Miley Cyrus and Kings of Leon’s Jared Followill Are ‘Texting’

March 9th, 2011 // 121 Comments

Miley Cyrus and Jared Followill the bassist for Kings of Leon have apparently been texting each other, and I think we all know how this story ends if not immediately started right out of the gate. Via Popeater:

“Miley wants to keep Jared interested … she often sends him coy text messages.”
Apparently, Followill likes the attention. “So far, he is a big fan of what she has been sending. He thinks she’s very pretty and is excited she’s still flirting with him,” the insider said. He’s even been bragging to his friends about Miley’s texts. “Jared loves showing off his texts from Miley.”

So basically it’s a waiting game at this point until we get to see mulleted vagina online. Well, fuck that, I’m a busy guy, so let’s get WikiLeaks on this. It seems more pressing than whatever it is those people do anyway. Something about government transparency, who knows? Why don’t we stick to the whole reason we even have an Internet and then if there’s time, we’ll look into that other stuff. I’m not making any promises.

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  1. Charles Sheen

    i just wanna fuck her and chop her head off

  2. the average couple fucks on the fourth date. anyone know the stat for how many texts before they’re sexts? ima bet she’s already sending pix. i give it one week

    • average? If a chick isn’t putting out by the fourth date, she either isn’t interested, or just doesn’t like sex much. Either way, there wouldn’t be a fifth date…fourth is even pushing it.

      • sure but i like a more old fashioned chase, so the tendency’s to hit on the preppier ones who’re “saving themselves”. purity ring’s a plus ;-) then it’s four-for-sure

  3. Deacon Jones

    lol…Dude. She looks like Lo Pan’s henchman, Thunder.

    (whoever gets this reference is the shit)

  4. She should be texting Jared from Subway for weight loss tips

  5. JC

    Is it wrong that I want the band to take her on their tour bus, pass her around like a blunt for a while (and record video), and then dump her off at an interstate rest stop somewhere in Nebraska with no clothes, phone, or money (and then record video of that, too)?

    • Cock Dr

      Isn’t that what Jeezus would do?

      • Alex

        Dear ‘Cock Dr’ – real men do not talk about any female like this. Who the hell are you? I bet you are really ugly and a sad case. If you had a girlfriend u wouldnt spend your life putting women down on the internet

  6. Cock Dr

    Good luck chasing this rich, dumb piece of teenaged pussy.
    No pregnancies please.

    • Alex


      • Deacon Jones

        haha, hey Alex, Cock Dr IS a female.

        ….You dumb cunt!

      • Alex

        Yeah well what female calls themself ‘Dr Cock’?? I bet she isn’t half as hot as Miley. She is probably a nutcase too

      • Alex some friendly advice. If you’re going to take everyne on in here ur gona get eaten alive..

      • I agree with Alex. Her comments are extremely sexist and should be deleted.

        That Cock Dr though, he seems to know what time it is.

      • Alex

        Thanks McFeely. Dude you are obviously a serial killer who hates women and just probably a cannibal too (eaten alive huh) but you will never find me it’s the internet. That’s why you can say disgusting things about Miley from the safety of your mothers basement and you wont get your ass kicked. I hope you find God o rsomething and stop being such a vile person.

      • Alex

        Rican if you had a gf you wouldnt be on the net beating off to Miley then calling her a wh*re for the nest five hours. What straight guy b*tches the way you do anyway? Do you have your period? Geez at least I am actually a female and have an excuse to act b*tchy.

    • Dear Superficial writer, please claim theses comments as your own. They make me laugh.

      • Alex

        Im from Australia – we spell it ‘criticise.’ I doubt you guys that bag women so much are from the US. I bet u are all from somewhere that follows Sharia law!

      • Alex

        @ Yowza – there’s a copyight on all my comments. I think I’m more educated than all these idiots on here who hate women and claim that I will be ‘eaten alive if I argue with them.

      • “copyight”? just where was this great education of yours?

    • Alex, I am not a serial killer or a cannibal. I only kill and eat hookers, and they don’t qualify as humans as they have no soul. In fact, in the spirit of conservation, I use every part of them, including wearing their skin as clothing. I already cleared it with Jesus, I asked and he said “sure…go for it”.

      • Alex

        McFeely – I know you are not a serial killer I wasnt talking about u don’t worry

      • chels

        alex, i think you don’t quite understand the concept of this website. it is called the superficial. all the chivalry you crave is far, far away from here. this is where we scumbags meet up to talk about how trashy celebrities are, and how much we’d like to see them thrown out of trucks on a busy highway, not how much we *value their feminine contributions to society.*

  7. Alex

    Wow – be careful how you gossip blog writers talk about such young girls. Her self esteem is still fragile and if you gossip writers keep implying that young girls like her/ Taylor Momson etc are ‘sl*ts’ or whatever they might attempt suicide like Britney.

    It really isn’t funny after a while. How can you seriously write this stuff about young women all the time, then wonder why they go off the rails like Lindsey and Britney? Stop the double standards about men being studs and women being sl*ts. Miley is 18 and finding her place in the world – stop trying to make out shes a wh*re when she is just like every other girl her age dating a bit before she finds ‘the one.’

    • Alex

      I like your blog a lot and this is a general comment to all entertainment writers. Would be great if you had some kind of moderator who would delete comments like what ‘Dr Cock’ writes. If I was Miley and read that comment I would be so offended – celebs are people too!

      • STFU would you. miley has more than enough money for therapy. and she IS a fuckin skank, truth hurts not our problem

      • rican

        rich – check
        dumb – check
        piece of teenage pussy – check
        no pregnancies – sound advise

        What’s so offensive about this, it is the truth.

      • oh and she’s an insifferable cunt too, probly like you

      • Cock Dr

        I see that my midday bitchery has yanked someone’s chain.

      • Fletch

        You are proving to be a nutcase yourself. Apparently you aren’t on this site much because comments like these are always left by readers.

        Methinks you need to pull your head out of whatever ass you left it in and come back to reality. This little Cyrus tramp doesn’t care what someone leaves on a message board and certainly doesn’t give 2 cents about you.

    • Dan

      “she is just like every other girl” … not like the girls I know. I think she is kinda whorey. She will be all used up before she finds the one if she continues down this path.

      • Alex

        Well if I was 18 and famous and people were saying this sh*t about me on the internet all the time, Id probably develop a drug habit to cope. So dont be all surprised if she goes off the rails. REAL MEN RESPECT WOMEN. SNAP!

      • Alex

        @dude – learn to spell my dear ‘insufferable’ – finish school before you criticise others.

      • JC

        Yeah, she’s “just like every other girl” who does pole dances in her concerts, using her own (at the time) underage sexuality to move product. Please. By all means, young girls, use your sexuality to sell crap–I don’t really have a problem with it. But if you open the door, don’t be surprised when you can’t close it again.

      • Deacon Jones

        @ ALEX


        ….YOU DUMB CUNT, YOU

    • rican

      Alex, you are the moron of the day, unless Aussie Mama appears with another classic truth item.

      • Alex

        Rican – you are a disgusting human being. You are so ugly on the inside that no girl would date you for more than five minutes. Do you have serious mother issues – why do you hate women so much? People like you are a waste of space and give men a bad name

      • Dan


        No – real men respect ladies. Whores aren’t ladies and really shouldn’t be respected.

      • I’ll F7 when im paid to

      • Alex

        Rican – who the hell are you? The hottest men in the world respect women – ie George Clooney. Do you ever hear them saying disgusting things about females like you do? They choose to be good people and I bet youre ugly so might help you to at least be good on the inside

      • DOucHe BaGELs

        Alex, I read your case and I read everyone elses and well…you’re wrong.

        Quite simply you make no sense and everyone else here are winning vatican assassins…Yeah I said it, deal with it! Bring it!

        Sounds like everyone’s F-18 dropped their ordanants on your thinking and blew it out of the sky…BOOM!

      • Dan

        “The hottest men in the world respect women – ie George Clooney.”

        LOL he trades up and bangs a new 22 year old cocktail waitress every couple of years.

      • Alex

        Sorry I pay no attention to the rants of someone who calls himself ‘douche bagel.’ Hey your name speaks for itself ..

      • Alex

        Good like finding a girlfriend Dan. When you do sweetheart youll have less time to read about Miley Cyrus on the internet every day. You might even pick up some manly hobbies like going to the gym.

      • Alex

        * Good luck

      • Deacon Jones

        @ Dan

        Thank you

      • rican, Alex probly IS Aussie Mama..

      • isn’t it like the middle of the night in australia right now? do us all a favor and go to bed, you’re acting like a 5 yo who needs some zz’s….

        oh and …. 69th!

    • devilsrain

      “The hottest men in the world respect women – ie George Clooney”

      Its because hes GAY get that through your fucking thick skulls

      • Cock Dr

        We should probably be kind to “Alex”.
        She’s not the first girl to fall sick in love with the Hannah Montana Disney creation. Credit the Mouse for helping make sure America has a continuing crop of quivering young lesbians.

      • DOucHe BaGELs

        OMG you know what I just realised!! Alex spelled backwards is BITCH!

      • Alex

        Douche bagel – like I said honey, finish your schooling. Alex backwards – xela. Whos the fool? You!

      • coming from the retard who spells luck ‘like’. go swim with some stingrays

      • Dan

        Maybe Cock Dr. is right… Sorry Alex. You might like Miley – but don’t emulate her. People won’t respect you…

      • Alex

        dudedudedudedude – my favourite hobby ‘swimming with sting rays’ is more morally acceptable than yours – keeping your daughter in your basement and doing god knows what. Wow I thought there was only one Fritzel in the world but clearly there are many other vile poor excuses for human beings where he came from. I bet you are a child molester or something – your complete lack of morals is frankly, disgusting.

      • Alex

        Well Im just glad dudedudedude (whatever) didnt kidnap Miley like Madeline McCann. I think he is a child molester because only the vilest human beings speak about women the way he does.

      • rican

        LMAO @dude!

      • rican

        So much anger Alex, are u a guerrilla dyke?

      • Alex

        Rican we should totally swap photos – I bet you are really FUG

      • rican

        Alex the FUG reference is totally subjective, but compared to you, I’m happier, smarter, and get laid more often, you moron. What do they feed you in Australia, dog food?

      • Alex

        Rican honey – you only ever get laid when youre asleep dreaming about the underage kids next door. I hope you get help before it’s too late and you screw up some poor kids life.

      • rican

        Yep, must be dog food, for morons. I think dude is right, you ARE Aussie Mama.

    • Alex

      Rican – I know you are bitter that you will never be able to get with Miley, that must really hurt. So you will spend the rest of your life spitting bile about her on the internet because let’s face it – the only girl that would ever date you is a chronic alcoholic who is so out of it all the time she doesnt notice how awful you are x

    • Jen

      Her self-esteem is fragile!!!!!! You’ve got to be shitting me. Wow.

  8. CC

    He must like to eat moon pies.

  9. Miley Cyrus Kings of Leon
    Commented on this photo:

    the winter season is almost over, why is she still storing seeds and nuts in her cheeks?

  10. Dan

    *pssst* Alex is a troll.

      • rican

        Alex, we all respect the fact that you are entitled to speak your opinion, even when it makes you look like a moron. The truth hurts.

    • Alex

      Dan what’s a troll? Im just a person on here with an opinion like everyone else. Im female and sick to death of the horrible things you all say about women. You all sound like rapists who think women are ‘whores’ and deserve to be taken advantage of. Wow it’s 2011 – women are not animals.

      • Dan

        No… whores are whores. Whores can be male or female. The Situation is a whore.

      • ludichrisspeed

        Last I checked, women are definitely animals, just like men. You want to be equal, start slinging some one liners or go back to cooking me a fucking omelette.

      • Jovy

        “I’m female and sick to death of the horrible things you all say about women”

        I’m also a female who is sick of basketcases like you who come onto sites like this and whine, bitch, and moan. For fucks sake this site isn’t called “The Superficial” for nothing. Stfu and Gtfo, maybe you are better suited for the PETA forum or some Christian forum, but it is apparent that you do not belong here.

        Ta ta, Alex.

  11. testington

    he must be doing it for the money/fame, she is just not sexy at all…not even a little bit.

  12. Miley Cyrus Kings of Leon
    Commented on this photo:

    Am I the only one who is surprised by the fact that she actually knows how to text?

  13. Kim

    So it’s lame to have your songs on “Glee” but f-ing Hannah Montana is cool?

    • V

      He’s probably making fun of her behind her back while fucking supermodels and groupies, What is more Rock and Roll than that?

  14. Someone needs to explain to me why all of these men are in love with this girl with an upside mouth. When she talks I get vertigo.

  15. Alex

    If you all hate women so much why don’t you date eachother instead. You all hate women so much you should embrace homosexuality (since we women are the inferior sex and all deserve to be assaulted). Real men who were brought up well respect females. I’ll tell you something for free – no sane female would ever date a guy who talks about us like that. Say what you will about me, Im taking the moral high ground and you can’t win. Snap! Alex wins the argument against Fritzel Junior

    • ludichrisspeed

      You’re in the wrong place for taking the moral high ground. Even the moral high ground here is lower than the pits of Death Valley.

      • Alex

        Totally ludichrisspeed – but 15 year old girls read this blog and its disgusting that they have to read stuff like that about girls. Guess what? I love real men who respect women. They turn me on heaps. Yep I only ever get it on with nice guys only so y’all got no chance with me. Try being nice some time you sexist a**holes – might help y’all get laid xx

      • rican

        what is it Alex, you’re not allowed to speak at home?

      • 15 year old girls should not be reading this blog. I think the clue was one of the many times Miley’s vag showed up in a post.

    • Alex

      @ Miley Cyrus – ok Im glad you finally came on to read me defending you. Don’t let those sad case haters bring you down. They are just pissed that they can’t have you. Goodnight, Alex x

    • Charles Sheen

      Take it easy Alex. we dont hate women. in fact we love em sooooo much that most of us want to just fuck the shit outta their cunts and dump them in the alley trash bin like a dirty cum filled soiled pair of knickers. I respect women. I respect them enough to just kill them after i fuck em and not to torture them like some serial killer. I think I deserve some kind of medal or perhaps a “thumbs up” for the effort. Besides, little girls will grow up like whores anyway as long as cuntbags like Miley are around as role fucking models. So please, Alex, shut your cunting mouth and enjoy the shit we say about stupid whores and attention seeking cuntholes, because what u say don’t mean jack shit to anyone. So please just fetch me a Fosters (thats Australian for BEEEYEH) and put a fucking shrimp or kangaroo in the barbe for me, then sit in the corner and shut ur cunting trap.

  16. let………… it………………… go………………………….

    • Alex

      I’ll let it go the day you embarassments to the male gender learn to treat females with respect, love.

      • Jackwad

        Hey Alex! The only purpose a woman serves is men. They cook for us when we tell them to. They wash our shitty underwear, have our nasty autistic children and when they turn 30 we show them the back door. That’s because no self – respecting man wants to be caught with an old lady in his stud parlor.
        Miley is doing the right thing here. She knows she will be just another dumb cunt in a couple years. It’s a pity a lose like you has most likely never had sex with anyone other than his sister. By the way, what’s her phone #. Hope she is up for some anal!

        Love and kisses

      • Alex

        Dear Jackwad – you are the product of an incestuous relationship. That’s why you have inferior genes and ended up born with zero emotional intelligence. I wish people would stop inbreeding. P.s. your name really speaks vollumes about your charactar. A x

      • Miley Cyrus

        Alex, 27/89 posts so far here are you. That’s greater than one third. Thanks for defending me but fucking shut up already. Seriously.

      • Alex

        @ Miley Cyrus – ok Im glad you finally came on to read me defending you. Don’t let those sad case haters bring you down. They are just pissed that they can’t have you. Goodnight, Alex x

      • @ Miley Cyrus

        I love your upside down mouth

      • Jen

        Look you dumb cunt. If you want to take on a real fight, leave this chat, go to Big Brothers/Big Sisters and fuckin volunteer some of your useless time. Be a good role model, because Miley Cyrus is not, and thats what were all bitchin about. (And shes a dirty whore too).

    • chels

      alex, you can’t proclaim yourself as the winner of your own argument. because everybody here thinks you’re a complete moron. there’s nothing to respect about miley cyrus, she’s a vapid whore with no talent besides keeping the whole world guessing when they’ll get to see her vag. what’s to respect?

      men will respect women who earn their respect, not little bitches like miley. and you are most certainly not earning any respect here with your holier than thou feminist freakout. and as for all the poor guys in here who will never “get any” from you, i’m pretty sure they’re happy to avoid the hypothermia of the penis that would inevitably ensue. loosen the fuck up. you’ll find people will like you a lot more, or at least hate you a lot less.

  17. Miley Cyrus Kings of Leon
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    She sends “coy” messges???? “HANNA MONTANA DOES ANAL!” is NOT coy!

  18. Alex Rodriguez

    Can’t wait for the leaked sexting pictures.

    • Jackwad

      Dear Alex, I am from Kentucky and yes, my parents were first cousins, as was my first wife. I am not ashamed of being deformed nor did I ever hide my waterheaded children. They were removed from the school system for numerous displays of erratic behavior and are now both in love and living with me in one of my cellars.
      What the fuck happened to you?

  19. Miley Cyrus Kings of Leon
    Commented on this photo:

    Haha, silly paparazzi Implying that Miley Cyrus can spell.

  20. Is she even legal? I mean, I know she’s old enough, but isn’t there some law about nailing retarded girls?

  21. LC

    uhm, does anyone else have the impression that Alex thinks Miley Cyrus was really here?

  22. News flash – 25 year old in a band excited about possibly banging a barely legal singer. Singer’s inconsolable father last seen binge-eating at Taco Bell.

  23. cc

    I thought the Blair Witch owned this chick’s ass?

  24. Miley Cyrus Kings of Leon
    Commented on this photo:

    she pays A LOT of money to look that cheap

  25. Dude, he is totally going to see her Oh-emoticon! Oh, OH..OOHHH.

  26. PJ

    I actually began to hate miley a little less when i saw last week’s snl with her playing justin beiber in the “miley cyrus show” skit with vanessa bayer. She did a great impression of him and, hey, props to her for being able to make fun of herself. But then the skit ended and she went right back to being the cultural black hole we all know and…i feel like ‘love’ isn’t the right word here.

  27. PJ

    Oh, and congrats to Jared Followill. Have you seen how wide this girl can open her mouth?

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