Miley Cyrus and Kings of Leon’s Jared Followill Are ‘Texting’

Miley Cyrus and Jared Followill the bassist for Kings of Leon have apparently been texting each other, and I think we all know how this story ends if not immediately started right out of the gate. Via Popeater:

“Miley wants to keep Jared interested … she often sends him coy text messages.”
Apparently, Followill likes the attention. “So far, he is a big fan of what she has been sending. He thinks she’s very pretty and is excited she’s still flirting with him,” the insider said. He’s even been bragging to his friends about Miley’s texts. “Jared loves showing off his texts from Miley.”

So basically it’s a waiting game at this point until we get to see mulleted vagina online. Well, fuck that, I’m a busy guy, so let’s get WikiLeaks on this. It seems more pressing than whatever it is those people do anyway. Something about government transparency, who knows? Why don’t we stick to the whole reason we even have an Internet and then if there’s time, we’ll look into that other stuff. I’m not making any promises.

Photos: Splash News