Jesus Christ, Mischa Barton

April 9th, 2013 // 50 Comments

The last time we posted about Mischa Barton she looked remarkably decent in a bikini for someone who spent the past three years being a failure pile of cellulite and substance abuse. Except here she is yesterday where, well… at least she looks sober? I didn’t even once think there were drugs in that bag. Hamburgers, but not definitely drugs. (This is as good as I get at compliments. Take it or leave it.)

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Splash News


  1. Barney

    Am I suddenly on Drunken Stepfather?

  2. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
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  3. Jiminy Cricket

    Dear dicksuck Superficial guy- the bikini pics you mentioned are from a fuggin year ago. And Mischa, while no longer druggie thin, still looks good in a normal human (as opposed to Hollywood) way. If I saw her walking down the street, I’d definitely be checking her out. Yeah, this is a gossip site, but consider being charitable for fuck’s sake. I wish Mischa the best, and I hope she’s off the drugs. And I am digging the ass, legs and cutoffs.

  4. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
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    If Daisy Duke were real and dead, she’d spin in her grave.

  5. I think those were jeans until she her legs hulked out with thunder and ripped them to shreds.

  6. Tard

    I know its mean to make fun of someones weight but speaking as someone who used to be fat, I know what it like to not respect yourself or your body. I know what its like to be addicted to sugar and I know all about binge eating. It’s gross. Plain and simple. She is not a naturally thick girl, and its sad that shes not taking care of herself. She doesn’t look healthy.

  7. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
    Cock Dr
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    I blame the weed combined with the irresistible lure of American fast food & snacks.
    So many Doritos, so little time.

  8. I think Mischa’s sporting a bit of extra meat makes her sexier. She always looked pretty good, especially when displaying her sweater puppies (which she seemed to do with some frequency), but now she’s got more cushion for pushin’…

  9. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
    The Pope
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    I didn’t know that you could drink butter through a straw.

  10. Beer Baron

    She went to the “Alicia Silverstone School of Dieting”

  11. fred


  12. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
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    Looks like she forgot the important part of the Starbucks and cocaine diet: money to buy the cocaine.

  13. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
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    Actually she has a nice pair of legs..for those of us who like some curves, she looks really good…

  14. Wasn’t being ridiculously skinny the only goddamned thing she had been doing right? She’s not particularly good looking, certainly she’s always been in terrible physical shape (no tone, looked like she never exercised at all), dresses badly, and has no acting talent. Now she’s just another plain looking pale out of shape talentless fatso.

  15. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
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    Now that’s she’s a proper whale, that look of low self esteem is permanently pressed into the flabby folds of her face. Easy pickin’s, gentlemen.

  16. I don’t think this is the Jessica Simpson diet that Weight Watchers wanted people to get on.

  17. tom

    I like huge thighs and I would do her. Don’t ask.

  18. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
    John Travolta
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    I have an idea. Why don’t you all stfu and leave her alone. She minds her own business, works, and doesn’t get into trouble any more. I’d say she’s grown into a more mature individual person than many of you.

  19. whatthe

    To earn her money, all we ever expected of her was to look decent. She didn’t even have to be a good actress for fuck’s sake.

  20. She didn’t conquer bulimia, she full on nuclear optioned it.

  21. She is whipping anorexia’s ass.

    But I totally would do her. She no longer longs like she would break. On the other hand, she may break me if she’s on top.

  22. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
    Toe Jam
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    Call me crazy, but, is anyone else turned on? I like my lay-deez kinda on the thick side. In other words, I’d harpoon it. :D

  23. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
    Deacon Jones
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    I just sent this to an old buddy of mine who had a crush on her in the “OC” days, and he wrote back “Why don’t you try doing some work, you fucking asshole! Thanks for burning this into my being”

  24. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
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    She all meaty. She looks like her vaginny’s like a boxer’s glove or like two pounds of bread dough

  25. O.C. was so long ago.

  26. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
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  27. karen french

    I think all of you guys need to learn if you don’t have anything nice to say, shut the fuck up

  28. anonym

    I think i would still hit that.

    those legs look juicy.

    or maybe i’m starting to become a chubby chaser.

  29. anonym

    why can’t this bish find a job? I think she acts better than scarlett johanssen at least. WTF hollywood?
    not even a TV role?

  30. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
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    I feel sorry to see her like this again… You don’t blow up like that, as a star especially, by being happy. Stuff is not going well for her…

    • Jenna

      So true. Speculation is that the weight gain is from being on anti-depressants. Youcan tell by looking at her in these pics that she’s very uncomfortable and not happy. People on this site need to STFU with their rude comments. Sometimes it’s glaringly obvious that it’s not cool to make fun of someone, and this is one of those times

  31. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
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    She’s undoubtedly gained weight, but it’s mostly the outfit that’s the problem here. High waisted shorts are nearly universally unflattering, and the top is unfitted, making her entire midsection look bulky. Also, heels are your friends when wearing shorts; they elongate the body and make legs looked toned. All this really proves is she can no longer afford a stylist.

  32. Woopie

    She is built like Jennifer Love Hewitt actually the are similar looking too. She just needs to Google Jennifer Love Hewitt and copy the way she dresses.

  33. Misha Barton Fat Thighs Ripped Jean Shorts
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    she’s not THAT huge, she’s just dressed as she was as skinny as she used to be

  34. Biff

    I’d still bang the shit out of her.

  35. Blake

    Why won’t you shut up dickhead ? Don’t you have anything to do with your life? Oh right, being stupid is an activity xD Well then you’re doing just fine

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