Mila Kunis gets cleavagey

September 18th, 2008 // 72 Comments


I’m The Superficial Writer, and I approve this cleavage.



  1. always looking

    hold the phone… check out that last shot… is that… could that be… an outer band nipple peek?

  2. Ralph Pinochle

    I hear she smells like fish

  3. D

    @51….ooh nice, could be

  4. asshat

    see…this is what real hotness is…not that megan fox hoe


    i WOULD TAP THAT FOR DAYS !!!!!!!!!

  6. button up!

    Her outfit in the last two pics is ridiculous. Button up your shirt, you idiot.

  7. gina

    please, PLEASE do not tell me my lovely mila got implants… or went on bc…… first paris…. please not her……

  8. AssHat here

    Nothing changes…Obama is still a quadruple octoroon.

  9. Sean

    I am wondering if all of you guys that are assuming she has had her tits done have ever heard of push-up bras or even water bras for that matter.

    Bottom line: She has not had her tits done. All natural there people.

  10. damn.. awesome cleavage
    Home Alone boy is soooo damn lucky


  11. max

    SHE IS SO SO SO HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    62. max – September 18, 2008 10:18 PM

    SHE IS SO SO SO HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    …not you….

    ..learn too read…

    (Pro Tip: Read the post above you.)

  13. bryce

    she drives a mexican car! lol!

  14. Her legs are so skinny compared to the rest of her, without the fake tits she would look like a teenage boy.

  15. blah

    I don’t get it; whats all this talk about fake tits for? They don’t look fake to me; just a push up bra and maybe some of those chicken cutlets. They don’t even look that big to me. And she’s a cute girl, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about…she’s just cute, not drop dead gorgeous. And if she opens her mouth then its all over; awful voice. I think she did actually date Ashton in real life when the show first started; lucky girl, got her hands on him when he was still sweet and humble and undemified.

  16. WOOOW, prudish america!!
    nooooo?: SUE HER, folks!!

  17. sloreftw

    mila was 14 when she started that 70s show, no wonder she was flat chested.

  18. WhoCares!!

    She’s so pretty!!

  19. powerhouse

    She is very beautiful! I’d say the nicest thing about her is that she is has not been overexposed. I don’t recall seeing the cleavage before and if they are silicone she had a fantastic job done! Nice and semi-natural. Good for her.

  20. Plastique

    No “acting” jobs since 2005 = time to get new breasts.

    Seriously, she’s good looking.

  21. Lexi

    Who gives a damn- she’s lovely!

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