Miley Cyrus: ‘America Hates Me’

April 15th, 2011 // 123 Comments

Miley Cyrus will launch her new Gypsy Heart Tour on April 27 except not in America because apparently we don’t love her enough. I’m not even joking. FOX 411 reports:

“I just think right now America has gotten to a place where I don’t know if they want me to tour or not. Right now I just want to go to the places where I am getting the most love and Australia and South America have done that for me,” she said. “Kind of going to the places where I get the most love. Don’t want to go anywhere where I don’t feel completely comfortable with it.”

Miley then goes on to say she’s comfortable doing an international tour because things are finally better with her family, but are they really? Considering she comes from a strong southern background, I can’t think of a bigger kick in the mullet for Billy Ray Cyrus than having his daughter shit all over the U.S. of A. only to tour in countries with conveniently lax drinking laws.

BILLY RAY: Wine with supper?! We drank Mountain Dew in this family and that’s final.
MILEY: I’m not a little kid anymore!
BILLY RAY: I don’t care what them fancy laws say, you’s mah property.
MILEY: I hate you! — And I’m going to college!
BILLY RAY: Whoa, whoa. Alright, let’s simma down for a minute. I think we’re both saying things we’s gonna regret. I mean, Jesus, sugah, book larnin’? You tryin’ to give your ol’ pappy a heart attack?
MILEY: I was gonna say Lilith Fair.
BILLY RAY: And I was gonna whip you with this belt. — I’m jokin’! I’m jokin’! Just this wooden board.

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  1. Fletch

    Please go to Australia or South America and stay. Do not come back. We don’t want you here.

    • Hugh Gentry

      maybe her plane will go down??? At least Miley realizes how much we all hate her.

    • charles angle

      Fletch, what has the aussie’s done to america that you would wish this bunch of hillbilly’s on them? i’am from and they make us look bad

    • anon


    • Cory

      Wow….I thought she is much loved in the US of A ^^;;;;;
      Seriously, other teen idols went down her path too, so many Kardhasians, Britneys, Hudgens, Lohans, Lady Gags,…..
      So, I really really thought this trash is America’s true role model! I mean, you Americans choose to make her a millionaire, right? You’re the ones thinking she’s super talented in the first place. Turns out you have BAD taste :-p why bitch on it now?
      Everywhere I saw, your entertainer role models are THE SAME :-p
      *NO, WE DON’T WANT HER IN ASIA -We got many beauttiful models and idols at Japan and South Korea already ^^* You can keep her, America, and probably….show her more “LOVE”????

    • Mika

      Fletch, recycle your trash! Do NOT send her to other countries. She’s worse than nuclear radiation.
      Anyway, I bet you bought all her CDs few years back, naaa?

  2. RoboZombie

    Dear Australia and South America,

  3. Snooki's Taint

    I could see the good people of south america relating to her music. Please let her first gig be in Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  4. Aw, Miley, that’s just not true! Most of us don’t care about you at all.

  5. RoboZombie

    By the way Miley, the era of Americans loving stupid, loudmouth,illiterate, drug-using, ugly rednecks is OVER. Just ask George W. Bush!

    • Lol. Good one RoboZombie. Its only a matter of time before the right wing nuts and tea baggers come after you.

      • RoboZombie

        That’s OK…not all Liberals are unarmed.

      • Aunt Sam

        Yeah. You better arm yourself after the budget is passed there is going to be millions more hungry criminals in the streets foraging on your homes. But that’s ok. We got Homeland Sec. and TSA and a powerful military at least to keep us warm inside!

      • Reading is Sexy

        “Its only a matter of time before the right wing nuts and tea baggers come after you.”

        You called it. Good one. Teh stupid is out in force.

      • H8 is a Left Wing Value

        Looks like the Lords of Tolerance of the left are out in force here. Feel the hate. Is this the new civility? Looks like it. Hate and using homophobic slurs are signs that you just might be a left winger.

    • welldoneson

      honestly, you guys are hate-filled and stupid enough already without going to the usual hate-filled bullshit politics the left wallow in. fuck off with all that.

      • Tess

        Welldoneson- they can’t help themselves. They thrive on being smug and condescending, as if supporting the party of illegal aliens and welfare cows is something to be proud of.

      • Burt


        Luckily, none of you are old enough to vote yet.

  6. Richard McBeef

    “America hates me”

    yes. yes it does.

    • Jake

      Speak for yourself. A pot smoking 18 year old girl who likes dressing up in little slutty outfits sounds perfectly fine to me.

      • Crabby Old Guy

        Yeah, but shouldn’t they at least be considered “attractive”? I mean, let’s maintain SOME standards, please.

      • Richard McBeef

        @ Jake – there are plenty slutty little pugs that will get high with you that aren’t miley cyrus.

    • Mika

      No, you Americans MADE her a conglomerate. Where does the “yes it does” comes from? Just realizing you pick the wrong role model? Hahahaha :D
      Next time, choose your role models carefully, not just anybody who use up sexiness but no brains. Hell, you even chose the wrong president ^^;;;
      Americans really love people who can YAP, but then they regret their decisions – and always these ppl inflicts damage on other countries. just STOP!! oh…this is so funny! LOLLZ

  7. Miley Cyrus
    Jon Hex
    Commented on this photo:

    The only reason I check these Miley posts is to see that assistant of hers. Groovy lady.

  8. MisterSuccint

    I detest people who chew gum with their mouths open, so put my name down in the “Hate” column.

  9. Crabby Old Guy

    Wait. Was this even up for debate? She is just finding this out NOW? Wow – she IS a slow-learner.

  10. Australia= country made of ex convicts
    South America=entire continent made of current drug lords
    Yep I can see why Miley feels right at home.

    • Doc Scweinstrudel

      You are just a hate filled bitch. Australia is a great country full of wonderful nice people while countries like Brazil has the most beautiful people in the world – both have incredible beaches. Don’t speak about something you don’t know only because you “princess” can’t afford to go there.

    • Mika

      I studied @ Melbourne for a few years. I must say, it is WAAAAYYYYY BETTER than California or even Pasadena, which I visited coz my sister study there :)
      I think Miley is most at home in America, where every teenagers are more or less similar to her. DO NOT diss Australia, please, princess hungaria whatever. Wait, maybe go to Hungary or other Eastern Europe country where free sex and drugs and tourist kidnapping are COMMON??

    • Mika

      what kind of ‘princess’ are you?
      Disney princess?
      Or Hungarian HOSTEL PRINCESS?
      I am glad I travel a lot, first class, to not make stupid remarks like you started above *mine here is just a retaliation ^__________^*

      PS: I do skip your eastern europe kingdom, though, my dear princess. I’ve been told its a ‘dirty and dangerous’ place and full of mail order brides who are actually insane. Is this true? Like, you believe Aussie is full of convicts? I saw the film ‘HOstel’ and it is the best way to prtray eastern europe, my girl, if you don’t change your view ’bout aussie or brazil ^^

    • Mika

      @ Doc:
      yeap…..hate filled BEATCH :-p
      worse than ms. miley herself i must say ^___________________^
      Next she/ he/ it will comment that Japan deserve its natural disaster, and other unworthy comments. But we must be thankful for people like this, Doc. It is fun to bash them to a pulp when we have a tired day :D
      And, nobody will blame us. Not me who start the crap :3 *meow*

  11. Hi, Miley? Canada here. We’re not too fond of you either, if that’s okay.

  12. SIN

    Only come back if you are naked and can’t speak.

  13. Greg

    Oh god, are those leather pants?

    /fap fap

  14. Cock Dr

    I always get great Halloween pumpkin character carving ideas when I see this bobble-head.
    The problem will be finding a big enough gourd.

  15. slappy magoo

    America responds “Can you blame us? Have you heard your music?”

  16. lils

    I don’t know why but I think she thinks South America is a country…

  17. Dan

    “Don’t want to go anywhere where I don’t feel completely comfortable with it.”

    Lots of self esteem issues…

  18. LJ

    She still sings?

    • CharlieSheen'sChoad

      No. She doesn’t. Her mouth opens and sound comes out, but it sounds like a cat being pulled backwards through a keyhole.

  19. Yeezy's Son

    That damn sex doll company won’t stop will they. This one almost looks life like. If it weren’t for the gaping mouth I’d think it was the real thing.

  20. It had to be said

    She should take Bieber, Sheen, Lohan and a few other people on tour with her. It’d be like Lolla of people I hate.

  21. Ian

    I suggest North Korea or Afghanistan.

    • Ian

      Wait, I am sorry. That would just reinforce the taliban’s position on women…………..

    • argleblargle

      If you tell her women get stoned all the time, she’ll rush right on over.

    • Artofwar

      …I suggest Libya, I hear the rotting corpses are in full bloom this time of year….Artofwar

    • Mika

      YOU think that America is better than other countries, do you Ian?
      I suggest you look up the mirror :3
      Wow, we Asians live like kings and actually does have decent JOBS compared to you Americans ^__________________^
      For me, no more US trips. Pathetic country with racist ppl who thought they’re better than the rest of the worl most of the time. And then they get pwnd by tourists’ lifestyles and spending spree, AND they got jealous, and mouths off poorer countries they helped ruin, such as afghanistan. Tsk-tsk-tsk…..
      Go flip burgers and shut the hell UP Ian, pretty please with cherry on Miley whatever. Oh wait, she isn’t a virgin anymore since forever, I dare bet? :D

    • Mika

      This forum is FUN ^________________________^
      I have lotsa fun here!!!!!
      Seeing jealous pathetic Americans with lame taste on their role models, take up chances to bash other countries ms.Miley wants to visit, ahahahahahaha, hshshshss *wheeze*
      I must say: MISS MILEY, AT LEAST, still wants to visit other countries, and make hella more than you other country haters, which you will never catch up till you die. Stop being pathetic :3
      LOOK, THE BURGERS STARTS FIRE!!! HELP!!!! WATER!!!!! Grill ‘em right, please?

  22. JC

    Dear Miley,

    First Nazi war criminals, and now you? Why can’t we just be left alone?


  23. Miley Cyrus
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s right.

  24. Drew

    An easy way to win back the hearts of Americans would be to trade the eagle shirt in for a wolf shirt.

  25. Juano

    I can’t be the only one who gets irritated when celebrities who act like idiots and get people to move on to other entertainment sources turn around and then claim it is all due to “haters”. Honestly, the real reason she isn’t touring in the US is that the tour probably wouldn’t do really well, since she’s alienated the teenage girls who were her biggest fans. But of course, that would require her to face up to the fact that without the Big Bad Mouse behind her, she hasn’t got the talent to sustain her career, and we wouldn’t want to have to do that, would we?

  26. cc

    I love it when I can see a woman’s chewing gum.

  27. Annicka

    She DOES have a brain! Please, Miley, get the hell out of America and never come back!

  28. Kodos

    bitch, please…

  29. Sean

    We don’t hate her. That would mean that we actually think or care about her enough to hate. We just don’t give a shit about her.

    • Mika

      Then how come she’s one of the richest teenage star? [if y'all don't give shit to her?] Please, y’all only hurt coz you expect her to be loyal to US and she’s loyal to her bank account. This is why you shouldn’t idolize a star too much. I’m not defending Miley, but she IS a human being, right?

  30. mamamiasweetpeaches

    you know what i sort of wonder/ what does she sing in concert? does she still as a grown woman sing those hannah montana songs? or does she flat-out refsue to do the hannah montana songs? either way I imagine someones getting pissed off (“fans”)

    theres a band my daughter used to love and alway go see in 5th and 6h grade. This year shes in 7th and I just found out their playing. Shes totally embrassed and doesnt wanna go. She outgrew them. This HAS to be what happned to 90 % of Mileys fan base, no?

  31. JD

    “Stolen” nude pics in 5…4…3…2…

  32. dee cee

    Amen to that sis! At least you got that right. NO Mo’ Money

  33. Laugh while you can. She’s Sarah Palin’s top pick for Secretary of State.

  34. Ha! The girl’s face behind her says “for the love of God, please take me with you…help me”

  35. Brooke

    Let’s go ahead and plan out the rest of her life while we’re talking schedules here.

    2011 – Tours in South America and Australia
    2012 – Dropped by label, switches to country.
    2013 – Gives birth to Brett Michael’s son and names him Jimbo Ray Michaels. Sells out local county fair gig. Gets implants, appears in “stolen” porno.
    2014 – Shaves head, robs drug store before going home half baked and plugging Billy Ray. Found dry humping his corpse with a taco in hand.

    I think I got about half of that right. I’m looking forward to seeing where her career takes her :D

    • Shelly May

      You forgot the playboy spread so America can see she’s not a little girl anymore. Barf.

    • Mika

      How could you be so harsh to somebody you actually helped MADE :D
      I Bet a few years ago you were like ‘my hero’ and screaming at the top of her lungs @ her concerts, and wishing you could somehow get ‘the best of both worlds’ for your sorry life too ^__________________^

      And stay out about Australia!!!!! Sheesh….


    FUCK YOU you over-priviledged teen-aged cunt.

    This is what is going to happen. Miley, drunk on her own questionable “success”, is going to spend the next several years drinking, drugging, and being in general, a whore on the scale of other celebutards like Cunt Hilton. As she ages, and gets fatter, uglier and less profitable, all the Disney money will vanish. She will do pointless cameos on sitcoms, pump out a few uninspired and unpopular albums (because all the stupid teenaged girls who idolized her have GROWN THE FUCK UP), and eventually, after several “re-inventions” of herself, will check into some form of rehab.

    The probability of “unintended inseminations” in all this are quite high.

    For references: see BRITNEY SPEARS and LINDSAY LOHAN.

    Miley the Cunt: the salad days are fucking over. Reality is gonna be fucking sweet–for the rest of us.

  37. “Miley Cyrus: ‘America Hates Me’”

    Translation – ticket sales were slow or non-existent.

  38. Miley Cyrus
    Commented on this photo:

    Really, that was all it took to make her go away??

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if instead of beach balls, the in her audience bounced around the Miley blow up dolls? I would almost pay for a ticket to see that one happen.

  39. Shelly May

    Friggin low class, loud mouth hillbilly. Just disappear already. Remember when she was going to take on Radiohead because the didn’t what to talk to her hillbilly ass?

  40. Jake

    It’s not like America HATES her.

    It’s just that we strongly don’t like her and wish she was dead. I have a dream, and it contains Miley and Heidi and Spencer in a car in Japan and another Tsunami hits and then Godzilla eats them, but Godzilla can’t digest plastic Heidi and then Godzilla dies.

    RIP Godzilla…..RIP

    • Mika

      AAaahhh….another low life American making varmint comments about other countries. I love Japan as much as I love Australia, and they’re better country than the sorry US o/ A. I love Tokyo sooo much :3

      Btw, what’s the difference between hate and ‘strongly dislike and wishing someone died’? It is the same, semantic nonsense xD hahahah

      • Juano

        I think we all can figure out where Mika is coming from; anyone from the US is a piece of crap because it is so wonderful wherever she comes from. Well, Mika, I’ve been there, it’s lovely in many places and the people are quite nice, but my fondest memory is waking up in Beijing, looking out the window and seeing a beautiful yellow fog enveloping the city. That and driving around and not being able to see the tops of the buildings due to the lovely fog. A fog which by the way seems to be now part of life in Hong Kong and will probably spread to Tokyo at some point.

        So, think carefully before you bash any country, including the US….asshole.

  41. Michael

    Maybe I’ll stop bitching about Megan Fox is Miley Cyrus just goes the fuck away.

    But unlike JD said, no nude pictures please. I’d rather get caught bull-whipping my junk (thank you, Greg Fitzsimmons) to one of those depraved videos on eBaum’s World.

  42. She needs to hit that salvia a bit more first!

  43. MLVC

    why do i always have the desire to lick her crapper???

  44. the captain

    she’s right: KEEP ALL THE OPTIONS OPEN.

  45. PabloF

    South America=entire continent made of current drug lords
    EEUU=Entire Country made of current drug addicts

    By the way… America is a continent not a country, you morons.

    • anon

      Yeah um if you think “America” is a continent…you are the actual moron. North America is the continent. United States of America is a country.

  46. terry

    Miley has zero talent and tries too damn hard to be controversial. Who the hell does she think she is. Sorry Miley but the game is over. 20 years ago you could get away with being “NOTORIOUS” but with the advent of the internet and blog sites up the ass you can’t do shit that will shock us because we already know before hand that it is a gimmick and we just can’t be bothered. I know I can’t.

    The internet is a big ass collective consciousness and we say fuck off!!!!

  47. Marceelf

    I think Libya has some tour slots available. I’m sure they would show Miley the love she deserves. Just remember, there’s no Ambassador to Tennesee.

  48. Sangriatic

    Australia doesn’t want you either, Miley. Try Prague.

  49. Lovemypussyhairthick

    Probably shaves her pussy, makes me hate her.

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