1. Nickman802


  2. Stanley

    them boots are made for diggin’

  3. Lindsay? Is that you? Oh Miley, you guys look so similar now, I just thought you were Lindsay…

  4. Americanidiot

    Lol, 21 year old to drink alcohol.. way to go america.

  5. The Critical Crassness

    In her defense Miley had a salvia flashback and thought she was in Spain!

  6. Herman Bumfudle

    well if she is drunk, she’s a very beautiful little mess.

  7. Roro

    give her a break. most teenagers drink and get drunk. let her have her fun…

  8. thruby

    If you scroll through the pictures, she’s talking on her phone and doesn’t really look out of it. I think she’s just on the phone, hand with the phone in it up to her head, in this first shot. It looks the worst, so of course we need to use it say she’s been misbehaving.

  9. evolvtyon

    She can get drunk anytime. See what I care.

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