Montana Fishburne Checked Into a Mental Institution

September 13th, 2010 // 55 Comments
Montana Fishburne

The Montana Fishburne story just took a shocking until you think about it for a minute turn. TMZ reports she’s checked herself into an inpatient facility for anger issues and mental illness. When reached for comment, Laurence Fishburne got really fat for the Matrix sequels:

We’re told the facility is in Southern California and Montana will be there at least 30 days. Sources say part of Montana’s stay will be devoted to anger issues, but she’ll also undergo diagnostic tests to determine if there are underlying behavioral or mental issues.

Someone with a mental illness turned to a life of porn? I refuse to believe it – at least without further study. Leave me to my research!

*five hours later*

Nothing but role models. No, really, one of them was even an astronaut.

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  1. ChinoLatino


  2. jane

    i love her films. very sensual

  3. crack in can baby

    she’s probly just filming her next “movie”

    First porn, then rehab. She’s taking all the right steps to break into Hollywood. Wait. Her dad is…

  4. FruitLoop

    Crazy chicks

    -Fun to fuck and total freaks in the sack.

    -A good time to leave ‘em is while their spending 30 days in the loony bin

    • Deacon Jones

      Ah. A fellow “I’ve dated a girl who was batshit crazy” brother in arms.

      You sir, are correct.

    • Jake

      Don’t forget to delete your contact information from your cell! And rule #1 – never bring a carzy chick to YOUR place – always HER place (or the car, the alley, the movie theater, the rooftop, the park, the subway)

      • BOBBO

        Yea, I definitely went for the crazy girl who tried to kill herself AFTER she went in for 30 days…Now that my friends is a mistake you will learn from.

      • Deacon Jones

        Rule #2
        Never get said crazy chick stoned. Or as you’re having sex, just as you’re about to cum, she’ll blurt out “I was raped when I was 15.”

        True story!

      • Dr BallTapeer

        my bad, I thought she was 18.

      • Gallo

        Sometimes you have to bring a crazy chick to your place. In this event, hide all photos of other women (even your mom and sister), do not let your phone out of your sight, and lock up all your valuables. My crazy chick emailed me days after a hook-up to tell me that she had somehow ended up taking my watch home and we should meet up again so she could return it. She did have my watch– how it went unused and unseen in my bedside table to her crazy girl giant purse is a mystery.

      • Deacon Jones

        That bitch!
        Insurance plan….I like it

    • Jake

      I think I dated that crazy chick – she gave me your watch. I was banging this freak I met a couple of weeks before my birthday, and crazy chick gives me a small box on my birthday. It was a Rolex Submariner. I figured it was a knockoff, but it looked nice, so i said thanks banged her for a couple more weeks, then kicked her to the curb as she got nuttier. After ignored her phone calls, she send texts that the watch belonged to her old drug dealer boyfriend. I just ignored her, took the watch to a pawn shop and walked out with $2500 cash. I then hired a cabinetmaker and he made the coolest floor to ceiling custom home theater wall. Now, when I’m having buds over watching football, and they ask who built it, I say “some crazy freak”

  5. Lovely Lady

    Get better gurl!!

  6. Jake

    Dr. Jake is here, and I’ll fuck the crazy right out of her!

  7. How do boobs that small get stretchmarks on them?

  8. boogeyman King Dong

    “From who did she inherit her sexual appetite!?” Answer: *Checks his daughter into mental institution*

  9. Soviet Snow

    Her eyes almost touch her ears.

  10. Funeral Guy

    While she’s locked up, call in a dermatologist to see what can be done about those spots on her ass.

  11. Greg

    Just so I’m clear:

    Liking Sex^(Removing Clothing and Fucking On-Camera)*Having a High-Profile Daddy = Mental Illness.

    Okay, just wanted to make sure.

    • Drew

      Because I’m more than certain you know everything this girl does, and has done to warrant assuming that her mental illness revolves around “being Lawrence Fishburnes daughter and choosing to do porn” and nothing else. Fucking idiot.

  12. Darth

    What did she do?! What movie did she make?!

    • what’s life like under that rock? And using whatever web browser it is that you’re using that won’t let you see the photo at the top of this page of her holding the damned DVD!

  13. Sean

    Maybe they will teach her to wash her nasty ass there.

  14. Marcus

    I would just have her killed. She obviously has daddy issues, and making CSI episodes are more important than dealing with this situation.

  15. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I too have anger issues ARGRR!!

  16. The Only Hetero in this Joint

    Yeah she’s angry she’s not gotten a dose of penis this weekend.

  17. Aunt Jemima

    FIshburn? Is that what the kids are calling chlamidia these days?

  18. jakes

    maybe if Morpheus spend a little less time with Neo and Trinity and a little more time at home this would not happened, or maybe he showed his daughter the matrix movies so much she went crazy and did the porn thing as revenge,

    I bet the Wachowski brothers feel really bad they made those shitty sequels now, they drove a girl crazy

    Ps: I wonder if i can find her video somewhere online…..?
    can someone hook a bother up?

  19. Sure do wish her well. It takes a lot of work. Hope larry gets directly involved. Cant just dump drugs in someone and cross ur fingers.

  20. Montana Fishburne
    biff lohman
    Commented on this photo:

    leopard booty.

  21. Bunny Foofoo

    anger issues and mental illness? wow, like that doesn’t identify 60% of the US population. it’d about time they started putting lithium in the water supply along with the fluoride.

  22. Amanda

    finally! it’s about time!

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  24. JPX

    She clearly has borderline personality disorder.

  25. Rough, stole dead friend's personality

    That sound like a plan. But, how are Lawrence’s lawyers planning to keep the pied pipers of the projects or the easily duped from reenlisting this girl or in vice versa. Also, do they have any course in sound decision making at this facility? I am kind of curious to see how all this turn out. I think she’s a lost cause….

  26. captain america

    I’m sure she has a busy schedule down there as prostitute……..

  27. Jessica

    why does she have stretch marks on her boobs? does she have kids?

    • tallulah

      You can get stretch marks during puberty if your boobs grow really fast. As a chick, you should probably know that…

  28. Lovemypubichairthick

    Saw the video and wish she didn’t shave her pussy.

  29. wacking

    Her father is probably very ashamed of her.

  30. Face Shot

    To anyone who saw the movie, does she take a cum facial? (as is customary…) Or just a shot on the back or something lame like that?

  31. nonW00t

    All the hottest ones are frickin nuts. LOL

  32. Donna Cakes

    Noone use’s their real name in porn !!

  33. Jovy

    being a slut with a disgusting body and face doesn’t mean you have a mental illness.

  34. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:

    wtf like 30 cigarette burns on her arse

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