had seances to summon ladybird johnson in the whitehouse, so lets not toss rocks out of our glass houses.

        Donald Regan was Reagens chief advisor, not Jane Quigley.

        WE (The USA) are 100% the reason that russia fell apart, Poland was just the pebble that started it all rolling. Had we not done what we did, Poland would have been CRUSHED by russias military. The solidarity movement was only 1.5 million, a mere flea on the balls of the dog russia.

        By funding a war against russia via the taliban in Afghanistan, we drove them to the point of bankruptcy and having 0 value on the world market by forcing them to spend all of their $$$ on defense from other countries and by trying to develop the technology on their own.

        The Clinton administration deregulated the US financial system in 99, so did you have a problem with that?

        Weapons for hostages….I dont know about you, but Im for trading anything to get US citizens that were working for us/ on our behalf freed from being hostages at just about any cost (but definitely NOT for stupid hippy hikers that get taken by other governments troops for entering their land illegally. Fuck them…shouldnt have been there to begin with).

        Big deal, we gave them some weapons we knew were not better than others we had. Sometimes you have to do secret shit, just how it works in the real world kid. I know its weally scawwy fowe you, but just stay under your mommies tit shadow and youll be ok.

        It was because of extreme congressional pressure, Britain and Italy withdrawing troops, the collapse of the government of President Amin Gemayel and the fighting between the Lebanese army and the shitstain muslims in Beirut that we pulled out. We didnt “cut and run”.

        You are truly a misinformed, ignorant pacifist POS arent you?

      • duke chute

        Holy shit, do you have any idea how stupid you sound?

      • duke chute

        that was meant for dudeatdude. You need to look it up, and not in Mother Jones mag or whatever commie lib tripe you’re reading.

      • I yi yi lol sorry i said anything was just havin a fun dig at an actor isnt that why we come here. All that deep thankin shit belongs on michellemalkin.. Who btw id fuck silly

      • tjmann

        You really should try to have some semblance of a clue before you type such nonsense. You are regurgitating the leftist crap that you have been spoon fed without concerning yourself with those pesky things like facts or reality.
        very sad.

      • Rupert

        @Crusty | September 29, 2010 at 6:25 pm

        “Communism is wrong because it curtails individual liberties and it’s untenable. Communism failed because it’s untenable. Therefore, the leader of the country most strongly opposed to Communism caused its failure.” lol

    • jkhjkh

      everyone who accepts that fact that he was a dumbass

      • Btw alltyme reagan was also a fuckin pinko. He only turned republican when he rolled on his holywood friends in order to avoid being blacklisted. Those polls u speak of are based on opinions which are like assholes–full of shit. Americans are so fucking far behind the rest of the west in education they probably shouldnt even have a right to vote. Espec in the south. Who they rate should be an indicator of what sucks.

      • Crusty

        Pure and simple – Ronald Reagan won the war that was fought from the end of WWII till the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was blessedly fought without divisions duking it out on the German countryside but know this – it was a war nonetheless.

        I’ll even give credit to previous presidents. LBJ felt containing communism in SE Asia was important. Nixon opened dialog with China, Carter emphasized the moral decay of communism in general and the Soviet Union in particular. Reagan used a strong American economy to fund the bankruptcy of the Soviets and Bush Sr. was there when the Soviets threw in the towel.

        But Ronald Reagan’s actions encapsulated the value of economic power as it relates to foreign policy. It was under his watch that the Soviets went from being a house of cards to a pile of cards.

        Not everyone is going to understand this – fair enough, the intricacies of realpolitik is not for everyone. For those who have studied history without doing so through a “Dem. vs GOP” political lens, Ronald Reagan’s presidency was a powerful and positive component of America’s Cold War victory.

      • Mike Hawk

        hey dudeatdudedotdude

        The south?

        Yea, the west (hippies, burnouts, SF liberals) and the north (snooki & the jersey shore cast, rap music, the gottis, mafia life etc) have just as many embarrassing things as the south.

        You do know trailers & trailer parks originated in the north right? YEAH…good job!

        Now STFU…every region has its dumb asses and its success stories…youre just to ignorant to know this because youve obviously never been out of your little coal miner/steel worker town.

      • bill potter

        Some of the most ignorant shit I’ve read. Keep it up libtard you’re funny….
        Now go and suck your boyfriends cock.

      • Jim Jones

        Um, Reagan grew the deficit from 1 trillion to 4 trillion. No idea where you got your numbers, but he was a huge reason we have the deficit we do today. Also, Republican presidents since Nixon have grown government spending and the deficit, all while presiding over recessions. The two Democrat presidents, Clinton and Carter, actually shrank government spending.

      • Rupert

        @Crusty | September 29, 2010 at 4:10 pm

        post hoc ergo propter hoc much lol?

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        You bankrupted us? Damn you lol what goes around comes around…
        Seriously though… Nobody should be bankrupt. It’s fucked up.
        We Russians want to be friends with everybody. Always wanted and always will.
        I know it maybe hard to understand that.

    • Go O'Donnell Yourself!

      You’re a fucking moron.

      • Odonnell.. lmao another fraud.

      • alltyme


        You’d be a perfect fit in the Obama admin since you think Americans aren’t too bright. I completely agree that we are way behind in education, this is no secret. Education is hardly what made us a great nation. Traditionally we have hung our hat on dedication, courage and individual responsibility. Seems those core principles are rare these days, especially when the government generates policies making them unneccessary to get by.

        FWIW I never said I was republican either. . .

      • Jim Jones

        Americans aren’t too bright. Various recent studies prove it.

      • Biscuit n Gravy

        @ Jim Jones

        uh, thanks for your foreign, unadulterated “rain man” opinion.

        Move along now…wopner at 5:30

      • duke chute

        @Jim Jones BULLSHIT, on all counts!!! NO recent president has shrunk gov’t spending.

        When Carter left ofc, we had DOUBLE-DIGIT INFLATION, UNEMPLOYMENT, AND INTEREST RATES. The top tax rate was 70%.

        Reagan presided over the LARGEST PEACETIME EXPANSION in our history, and it lasted through the ’90s. He also won the cold war for us, without firing a shot. Clinton has him to thank for his cakewalk.
        Since then, W spent like crazy, and Obama has left him in the dust. 1.4 TRILLION and counting! And not to fight a cold war, but to pay for union jobs, wall st bailouts, the fanny and freddie fiasco, and state gov’t bailouts (as long as they’re blue).

        Enjoy your kool-aid.

      • Crusty

        saury, the lineage of events and the relationships between those events is pretty much irrefutable – either in Latin or in English..

    • ω=ლ=D~~ (゚ಥ_ಠ)

      Mr. Reagan is personally responsible for most of all our major problems today.Let’s start at the beginning…
      One of the biggest myths about Ronald Reagan was that he ended communism.This is like saying FDR won WWII…but if he only had defeated Germany and then let Japan easily off the hook.While America is now a trading partner with Russia and we are easily kicking Cuba’s communist butt,China’s communist lead government is sending America a collective bill for almost a trillion dollars.The same dollar that is now at an all time low in Europe,Japan and elsewhere.I am very happy for the people of the United Germany,Poland and the rest of the eastern block….but….
      The two reasons that most people give for Reagan causing the downfall of the U.S.S.R. are (1)the escalation of the Star Wars weapons race,and (2)the United States secretly giving the Afghanistan’s missile launchers.These two acts,both critics and admirers alike,believe,turned the tide of U.S.S.R. domination.Yes,Reagan’s illegal and corrupt practices did nickle and dime the U.S.S.R. out of existence….But…The deeper effects-in America-of Reagan’s lousy policies are just now beginning to to be realized.We are now starting to lose our moral,social,economical powers in what some economists are calling the twilight of America.
      Thanks to Ronald Reagan.
      Reagan’s often illegal actions began before he was even president.During the highpoint of the ‘Iranian Hostage Crisis’,presidential candidate Ronald Reagan virtually hog tied President Jimmy Carter’s hands by empathetically stating that ‘He’ would never negotiate with terrorists’.In a close presidential race,with half the country rooting for the other guy,it would have been political suicide for Jimmy Carter to appear weak on this issue.
      Little did he know that the hostages not being released would probably cost him the election.
      But this was no accident.Reagan lied.Someone from within his administration-most people believe either Donald Rumsfield or George H.W. Bush-negotiated with Iran.They made an arms deal with Iran on the order that America would sell them guns if they(the Iranians) did not release the American hostages until AFTER Ronald Reagan was sworn in as president…which is what happened.
      I think that it is despicable that our fellow Americans were held even a second longer then they had to be.Yet they were held from the November election until Ronald Wilson Reagan came into office in January!That is not only shameful:it is criminal!
      But wait!There is more.His administration then took this Iranian money and unconstitutionally gave it to the Contra rebels of Nicaragua.
      Let’s see,breakers of the law,liars..and this is the same bunch of thugs that are running the place today.Great prez cred so far-top notch guy.
      This,in my humble opinion,is Ronald Reagan’s legacy:He created modern terrorism.His administration dealt secretly with terrorists,thus,giving terrorists the true idea that the means of terror could get them what they wanted.You must remember that he also dealt with Saddam Hussein;selling him American made weapons of mass destruction.And you also should take note that after arming the Afghan people,Mr.Reagan did not supply any money back into the Afghanistan infrastructure,leaving the young men with no jobs,no means to survive…just guns and an angry attitude against western authorities.
      Talk about creating perfect conditions for a religious jihad.Thanks for that,Ron.
      Another thing we can thank President Reagan for is the illegal immigrant problem.Wait,stay with me,here.Ask yourself,where is the one place in the blue collar work place where there is never-ever any illegal immigrants working?
      Union shops.
      Who broke the unions?
      Ronald Wilson Reagan.
      Mr.Reagan turned what was once one of the most positive things about America:that it had the highest standard of living in the world,into a negative.Of course,he didn’t word it that way.He simply implied that union workers were overpaid and under worked.
      And then he put his money where his mouth was.He broke the air traffic controller’s union,changed labor laws(all against union rights)and replaced the striking workers.The days of having the highest standard of living came to a swift and sudden close.Illegal labor was not far behind.
      All of this may have been perfectly understandable if Mr.Reagan’s goal was for America to compete more efficiently in the world market place.Mr.Reagan did not care one iota about America.Mr.Reagan cared about big business…and only about big business.
      In fact,Ronald Reagan was anti-American.His speeches,his rhetoric made this point perfectly clear.Of course he didn’t say it that way.His mantra,’Let’s keep big government off big businesses back’,explains how he felt perfectly.
      Personally,I love not only my country,but my government.”I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.And to the republic for which it stands…”
      What he really was saying was this,”If we get rid of the laws that make wrong actions by big businesses illegal,then they will no longer be illegally.
      Can you say Enron?Can you say Gen Corp?These are just two examples of ol’ Ronnies end product.
      Another end product was putting these ‘international’ cooperation’s interests above and before America’s interests.Lost taxes.Lost revenue.Lost jobs.No bid government contracts.Leverage buyouts.Hell,they even made it so that a company would not even have to pay their fines.The company fines were contract guaranteed to be paid by us-the government paid the said fines with our tax dollars.
      Thus began the Ronald Reagan shell game.Or you could call it what the current Bush administration has made into… it’s true art form:doublespeak.
      White man speaks with fork tongue.
      Thus,of course,Ronald Reagan could speak out against higher taxes,and sing the praises of huge tax cuts…whom better to be stealing dollars from the tax dollar cookie jar than someone that was so anti tax?How about another picnic basket,Boo Boo?
      The-still not near to totally functioning today-$tar War$ system did not come cheap.It bankrupted the U.S.S.R.,after all.Somebody was getting rich some how.Another break for big business…cooperate welfare!
      Sssh,don’t tell.
      Sadly,I’ve saved the worst for last.The unethical manipulation of constituents.The people that vote for you are supposed to be on your side…
      …why manipulate them?Well..OK,that’s a no brainer-just part of the shell game.If you preach holiness,holy religious people are going to perceive you,or at the very least,hope you are what you preach.That is the lesson that Ronald Wilson Reagan has taught the conservative party.The ‘unrighteous’ right.Steal from them,trick them into believing you are for God,and you can get away with almost anything.
      Ronald Reagan deceived America on his Christian leanings.Nancy and he ran their lives not through the hope and faith in Jesus and God,but in astrology.They consulted an astrologer daily!They would change their plans if this astrologer told them it was not safe to travel,to do(or not to do)this or that.
      I am not talking the daily horoscope,but daily readings of the stars and the cards.This is a major Christian no-no.There are more readings and references against this in the Bible then to either abortion or being gay.
      This was putting your faith in something other than God!This was a stoning to death sin in the Old Testament!This was blasphemy!And he did it daily!He did not repent.Did not ask for forgiveness.Did not turn to God.
      Yet,Ronald Wilson Reagan(by the way,his name adds up to 666)pretended to lead the Christian right flock.This is,in my opinion,his damnest sin.While preaching holiness he wasn’t.
      He was a divider.Using hate terms,like,’Liberal’ to preach hatred of our American brother and sisters.This is the direct reason there is the Red state hatred for the blue.Why Hillary is hated soo much,and untrue e-mails are sent Carl Rove style against Obama.Robbed elections.Unethical secret transactions.
      Thanks to Ronald Reagan,a certain segment of politicians now believe in misleading rather then leading;hatred rather then unity;stealing rather then buying.
      Greatest president ever!?!

      Hell NO!

      • Just Sayin

        Great Read!
        I lived threw it and researched it.
        You are really on point!


      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        ω=ლ=D~~ (゚ಥ_ಠ)-wow you are really outspoken!

      • Biscuit n Gravy

        Thanks Alex Jones.

        *que Twilight Zone theme*

        I like the lack of personal responsibility you bestow on Carter…it was Reagans fault for Carter flubbing up on the hostage crisis because Carter had to appear tough on terrorism and hostage negotiation huh?

        Typical liberal/ conspiracy theorist BS

        Thanks for the view into the mind of a lunatic.

      • duke chute

        ω=ლ=D~~ (゚ಥ_ಠ)- is an outspoken idiot. What a load of BS.

      • si_ex_pat

        Excellent diatribe.I like how the right wingers can only respond with name calling but can not support any of their positions with a single fact. You forgot to mention that after 5 straight presidents reduced national debt since World War II Cowboy Ronny Reagan ramped up federal debt in order to support bloated military spending. Bush Sr. kept up the spending pattern until Clinton started it back in the right direction. Bush jr. really sent the debt skyrocketing and Obama is following suit. I love how everyone blames the left for tax and spend and racking up debt when they have been the biggest culprits since nixon left office.

    • jo smo

      “I realize it’s hip these days to blame the Reagans for everything that’s gone wrong in this country over the past 30 years”

      It’s not hip nor cool to even think that way….. unless you’re a bleding heart liberal, nacy pelosi loving fuck head…. just sayin’ tax the rich feed the poor? I say bullshit – work your ass off for what you have and try not to let this backward ass goverment tax us to death

  7. fester

    Nancy: “I ordered a succulent PLUMP child! Take this one back! Damn, dinner will be late again!”

    Ron: (drooling) “Brains…”

  8. Atomic Punk

    I f****ed Paris BEFORE she was famous! Wooo, that’s wrong!

  9. Mikemav

    Wow, guess she didn’t tell her “Just Say NO”- that wouldda done it, right?!

  10. ®ough sport

    And there she is walking straight toward the camera flash.

    By the way, that was the last time Paris was innocent, wearing undergarment, and wearing a size 8 in shoes.

  11. dude

    Sadly, she already has herpes in this photo.

  12. it’s hard to reconcile that small child with the video of cocks pounding her in every orifice and multiple drug arrests. But I can..because I’m just that awesome.

  13. jill

    she’s running furiously toward the cameraman who offered her a “coke”.

  14. Kerri

    haha – what a cute photo. she already looks like a stuck up b*tch but in a cute way. haha

  15. Rhialto

    That must have been about a decade ago.Since Paris Hilton is a 12-year old girl now.

  16. Robin Quivers

    This website is really boring now. Not sure what happened,

  17. Cock Dr

    I also blame Nancy’s astrologist.

  18. The Only Hetero in this Joint

    Thank you Fish: I forgot how smoking hot and bang-able Nancy Reagan was. Ronnie also had a VERY large penis so Nancy was a size queen to boot.

    Great trip down memory lane Fish. Thanks.

    • Bunny

      Ha! Paris was a little snob even then. Damn if that isnt’ the snootiest face I’ve ever seen on a kid.

  19. Wow, so Paris Hilton learned to be a slut from Nancy Reagan? Is that what we are trying to be told here???? hahahahahaha

    Actually, this is the last picture that shows Paris Hiltons Cherry. On the shoulders of her lil dress people ….

  20. mark w

    Reagan was very overrated as a president. His trickle down economics don’t work and all it is is a benefit to the wealthy. Why do you think he is so loved by Republicans? Bush too – while an unquestionable asswipe, his tax breaks bankrupted the country and made the top 2 percent wealthier than they already were. Generally speaking, tax breaks = fiscal problems later. Huge tax breaks for the rich with 2 dollops of war on top = fiscal irresponsibility.

    Why do average Americans, who are lower to average middle class worship the Right and the tax loopholes they themselves don’t benefit from? Brainwashing? Stupidity? Religion twisted into their politics? Ahh, there you go. Keep em scared and clutching to their bibles!

    Reagan started a train that is still destroying our country. If you want him, go watch some of his B-movies.

    • Shart

      I too am amazed by the lower middle class republicans. The republican party offers no benefits to the working class. Don’t get it, religion must be the factor.

      • Shart

        Oh well, both parties are the same beast now anyways. While I disagree with the teabaggers, I do agree that we need to vote all the incumbents out.

  21. Biscuit n Gravy

    Hey mark w-

    Any possibility of you backing that up with fact and leaving out the name calling and innuendo?

    Or is that what you do, hop around and leave anonymous commented one liners of cnn talking points doled out by the nobama admin?

    sounds like a bunch of huffpo gobblecocky to me.

    facts little man, facts.

    • Rick's Daddy

      STFU. Biscuit n Gravy…is typing “Nobama” supposed to be a cut down? LOL!
      Go watch Glenn Beck and his magical Mormon ass for your news.

      • tjmann

        or Rick Daddy… how about you go suck Obama’s dick. That must be a dream come true for you fucking idiots who voted for a socialist who had no more experience and qualifications to be president than your average 7-11 employee. Sad thing is, he STILL has no more qualifications to be president than your average 7-11 employee.
        Sadder still, morons like you haven’t clued in to that fact, and as dense as you show yourself to be, you never will.

      • duke chute

        @tjmann Right on. 143 days in the Senate before he announced his candidacy. NO foreign policy experience. Very little experience on the hill. A puppet from the word “go.” And, we still haven’t seen those college transcripts, birth cert, or one thing he actually *did* as “editor” of the Harvard Law Review. And, the Acorn ties, the Black Panther voter intimidation, William Ayers, Blago…how many cover-ups so far???
        Oh and he thinks a Navy Corpsman is a “Corpse-man” (said it twice!), he thinks there’s 57 states, he thought Sarkozy was Chirac, he bows for despots, throws like a mary (bowling or baseball – take your pick)…
        You toolbags who think you’re soooo cool for watching Colbert and Stewart every night and lapping up whatever drivel they serve up can FO!

  22. Rupert

    Would’ve been better if you could see her diaper or something.

  23. Rick's Daddy

    Reagan was an old, UNTALENTED white actor who happened to be President. Move on. That fucker was a joke, AND the reason I can’t smoke pot while I fuck your momma in the ass…on her plastic covered couch.

    BTW, Paris probably wore size 10 shoes as a toddler.

  24. me

    I’m no political analyst, but seems to me Reagan was a mere puppet. If you like his policies, then you enjoyed the policies of a bunch of white dudes with an agenda to get richer and ensure their own wealth for years to come. They’re all puppets. Bush Sr. was the second biggest to Reagan.

    As for Paris, it was nice seeing a photo of her before she turned into what we all know her for now. Nancy Reagan was probably one of the best first ladies, and at least she tried to do something for her country as first lady that wasn’t for personal gain like other first ladies (eh hem, coughHillarycough). I think Nancy is a sweetheart.

    • tjmann

      you are a complete and utter fool.

      I really struggled with whether to use “fool” vs “tool”. Both apply to you.

  25. tjmann

    if it weren’t for the photos of hot women, I would never come to this site. The author’s political comments are of the same caliber one might expect from an 8 year old child. “I realize it’s hip these days to blame the Reagans for everything that’s gone wrong in this country over the past 30 years”… Really??? Really???
    I SO hope that you don’t vote. Or drive. and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not have children!

  26. Anonymous



    is soo fckin stupid. people have different opinions, why bother trying to force your opinion down someone’s throat. QUIT TRYING TO CHANGE OR CONTROL OTHER’S MINDS.






  27. captain america

    ………………it’s forgiven.

  28. ChunkyMonk

    No conversation about Nancy Reagan is complete without mentioning this image…

  29. Kill'em with Roughness


  30. Jeff little

    I think the world would have been better off if Paris would have pushed nancy down the stairs back them.

  31. Dorian Gray

    Even Paris, at 2 years of age no less, had enough sense to run away from the shape changing lizards.

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