Miley Cyrus Is Doin’ A Dang Ol’ Lifetime Movie

Thanks to The Hunger Games becoming a Twilight-esque cash cow, Miley Cyrus has to remind Liam Hemsworth who (doesn’t) wear the pants around here so he doesn’t start gettin’ ideas of stickin’ his porcupine in other cooters. Which is why on top of recording a new album, she’s returning to acting again provided you forget that LOL movie I’m pretty sure I just made up. Deadline reports:

Miley Cyrus is in negotiations to play the female lead in a new Bonnie & Clyde miniseries, executive produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. In the biggest synergy move between new siblings History and Lifetime, the four-hour mini, originally developed for History, will now air on both male-driven History and female-focused Lifetime. This is the first time A+E Networks is producing a program to be shared by two of its channels in an effort to reach both female and male audiences with the classic story of two of America’s most famous outlaws.

Of course, the most fucked up part of this news is that Lindsay Lohan actually started a trend that other actresses are following, so if that doesn’t open the gateway for Gozer the Traveler to enter our world, then maybe there’s still time before Vinz Clortho finds The Gatekeep- Ahh, fuck.