Miley Cyrus Wants To Give Gay Marriage The Finger? I Don’t Get It

Gay rights advocate Miley Cyrus unveiled her latest tattoo, an equal sign representin’ marriage equality, on Twitter over the weekend that apparently you can only see when she’s non-verbally suggestin’ you kindly fuck yourself. Although in her defense, it looks like she’s runnin’ out of room, and she done did save the spot on her cooter flap for her daddy to write a new song about Sugar Smacks. Also, I do declare she likes to tweeter them pappy pillows which, granted, ain’t no Barbadian Hooch Parade, thems’ll do, pig. Thems’ll do.

EDIT: So apparently I’m a genius and this is her ring finger. If it makes you feel any better, now I can’t get laid by telling women I’m the number one seller at Kay’s anymore.

Photos: Twitter

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