Miley Cyrus Caught Smoking Bong

Perhaps to take the edge off of having a naked impersonator, Miley Cyrus allowed herself to be recorded smoking a bong full of a salvia – a legal natural herb with psychedelic qualities. According to TMZ, the video was recorded just five days after her 18th birthday which doesn’t really matter because it’s not like she’s hiding the thing like Billy Ray taught her. “If them cops come, we ain’t kin, and you put that sheeit in my ‘special huntin’ cabin’ while I make my getaway. Daddy’s got priors.” What this video does prove is that cell phones are practically red Kryptonite to Miley Cyrus. You never know how she’s going to react. It’s amazing she doesn’t walk down the street and start jumping in front of strangers’ phones with a bag of coke and a dildo. You know, because she’s such a “mature artist” now. (Bird porn, anyone?)

WARNING: Video may be annoying as shit.Photos: Splash News, Video: TMZ