Mischa Barton nipple slip at Boujis

May 18th, 2007 // 105 Comments

Mischa Barton was spotted leaving Boujis nightclub with her breast completely hanging out. I mean really just completely out there. She probably could’ve made a better fitting top out of toilet paper and some tape. Which, ironically, is what I used to make this suit I’m wearing. The fellows at this afternoon’s important business meeting are going to be impressed today!

The first few are NSFW so click with caution.

mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-01-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-02-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-03-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-04-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-05-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-06-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-07-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-08-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-09-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-10-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-11-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-12-thumb.jpg


  1. slinx

    This chic is into Humiliation!!!!

  2. Bill Morgan

    It is just a circular pink protuburance and we all have them. I say be free and enjoy the fresh air nimple.

  3. jay

    C’mon really … did she not feel the breeze? Retard!

  4. I feel sad because i dont like naked women i think the look most beautiful when the are dressed .anyways i hope mischa is not embarassed or something its ok just a mistake and if u take it from stars like lindsay and paris nipslip is currently in trend

  5. I find Mischa quite sexy wearing this nice outfit with her left breast popping out of her top.

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