Miley Cyrus Is Twerking Again

June 10th, 2013 // 35 Comments
Miley Cyrus Twerking Juicy J House of Blues
WATCH: Miley Cyrus Twerking At Juicy J Show

There used to be a time when Miley Cyrus was just a sweet lil’ child sittin’ on her pappy’s knee askin’ when mama’s gonna be ready with the Corn Pop pie. But then that there godless Jezebel Hanner Montanner got her hooks in her and before long Miley was learning the sciences, smoking the marijuana, lesbiacatin’ and, worst of all, dancin’ like colored folk. A sin that has back slid her again at the House of Blues instead of the house of JESUS. Let us handle our snakes and pray. Dear Heavenly Father…


  1. Judge and Jury


  2. Not as much fun when there’s nothing to shake.

  3. JC

    The Miley Cyrus 10-year Plan:
    1. Get famous from a Disney role
    2. Release anemic pop songs
    3. Lose fiance, mind
    4. Become a video ho

  4. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    I remember when she was a kid actress I didn’t give a shit about. Now here she is a grown up public embarrassment I don’t give a shit about. Time flies…

  5. Dormant Canadian

    Fish, you have outdone yourself. Bravo.

  6. Pike

    All girls should be taught how to do this at age 15.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Well, I dont know about you guys, but Im glad I had to watch a 30 second commercial with a no-talent closet flamer before I could watch the equivalent of a gay Joker dance on a stage while on cocaine.

  8. I’m not even going to lie…Miley Cyrus seems like she’s a pretty cool chick.

  9. Hope she never planned on dating any rich or famous white men ever again because at this point any of them are going to assume she has banged every rapper from LA to Atlanta after watching her behavior lately. She is almost shaming the Kardashians at this point.

  10. alex

    I just think its funny that all of these young “starlets” always feel so comfortable jumping on someone else’s stage and try to make it about themselves….the ultimate fame whore that did this all the time was the original wonk-eye Paris Hilton. Get your own stage.

  11. Goddamn I love Vine

  12. Cock Dr

    Her hairstyle is awful and she’s got a funny pumpkin face butt damn that girl has worked hard to burn off that muffintop.

  13. tlmck


  14. Thou shalt not twerk without thy tools of twerking

  15. skunk

    party in the USA

  16. Her dingle berries must itch badly if shes shaking her ass like that.

  17. Slappy Magoo

    Walt Disney must be rolling over in his jar right about now.

  18. Tom

    Disney strikes again!

  19. Looks like she’s serious about making a jackass of herself & being her generation’s biggest attention whore. Another Disney kiddie who feels the only way to continue a career is to exploit and embarrass herself in public. Beyond pathetic; no wonder her fiancée kicked her ass to the curb…

  20. anonymous

    She’s got the moves of a stripper.

    She just doesn’t have the package.

  21. I love watching her shake her ass. She’s got a real sexy body.

  22. I didn’t understand a single thing about anything that happened in that entire video. It’s because I’m old and white, isn’t it?

  23. cc

    Looks as though Miley and Bieber are converging on a single entity…that entity being an annoying, androgynous shit that everyone’s sick of.

  24. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Wait, that’s not Justin Beiber?

    Great, now all the lesbians look alike. This is way too confusing.

    Last week I heard some Adele wanna-be on the radio. Turned out to be Bruno Mars. It’s time for a few large drinks now.

  25. Sad. She looks like a child. A lesbian child.

    • Wendy Sadd

      I was just about to say the same thing.
      Unless you’re a dyke, and attracted to that sort, she’s about as hot as a full diaper.

  26. L

    Jesus Christ Fish, that paragraph deserves a Pulitzer. Celeb pics are great and all, but your writing is what keeps me coming back.

  27. Juano

    Sorry, nope, not really a very attractive girl. Nice figure, sure, but the whole package is sort of “blah…” Now I know Kelly Osborne will say “she’s fierce and a risk taker,” but in my mind, having more money than brains and dressing like a twit is something the English aristocracy patented years ago, and were probably a lot better at than this poor pathetic has-been.

  28. That was seriously embarrassing to watch. I can’t stand her, but I was still too embarrassed for her to watch the whole thing.

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