Miley Cyrus Don’t Need No Dang Ol’ Pants To Love That There Honey Boo Boo Child

Seen here dressin’ all fancy like in her skivvy-peepers showin’ that there young’n child how the Debbil’s Holiday ain’t just an excuse to say “spooks” without the librul gummint puttin’ it’s desegremagation upon us, Miley Cyrus went on the gargoyle wermen’s TV box show and said she can’t get enough of that danngone Honey Boo Boo, bless her cholestrolated heart. Via E! News:

“I put a home theater in my house and it wasn’t quite loud enough, so we got subwoofers so I could hear her extra loud,” the former Hannah Montana star said. “When I hear her go, ‘Holla for a dolla,’ the whole house shakes.”
However, Cyrus’ hubby-to-be Liam Hemsworth isn’t such a fan. “Liam won’t watch it,” she said.

Won’t watch them Honey Boo Boo movies? GIT BACK TO MOSSTRALIA! How you handle that boomerang chuckin’ gator boy takin’ all our dobs. MERKA.

Photo: Pheed