How To Hack A Celebrity: Miley Cyrus Is An Idiot Edition

October 17th, 2011 // 53 Comments

Last week authorities arrested Christopher Chaney for allegedly hacking nude photos of several celebrities from Scarlett Johansson to Blake Lively which is apparently super easy to do. TMZ has since received an email from an anonymous hacker, who they suggest is Chaney boasting, documenting how easy it was for him to find private photos of Miley Cyrus‘ mullet biscuit. — What the hell did I just type?

The man says he simply went to Miley’s Gmail and tried accessing it. The prompt asked a security question … the name of one of her girlfriends. He guessed the one she’s known the longest, based on a Google search — and he scored.
He says, “When I saw that, I couldn’t believe it.”

So basically celebrities are retarded when it comes to protecting their online accounts, and we should be guessing their passwords instead of waiting for some naked Robin Hood to hand us nudie pictures. On that note, I’ll start by guessing Britney Spears password is “bitney” (sic) and will be back shortly with what I assume is McDonald’s-themed amateur porn or literally just a video of her eating “Furnch fries.” This could go either way.

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  1. chaney wasn’t all that smart. he did after all never get those goddam miley or mila pics online. and for that he can eat a big dick

    • eatme

      …i’m not sure about that. breaking into someone’s email account is one thing, but finding nude pics that were certainly not in said email accounts is another. Articles have suggested that he managed to break into their home computers. How else would you get ahold of nuce pics of doughey Johansson? Unless you was emailing them to sean penn?

  2. Brooklyn New York

    All anyone needs now is her bank account number from the trashcan, and they can steal her identity. I don’t think anyone would want to be her, but I bet she has a good credit rating and high balances on her credit cards.

  3. Deryn

    Wow. Just when she’d starting building some sincerity with the Haitian child-hugging, she has to re-open her mouth (whichever one) and prove again that she is, in fact, as dumb as she looks.

  4. Venom

    Let’s be honest, no one ever accused Miley of being smart so this is not unexpected really.

  5. Fester

    I have no objection to the mullet biscuit but I’m a little leery of the gravy…

  6. RoboZombie

    This chick is butt ugly. End of story.

  7. GLT

    Is it sacrilegious that I want to grab that cross and stab her with it?

    • cc

      Only if you re-enact that scene from The Exorcist.

    • EmmaWatson's Vagina

      well to be honest many priests in the middle ages had daggers built into their crosses just in case bandits would try and rob them. so by far this is nothing new.

  8. Krissy

    Did we really need a hacker to tell us that most celebrities are idiots? All you have to do is listen to an interview with some of these douchebags, and your I.Q. will drop 50 points. Let’s be honest, some of us don’t have that much left to spare.

  9. cc

    OMG, they managed to find a pic where she looks like a dumb hick!

  10. The look on her face just screams, “Spock is gay?”

  11. Buzz Aldrin

    Stupid security questions everywhere. Bank, credit card, email, anything.

    I hate them. Every piece of information I give is one more piece of information I have to remember, track, and make sure nobody can figure it out.

    Is it really necessary for me to have a password and up to 5 safety questions?


    That gives any intruder multiple points of attack. And if I lie about the details so nobody knows, do you REALLY THINK I’M GOING TO REMEMBER ALL THAT WITHOUT WRITING IT DOWN? (yet ANOTHER security flaw?)

    A good strong non-english password is ENOUGH. If it is really THAT important, get a damn RSA key gen too.

    Down with f*cking security questions already!

    • Venom

      From some reason the morons in this country can’t seem to figure out the easiest way to ensure security is fingerprints.
      For example for travel or driver’s license or most anything that requires a card, how about just having fingerprints hooked up to a database with a photo also for backup? When someone goes to travel or get’s pulled over, just scan their fingerprint and voila.
      Same thing for credit cards and for the computer for passwords. I know there are laptops already that have fingerprint scanners and even have facial recognition.

      • ash

        What if I want to disappear someday? I don’t want to be tracked by every vendor I patronize. I don’t need anyone tracking me and my habits/lifestyle any more than they do. If I want to have a separate email address that my husband can’t get into for my amazon account, damn it leave me my privacy.

    • It’s less about security and more about covering their asses. In the event of a breach, Google, Facebook, the bank, etc. just needs to be able to wave their password policy in front of a judge and say it’s your fault you got hacked, not theirs. Security theater, Bruce Schneier calls it. It’s the same with airport screening and recording everyones emails and phone calls.

    • slurricane

      is “enough” a good and strong password? seems a bit easy for me. and i do believe it is an english word.

  12. Johnny Carmello

    So make with the photos already!

  13. Buzz Aldrin

    PS. Let’s see them little Miley t*tties… post the naked pics pls.

    • she’ll leak her own once the returns start dropping

      • The Critical Crassness

        No offense Dude but the little hillbilly halfwit will never have to work another day in her almost 19 year old life, unless she chooses to… and I on the other hand will be working until we are close to dead…so who is really the dumb one, that needs to leak something so that the money keeps flowing in? Here’s a clue,,,it ain’t Destiny Hope….

      • no she’ll do it for the attention. once that is her current fans have grown out of seeing h/m live. i mean rem when we thought the olsens were gona be selling vhs’s forever..?

    • Rob

      No I don’t remember when the Olsen’s were going to be selling VHS tapes forever, are you sad cause you can’t find anymore good porn? You effing pervert!

  14. Miley Cyrus Leaked Photos
    Richard McBeef
    Commented on this photo:

    I bet they are talking about that not-so-fresh feeling.

  15. Richard McBeef

    Miley is just glad they hacked her email box rather than Billy Ray’s, that’s where the gold is.

  16. Frank Burns

    How do wealthy celebrities bitch about security, but then use free email accounts with bare minimum security features? They could easily afford a pricey secure system/service. Dumbasses.

    • Ha, seriously… although the weak link remains the moron celebrity. A piss-easy password is a piss-easy password, whether it’s at Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

  17. JC

    That’s a vacant face that only a daddy could love. Deep in the dark, where none of those uptight “anti-incest” folks can see or disapprove.

  18. Miley Cyrus Leaked Photos
    Commented on this photo:

    hey, if the average girl looked anything like this the world would be a better place… all you hate-mongers can go pump hillbilly sand

  19. brian

    I’m no fan of Miley but It’s not her fault. I blame the existence of Security Questions which I am definitely not a fan of They never have questions that only I can answer and if your famous it’s easy for someone to find the answer to those questions.Why do they exist That’s what passwords are for and if you forget it I recommend having a backup email that you can link the primary to so that if you forget your primary the password can be sent to the secondary. Fuck security questions

  20. Lynx

    I still want to see he naked.

  21. Dan

    Well, she’s not famous for her brains.

    Give her a break.

  22. mfan

    Why are most of the people commenting so credulous? An anonymous source with an unattributed story? It’s probably totally fictitious. TMZ can report it, legally, because they are just quoting someone. This site can print this story, legally, because they are just quoting TMZ. I call B.S.

  23. Miley Cyrus Leaked Photos
    The Brown Streak
    Commented on this photo:

    “How do you say ‘y’all’ in Austrailian?”

  24. Miley Cyrus Leaked Photos
    The Brown Streak
    Commented on this photo:

    I see her ear has 5 time outs left…thanks Fox Sports.

  25. Bob Mckenzie

    I hope we see real non-photoshopped nude pictures of her soon.

  26. Paul Larson

    Yeah, Bob, that’d be awesome if also they show ass Shots . :)

  27. :P

    the bigger the cross, the bigger the slut

  28. Lynx

    i wonder if it poops a lot

    oh well, still would like to lick it’s clit

  29. Ann

    You are mistaken. Blake was never hacked. If she was don’t you think she would go ape shit? She didn’t care because she sent them herself.

  30. forrest gump

    psssst: she is still in puberty.

  31. Miley Cyrus Leaked Photos
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    an exact replica of billy ray cyrus

  32. Burt

    Let me guess, the other celebrities he hacked used their birthday or 123456 as their passwords.

  33. Miley Cyrus Leaked Photos
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    This chick has to stop with the blow-up doll face.

  34. Miley Cyrus Leaked Photos
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    please somebody tell her she looks completly stupid with these sunglasses

  35. Miley Cyrus Leaked Photos
    Commented on this photo:

    Wait… she’s a lesbian?

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