Mischa Barton smokes some marijuana

February 23rd, 2007 // 140 Comments





  1. RunningWithCarsAndBoysWithScissors

    oh good god

  2. sara-ra

    who the fuck is that dude

  3. LilRach

    Good on her

  4. meradee

    haha..that is really funny because i got to school at unca in asheville, nc, and a few months ago mischa was in town filming a movie and she was staying at the grove park inn. one of my friends happens to work there, and she had to take food up to mischa. when mischa opened the door, it smelled like mad weed and her eyes were all red…so the next day my friend had to clean her room and she found her stash and smoked some of it! haha.

  5. Troller

    Is she driving while smokin her doobie?

  6. supafreak

    Puff puff give give….you’re fucking up the rotation.

  7. Tanya99

    Well, it’s no umbrella.

  8. Dani

    he’s the fat, unattractive, lesser known brother of jake gyllenhaal.

  9. squidtits

    I see she’s removed her dentures in order to get maximum suction when she takes a drag. Hard core.

  10. karifarrell

    Breaking news-Britney just got kicked out of rehab for punching a nurse!!!

  11. NipsyHustle


    ahh yes, asheville. everytime i’ve ever been there i have smoked some sensational green. mischa still looks like a giraffe. but hey i’ve smoked with pigs, dogs, snakes, kittens, monkeys and asses so i think i could burn one with a giraffe.

  12. We will find out later that she did not inhale. In which case the boyfriend still makes no sense.

  13. born2nd

    …suck the chrome offa trailer hitch ? yup…

  14. castanza

    Is that Howard K. Stern?

  15. nicole

    well, considering shes still with or was with the gross disgusting cisco adler, you have to be on drugs, the guys a douche bag, so like i said before, point proven you gotta be high or smoikn somethin to go out with the losers she does. dumb hoe!

  16. jpjrocks

    Is she gonna be busted, or is that legal????

  17. anothershityear

    judging by the dudes she’s seen with, it’s obvious that this is medicinal marijuana, for a persistent problem with her eyesight

    fuck yeah, weekend, pissed on my desk i’m outta here

  18. anothershityear

    (not actual urine just showing disrespect)

  19. etoile_francaise

    I’m no expert on marijuana, but isn’t it possible that it’s just a rolled cigarette?

    Although, I don’t know anybody who makes a pained face like that after inhaling tobacco smoke…

  20. NipsyHustle

    she lives in california and could possibly be getting it legally prescribed for anxiety or other phsyical issues.

  21. 16. No, I’m pretty sure it’s a felony to date a dude whose face looks like a dog’s ass.

  22. EgoManiac

    Hopefully Mischa will move onto bigger and better things (heroin) and we can watch her spiral out of control. Once Britney is 6 feet under, I’ll need another train wreck to entertain me.

  23. ImaCracka

    Man I read about this way early today on another site….

    This site is sooooooooo slow to get some things posted…

  24. sid

    Mischa should be executed by a firing squad using bows and arrows for this.


    I don’t even know who she is.

    I like cake.

  25. outoftown

    ganja is NOT news.
    this ho is retardedly boring.

  26. outoftown

    oh and she dresses like a parody of a hippie.
    she needs a crown of daises.

  27. kkh

    Ugly boyfriend. Ugly dress. Ugly shoes. Ugly habits.

    Wow, she’s a winner…

  28. What an attention whore! Is she even working anymore?

  29. churva_ek_ek


  30. jxbong

    in photo #1 she’s just having a after sex smoke and those indentations in her cheeks are from cisco,s balls resting there while in the 69 position…sick..but funny.

  31. Stink

    I’ve seen ONE movie that she’s been in (The Sixth Sense) and if it wasn’t for imdb, I wouldn’t have even remembered that. She needs to attack a SUV or wear clown make-up or stand buck naked in front of a horse for me to take notice.

    Cake is good.

  32. EgoManiac

    Is it true what #10 said? That Britney got kicked out of rehab for punching a nurse? God I hope so!

  33. brujeriadiosa

    # 30…yes!
    Maybe she has to get high because she’s trying to forget Cisco’s Kooky Circus Genitals smacking her in the forehead….

    I wonder is she ever has flashback from being tea bagged from another room.

  34. stylebites

    When she’s sniffing lines of blow, then make sure to let me know. ‘Til then, this is typical Amero-puritan news, no?

  35. Lowlands

    Hey smelly bitches,what she’s smoking could be also normal tobacco.There’re some tobacco brands which you’ve to roll your own cigarret manually.Everebody got his own preference ofcourse.But when i take a peek at the third pic,i think also it’s marihuanna.Lookslike they having some funtime!

  36. TheExpatriot

    Hmmm… the last time I checked this was illegal. But then again, Mischa lives in the Land of the Free, right? So she is free to… ehm… not do what she wants.


  37. Lowlands

    California must be a great place!Walking around in t-shirt in februari!

  38. Lowlands

    No wonder Cisco’s ballsac is stretched.Must be the hot Californian weather what made his testicles drop down.

  39. Sakura

    Heh well, i’ve never seen such a big rolled up before containing only tobacco… Either she just really loves that stuff.

  40. sid

    Let’s hear it for cake.

    Fucking RIGHT ON!


  41. Tweets007

    *Lookslike they having some funtime!*

    Miss Swan is that you?

  42. alaskanchicsickle

    I could really use some 4:20 right about….now!

  43. fame is funny

    hey lowlands…when was the last time you saw someone smoking a cigarette like that? sorry, you just failed weed college.

  44. Italian Stallion


    I’ll take you shopping! My credit score is 420, you can get anything you want under $100……..

    We’ll smoke some tree and fuck too……

  45. krwlng54

    D . U . I

  46. RunningWithCarsAndBoysWithScissors

    that guy looks like the only word in his vocabulary is “munchies”

  47. You think she’d be fatter from the munchies, maybe she’s combining it with meth to keep that lovely skeletal zombie look.

  48. woodhorse

    what is “tea bagged”???

  49. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    Every single person in show business smokes weed. Most people in general smoke it…big fucking deal.

    She needs to conceal that shit more though. When I smoke a J while driving, I make it seem like I’m smoking a cigarette. This is what’s going to get her busted in the near future, and if only anyone gave a shit about her, we’d probably love to see it.

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