Miranda Kerr’s GQ outtakes and other news

January 29th, 2010 // 97 Comments

- Jared Leto tries to pull a Robert Pattinson. [Lainey Gossip]

- Jayde Nicole “made it” if being a Brody Jenner accessory for half a season of the The Hills counts as any type of success. (Hint: It doesn’t.) [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Taylor Swfit better have a strong anus. [PopEater]

- Angelina Jolie banged Lady GaGa? [Dlisted]

- Bill Murray apparently gets a ton of ass. [Celebslam]

- Matthew McConaughey unveils his new offspring who he hopes won’t have his penchant for shirtlessness in her early 20s. [JustJared]

- Nicole Richie swears she didn’t have an eating disorder. She just liked heroin. There’s a difference. [PopSugar]

- Leighton Meester not dressed like Tramp-o-Bot from the Future. [The Blemish]

- The Game might’ve knocked up Tila Tequila but probably just has a new album coming out. [Bossip]

- Kendra Wilkinson wants to get shit-faced for the Super Bowl. [ICYDK]

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Photos: GQ

  1. Que

    Que hot ampak is legal?

  2. LikeItThatWay

    And for all those that post next stating she is too-skinny-fat-fugly-short-deformed-butter’ed-face and the like, please post a picture of your girlfriend/wife/significant other. I just HAVE to see what we are comparing this too.

  3. titsonsnack

    Way to jump the gun, #2 (haha you’re #2 and that means poo)

  4. none

    ekkk way to skinny

  5. yeah baby1

    Oh man I would break her in half…she is the shiznit.

  6. 30?

    extremely hot! not pretty, hot!

  7. Valerie

    that’s kinda cute she’s covering her cunt with the funnies!

  8. English Major

    It is Swift, not Swfit….

  9. loathe

    fucking hate her

  10. Dank24

    What the hell does Taylor Swifts anus have to do with anything other than i wish my dick was up it?

  11. Dank24

    Miranda Kerr is friggin HOT!

  12. Deanna

    not much going on today eh

  13. Deanna

    other than miranda’s perfectness… me = jealous

  14. Ootpac

    I would totally drink her bathwater….

  15. Derek

    Wow. What WOULDN’T I do to just be in the same room as her?

    Yeah, I’d rather not think about that…

  16. nono

    Why so few? Usually any good photographer takes about a 100 pictures.

  17. D dog

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  18. Yesman

    1. I’d make sun tea from her panties. 2. There is no such thing as a Miranda Kerr outtake.

  19. I wonder what would Orlando think upon seeing this photos of her, she was so bare, I also agree that she should puts some meat on her body. She is so skinny!

  20. Tire Swing

    Umm, I was planning to USE that crossword….

  21. sorry

    i’m sorry. i honestly find how young she looks disturbing. she really, really looks like a teenager.

  22. sorry

    and i don’t mean her body. her face looks like she is 14. and to me, the rest of her body is clearly very fit, but it just looks…old or tired or something. like her skin looks leathery maybe?

  23. lol

    @22 she looks 14, but old?

  24. ...

    i don’t think she looks too young.. just in her 20s…

  25. Jake

    She annoys me so much……. The only thing she can talk about is how healthy her diet is and how she detoxes etc. etc.
    I mean….. if your lifestyle is so healthy and everything you do is so good, why do you look like someone who fleed a concentration camp? Just shut up and starve yourself.

  26. Steve O

    “25. Jake – January 30, 2010 5:29 AM

    She annoys me so much……. The only thing she can talk about is how healthy her diet is and how she detoxes etc. etc.
    I mean….. if your lifestyle is so healthy and everything you do is so good, why do you look like someone who fleed a concentration camp? Just shut up and starve yourself.”

    Thats coincidental, you annoy us so much. And she looks far from ‘too skinny’… shut the fuck up, and quit your fucking bitching… you dont like her pics? Dont fucking look at them, and save us your whiney bullshit.

  27. Miss Brown Eyes

    She’s got that wanderlust look in her eyes in all those outtakes… like GIVE ME A MOTHERF’ING CHEESEBURGER!

    And she looks like a lollipop with her butterface and stick body.

  28. A sanderson

    she doesnt look too skinny to me..shes built naturally slender..if you look in the second picture when shes turning..you can see she has some fat on her body..some people have got problems with people who look better than them i guess

  29. henry

    Is she half Asian or something? She reminds me of those Asian women who are 25 or 28 and somehow their faces look like teenagers. I think it’s the thick lips, women with thick lips alweys look very young

    I mean, can you believe she’s a few years older then Bar Rafaeli?? Bar is about 23 and looks 40!

  30. sdfsdfds

    She is a 6 foot tall woman whose waist you could put your hands, not arms, around. It looks good in pictures, but it’s creepy as hell in person.

  31. kitty_kat

    What is your obsession with this girl, Fish?

  32. watchthem4free

    Watch Megan Fox naked!!

    She’s so hot omg!!!!!!


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  34. Elena

    Here boobs look altered in some of them..
    like where shes bending over, you dont really see boobs, but in the last one she has this crazy almost cleavage going on..

  35. Meggy

    Her mouth looks like she’s wearing braces. She looks like a teenager, looks like this should be illegal.

  36. She's so hot!

    She’s gorgeous. I’d pipe her in a New York minute!

  37. Ellen

    Whoever mentioned cheeseburger, that sounds really good. i’m headed to Wendy’s….

  38. SO RIGHT

    The one with the jeans down? Hot.

  39. mmmmmmmm

    holy fuck she is soo hot………… arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  40. Her face is beautiful but her body just a little bit beautiful. Im attrated to a girl w/ is not to skinny. Besides when it comes to girls… All I want is somewhere in the middle.!!!

    Acai Ultimate

  41. she is so hot and sexy. But for me Im not a great fan of a skinny type girl… But anyway what matters most is the somewhere in the middle!!!

  42. steve

    I have my doubts that any of the ‘guys’ here saying she’s not too skinny are in fact guys. Research has consistently shown that men prefer women who are average weight and build, not average as in average size for american women cause that’s jus fat, but average as in a HEALTHY size. Miranda Kerr has a nice-enough face, but her body is unhealthily thin.

  43. god damn

    Every last one of you criticising her is fucking nuts. There is not a single thing wrong with her, other than the fact that she isn’t laying in my bed right now. There isn’t a more beautiful or sexy model out there. Although I welcome all who lay claim to that title…

    And to all the “she looks young!” idiots… so? She’s not 16, so fucking get over it. Would you be okay with old men fucking 16 year olds as long as they looked 22 to you? If so, I’m really going to regret not going after them when I was 22.

  44. steve

    What the hell d’u mean ‘there isn’t a more beautiful or sexy model’? Only women and gay men think freakishly skinny women are the hottest. Any straight guy would agree that Doutzen Kroes and Bar Rafaeli>Miranda Kerr. C’mon, a healthy slim toned athletic body versus a super-bony flabby body–no contest!

  45. jemma

    Flabby? Give me a fucking break. Jealous fuckwits.

  46. steve

    Lol ok so maybe ‘flabby’ is a lil harsh, just saying she doesn’t look as amazingly desirable as Doutzen Kroes or Bar Rafaeli cus she looks rather unhealthy. Women have got to learn that guys don’t jerk off to photos of twigs. We DON”T like fatsos though so it’s a fine line.

    And jesus everytime someone points out that too-thin women aren’t hot, he or she is instantly labelled ‘jealous’..how predictable and STUPID. If I see a hot girl, it’s a turn on and I say so sheesh

  47. Darth

    Damn,that’s a good arched back! Great shots!

  48. Nero

    *Flash back/deja vu* Yes that’s right.When i meet these kinda chicks there’s a good chance i’d pull their pants down like in pic.2.

  49. His Huge Greatness Himself

    I could kidnap her and then demand a large amound of cash from Victoria Secret.I would indeed send them a photo something like pic. 4 (the newspaper date would be more visible ofcourse).

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