Apparently This Is Miley Cyrus Naked In ‘W’

February 3rd, 2014 // 40 Comments

Looks just like her.

Here’s Miley Cyrus in the new issue of W Magazine where she’s interviewed by Ronan Farrow and says a bunch of shit about weed and how she has it all figured out because what 21-year-old doesn’t? So feel free to subject yourself to that, or just look at her nipple while she looks absolutely nothing like Miley Cyrus. Alright, seriously, who is this really? Stop messing with me.

Miley Cyrus: Ronan Farrow Interviews America’s Bad Girl – W Magazine

Photos: W Magazine


  1. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
    Commented on this photo:

    Tell me this doesn’t look just like Ellen DeGeneres.

    • This doesn’t look like Ellen DeGeneres partly because Ellen isn’t an attention whore and partly because Ellen is much prettier.

      • Yes, and yes. Hell, if you were on a desert island with Ellen, you could pretend she’s that chick from 6 days 7 nights and you’re Harrison Ford (“doing Han Solo” and “being Han Solo” are pretty much the same sentence, so why not). If you were there with Miley…well, I guess autocannibalism is always an option.

  2. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
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    Beyonce looks whiter than usual…

  3. vandal

    Fuck she is UGLY!

  4. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
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    hmmm…i like this look

  5. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
    Hugh G. Rection
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    I’d say she was going for a Lady GaGa look, except I don’t want to insult Lady GaGa.

  6. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
    Lord Helmet
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    Jenna Jameson now works as a Miley Cyrus double?! And I thought pornstars had standards.

  7. To be fair, no one else would put a dreamcatcher tattoo in their armpit.

  8. JC

    I went to the linked article, but I couldn’t make it past the first three drooling paragraphs before I got brain cancer. If Miley is, as the title suggest, “America’s baddest bad girl,” then we have failed as a nation.

  9. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
    Cock Dr
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    If you’re gonna get your tits out why not do it for Playboy? At least Playboy would make a pumpkinhead look pretty instead of this death by radiation poisoning glamour photo shoot.

  10. I really can’t tell. I only recognize her bony ass or the top of her head… much like her father.

  11. To my eye, she looks like a slightly hotter “Steph” from the Goonies, (you know the one I mean… not the cute one Brand was after, but the other one, that Mouth was going for.)

  12. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeah. It’s her. Love the tits.

  13. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
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    I wonder if her banging frequency matches her relentless desire to show off as much of her hide as possible.

  14. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
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    The biohazard that is the pillow between Miley’s legs cannot be contained. You’ve been warned.

  15. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
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    very nice, i’ve got a bonner.

  16. ace11

    What drugs was Hemsworth taking to want to marry this freak show?

    He must have been doing strong ones

    Good thing his brothers whacked him upside the head before he was stuck
    child support to this backwoods hillbilly

    • Swearin

      To be fair, from what I’ve heard the Hemsworths were like the Australian version of Bo & Luke Duke

  17. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
    Commented on this photo:

    much better. i’ll take two.

  18. lovecraft

    I will never understand why magazines will go to great lengths to make a well known celebrity look nothing like themselves. That honestly looks like anyone but Miley. I guess we could match up the tattoos to be certain.

  19. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
    The Pope
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    Somebody tell Jared Leto that the movie is over. He can start dressing like a man again.

  20. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
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    Am I on the only person that thinks this looks nothing like her?

  21. They are going to have to burn those sheets, the smell of weed and sweat on her is beyond any smell in the world.

  22. Miss. Kitty

    She looks great, but I have no idea who this really is. Nice pictures, but they’re not of Smiley Miley.

  23. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
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    Her lips look like they’re melting, and she looks so tall. Very weird, indeed.

  24. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
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    That’s Miley Cyrus? I think NOT! Did her hair grow 6 inches in the last 3 weeks? Miley isn’t even close to that pretty.

  25. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
    Opinionated me
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    Ooops, someone got carried away with photoshop.
    Miley *WISHES* that was her.

  26. Juano

    What cracks me up is the “baddest bad girl” image she’s trying to portray. Seriously, if she were an up and coming artist, with no money, no contacts, no contract, then maybe you could give her credit. But no matter how you slice this one, she’s been handed a golden goose by Disney (who spent a fortune helping her build her brand) and frankly, with her money and ALREADY GARNERED BRAND she isn’t being a risk taker, there’s no real risk to her.

    And frankly, on a scale of 1 to 10 she’s at most a 6 or 7, and that’s after somebody spent a lot of time helping her look good.

    Bad girl, my ass.

  27. Miley Cyrus Naked Nipple W
    Commented on this photo:

    I keep waiting for Jimmy Kimmel to reveal he used a random girl off the street to make these pics.

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