MTV is Just Tempting God Now

Seen here at her birthday party sponsored by LifeStyles condoms – You just read that – Snooki is apparently going to be inside the New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square as it signals the start of 2011. People reports:

The pint-sized Jersey Shore star, 23, has agreed to crawl into a ball that will drop in New York City’s Times Square as the clock counts down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Her castmates, including Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, will also have their chance to shine on MTV New Year’s Bash, an hour-long program recapping the year in entertainment. They’ll lead the crowd in a fist-pumping marathon as they attempt to break a Guinness world record.

Jesus. I’m pretty sure Satanists sacrificing babies are reading this right now going, “That’s just wrong.” Then again, it’s nice to know what to expect in 2011: Eternal suffering in a lake of fire. In the meantime, to any terrorists reading out there, I really can’t stress how generous with the virgins Allah would be if you blew up Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Our infidel hearts would literally collapse on themselves. Right, everybody? (Nod, goddammit.)

Photos: Splash News