Mischa Barton has nipples, sort of shows them off

September 11th, 2007 // 60 Comments

Mischa Barton showed up to the Save the Children’s 75th Anniversary Celebration in New York City last night. And apparently her idea of saving the children is showing off her areola in a see-through top. Me, usually, I just break down the doors of burning buildings and pull the children out with my bare hands while curing their cancer. But, hey, Mischa’s method sounds pretty good too.

Click the above image for the very slightly LSFW version. I wouldn’t even go so far as to call it a nipple slip.


  1. yeay!


  2. whu?

    and second!

  3. The girl only has nipples, so I guess it does count. But those are more fun when actual boobs are involved.

  4. whu?

    that is not much of a nipple slip at all…she barely even has tits to begin with…maybe a nice coochie shot would be good

  5. Arden

    If there are no boobs involved, why do we care about just nipples?

  6. cookie monsta

    oh yeah, wasted again, you go girl!!

  7. Finally, some good hetero shit! PENIS!

  8. curlyfrie

    im the 8th person ta baby!!

  9. Sly

    I would laugh if a couple of officials came over to her and said “cover up your chest you stupid bitch, this is a childrens event.” Then arrested her for indecent exposure.

  10. Ted from LA

    Fish Guy, cancer really isn’t that funny, yet it is a recurring theme lately. If a nipple slips in the woods, but nobody is there to see it, does it make a boner?

  11. Basil

    Sad, but what’s happened to her? Seems like she lost all her star appeal after the OC. She just looks like some semi hot girl you’d see at every corner pub on weekends.

  12. Basil

    I know….. her hips are ballooning just like those of J Love.

  13. Wicked Wendy

    #11-too fucking funny!!!

    And we should care about this bitch because………?

    OH that’s right!! BOOBIES!!!!……

    no wait………..Nips?……

  14. maj

    she’s kinna plain looking.
    isn’t she.

  15. Mischa is boring. So are her nipples.

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  16. iburl



    She only showed a nipple and she no tits at all. It’d be like a man taking off his shirt, so it doesn’t count!!

  18. Wrench

    I hardly even see nip. All I see is a glaringly ugly dress.

    Put her in a classic A-line white sun dress and she’d be stunning. You expect any girl to look good in electric urine-colored sequins? I don’t think so.

  19. spoofy mcgillicutty

    This guy has no tits, or talent,yet I see him all over the place. (Misha). Now, if that douche that was telling us to leave Brit-Brit alone showed us her/is rack, then Im in. Im sure the cup size would improve, Maybe even the acting.

  20. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think that’s Mischa Barton. This girl is prettier.

  21. Chrissy

    these women can afford thousand dollar dresses but they can’t affrod a fucking strapless bra???? a pasty i mean COME ON! i’m so sick of seeing these stupid tarts exposing themselves. GET SOME FUCKING UNDERWEAR!

  22. gerard Vandenberg

    If this is your FUCKING way of letting the world know you’re having some sort of nipples over there, I must say: JESUS, MY BALLS ARE BIGGER!!

  23. Ian Brooks

    I swear, Mischa Barton is the world’s ugliest hot chick.

  24. frenchie

    She is looking spongy and bloated. This is the worst kind of body to have. It’s an in between. Neither here nor there. It’s just there…a blob of skin and fat distributed unevenly and awkwardly on a small boned top and big boned bottom. Her bottom will continue to get heftier and her chest and head will stay small.People like her think they are thin but in reality they carrying a large amount of fat. I bet her edema ankles and calves jiggle when she walks. If someone pressed on them with their finger tips it would leave indents.

  25. I believe that children are our future
    Teach them well and let them see my nips…

  26. Frick!

    I think she’s a beautiful girl, but she hasn’t been looking as pretty as she used to look…not quite sure whats changed. But look at pic #5…haha, look at the pissed off ugly looking chic behind Mischa; pretty funny….”what the fuck has she got that I don’t?!” …a lot, ugly girl…a lot.

  27. yuri

    where is?

  28. nuclearzombie

    I doubt you could actually see her nips in person with normal lighting, the flash of the camera has a tendency of providing enough light to see through sheer material, and capture it in a very short time. of course in this case they should have left the flash off (and camera) because this isn’t worth my time.

  29. Lexoka

    I think her method’s actually more efficient… who is she, though?

  30. booboo

    beautiful! she’s like a doll.

  31. veggi

    I just took the biggest shit of my life! I feel 10 lbs lighter. Don’t you love that feeling, first thing in the morning?

  32. Nick

    The most NSFW thing in this pic is the guy’s mustache in the background lmao

  33. Donald

    her face is so perfect looking, although she dresses like crap most of the time

  34. mdiz

    Flap jack tittays, with a side order of bread stick nipples…. Speaking of which it’s lunch time…

  35. havoc

    Is that guy in the first pic asking the nipple for an autograph….

    freaky deaky…….


  36. jrzmommy

    I bet her elbows and knees are dirty.

  37. Bugman4045

    Very few women in this world can go braless and still look good. Mischa Barton is definitely not one of them!

  38. LadyJane

    My morning crap is more interesting than this.

  39. LOL……………. LadyJane
    My morning “milking” was more interesting than this.

  40. kharris

    what the fuck is with that dress? she is the worst dresser in hollywood. and so plain jane, i just don’t understand the fascination with her.

  41. eww…i hate her! i reckon she’s gonna slip another nipple very soon!

  42. not the first time she shows her nasty nips. click on my name to see.

  43. Riotboy

    Slow news day.


  44. nasty dude

    little nipple for a cripple????

  45. JrsyGrl

    She always looks like such a mess.

  46. ToTellTheTruth

    WHAT is so great about this chic with her UGLY DRESS.

  47. das

    YOU GUYS! MISHA just came from RUSSIA! She was shooting a NEW MOVIE called. FINDING TATU! Its about two russian lezbian singers, and two girls who murder someone. Then the girls fall in love!


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