Milla Jovovich is totally nude

September 8th, 2009 // 271 Comments

Milla Jovovich appears completely nude in the Fall/Winter issue of Purple which makes her Maxim shoot look like, well, a Maxim shoot. In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out the storyline here, and I’m guessing Milla is a young woman who just moved into a new apartment and thought waving her vagina over the boxes would magically unpack them. For the record, ladies, this actually works. But only if you have a spotter. (I’m free all day.)

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that should make you evaluate how much you really like your job.

Photos: Purple

  1. Sam M


  2. yowillie

    Love the coat hangers.

  3. Wow man it is so great feeling to have a look milla jovovich completely nude. Really awesome man! Nice breast with cool figure. Thanks for sharing this,

  4. pradeep

    i want to suck those boobs and fuck milla

  5. rico

    What do you think is in those crazy boxes?!?

  6. Vanessa Bardot

    She is half Serbian/Montenegrin (same nationality as me and I also have the same colouring -dark hair light eyes) and I am very proud of my fellow slavic sister for being so successful in such a difficult and fickle industry.

    As far as the photos are concerned, good for her for having the confidence in her body after giving birth to a beautiful little girl, to pose for nude photos. That takes a lot of gumption no matter how thin you may be after giving birth. Not only that but she is 34 years old and there are not that many women who are confident in there bodies past the age of 28 to show it all off like that.

    I also love the fact that she has never submitted to the Hollywood pressure to get breast implants. She is clearly an example of a woman who is pretty flat chested yet she is very sexy. She shows that you don’t have to have large breasts to be attractive. That is a North American invented ideal.

  7. henrylow

    Many, many times. You know it well. Every marketing guru has spoken about this topic. I’m sick of hearing it. But it STILL bears repeating.

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  8. James

    (1) Milla is gorgeous, and I am very, very glad she has chosen to let us see everything. Marvellous.
    (2) Like most fashion industry models, she is far too skinny. Being able to count ribs is not sexy at all, and I do prefer to see breasts rather than what runway models are supposed to be, clothes hangars. I’m talking normal breasts–B or C cups, no surgery, not fake shit most guys like.
    (3) Her nipples are friggin’ cool. I *love* eraser nipples; I think some guys here wouldn’t complain about them if her tits were larger than A-cups or below; but I love to play with nipples like that no matter what sized breasts they are attached to. They are usually wonderfully sensitive.
    (4) Her “bush” is not a bush. It’s beautifully groomed. She takes time on it, at least, which is better than most women do.
    (5) That being said, the argument that men only like women fully shaved because they want women to look like little girls is ridiculous. I don’t need a roadmap at all, but I find a pussy, in all it’s uncovered glory, beautiful in its own right. I mean, I don’t remember seeing any fur on orchids or lilies in a Georgia O’Keefe painting… The lips are beautiful, the clitoral hood is beautiful, the way it retracts to reveal the clit when coaxed out is beautiful. Hair can get in the way. I don’t think Milla’;s does, though, cause it’s up above her gentialia, not around. Still, some women like men with no hair on their chest but they are not called perverts. Sometimes skin is sexy just because it is skin.
    (6) Some people here, on both sides of the argument, need to get over themselves. If you don’t like hair below the belly button, well quit looking and go somewhere else! If you don’t like to shave yourself, then be glad there are men who like women in all different stages of natural-to-fully-shaved. Some guys prefer blondes to redheads to raven-haired. It has nothing to do with wanting to have sex with children. The Catholic schoolgirl costume is fairly universally adored by men everywhere, including men who have never seen a Catholic schoolgirl naked, even when they were in high school, and do no wish to do so now. I bet even Obama and McCain like the schoolgirl look.

  9. Listen Up

    Since when did men get so picky about vaginal aesthetics? Whatever happened to the good ole days when you THANKED YOUR LUCKY STARS that a woman even let you get that far?! You all are like a fat kid whining because his ice cream sundae has too much chocolate syrup. Don’t look a gift puss in the mouth!!!!

  10. Listen Up

    Since when did men get so picky about vaginal aesthetics? Whatever happened to the good ole days when you THANKED YOUR LUCKY STARS that a woman even let you get there? You all are like a fat kid whining because his ice cream sundae has too much chocolate syrup on it. Don’t look a gift puss in the mouth, you ingrates!!!!

  11. this is art idiot , she will never pose 4 playboy … ART
    ARt ART sick bastards

  12. this is art idiot , she will never pose 4 playboy … ART
    ARt ART sick bastards

  13. Looks like she sat on a Brillo pad…trim that trim back!!

  14. Shane

    Milla is HOTT. She takes care of herself. This is what women should look like. I mean, ladies, are supposed to take care of themselves. They all look different, but can all be beautiful if they take care of themselves like Milla. This is ART! Congrats to her for showing what a real woman is.

  15. Milla Jovovich… “Resident Evil: Apocalypse”…

    With her long model legs stretched across a coffee table, a cigarette in her hand and a twinkle in those magnificent eyes, the actress (her first name is pronounced Mee-la) explained why getting buff is not always a good thing, how she feels about nudity and why she never put much faith in a pretty face.

    Question: I heard you trained in the martial arts for four months to get ready for this role. How tough are you?

    MILLA JOVOVICH: Not very tough anymore. I’ve stopped training.

    Question: How tough were you when you were training?

    MILLA: I was pretty yoked. I was all muscles, and it wasn’t very attractive.

    Question: What do you mean?

    MILLA: Let’s just say that, in normal times, I’m flat as a board. So, when I started training, I turned into a boy. If I shaved my head, you wouldn’t be able to tell I was a girl. And my arms were so big, I was embarrassed to wear a T-shirt without sleeves.

    Question: And yet you weren’t afraid to appear nude in this movie.

    MILLA: Well, I thought it was beautiful. It wasn’t a sex scene. The situation is that the girl is inside a tank of water. It would look cheesy if she was wearing underwear. She wasn’t trying to seduce a doctor or anything like that.

    Question: But you had the power to reject the nudity, didn’t you?

    MILLA: Of course.

    Question: Is that the model in you?

    MILLA: I’m not sure. Growing up, I was a rebel. When I was a teenager, I thought it was cool to take my top off for the camera because it was the `90s and nude photography was the new art. Now, I don’t like to do nudity for a magazine, but I have no problem doing nudity in an $80 art book because people have to shell out some bucks to see it.

    Question: So we’re just haggling over price?

    MILLA: No, it’s just that I feel an art book is not like a magazine. It’s not something you put your can of Coke on. It’s not disposable like a magazine. An art book is special, and part of being special is that you have to pay a lot of money for it. I don’t want my body being disposable. If my body is going to be shown, I want it to be shown in a beautiful book.

  16. ghj

    becautiful !

  17. Y0Ker

    Living Art!!

  18. anita brooks
    Commented on this photo:

    if i were a boy !!!!!!

  19. tommy

    she can unpack the bags at my new apartment anytime ;)

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