Mila Kunis Looks Pregnant. For Real This Time.

October 29th, 2012 // 46 Comments

We’ve seen Mila Kunis look heavier before, but that was for a movie, and she wasn’t walking right next to Ashton Kutcher who’s clearly making the, “Why didn’t I wear a condom behind that truck back there?” face. Because that’s how fast pregnancies happen. They’re like a ninja, a sneaky, sneaky ninja. One minute, you’re enjoying a delicious sandwich, then the next – BAM! – you’re throwing your adversary down the stairs because did you fucking see that thing? It had nunchucks and wouldn’t stop talking about food. I almost died.

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  1. The Royal Penis

    She’s probably just buffet preggers, not the real thing.

    I think douchebag probably ejaculates rainbow punch from his penis, not sperm.

  2. Frank Castle

    Kutcher hates condoms. Fact.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      Find me a dude that doesn’t hate condoms. Or a woman for that matter.

      • Frank Castle

        Good point but find me a multi millionaire who is young, good looking and famous and doesn’t use a rubber with random skanks in a hot tub and I’ll show you a grade A moron who deserves to lose his money.

      • Angela

        Yes it also show that Ashton has low standards as that Brittney girl was quite ordinary and she made a porn film. Anyone could have him.

      • what do condoms have to do with birth control? they’re to prevent STDs more than to prevent pregnancies with girlfriends. why are sexually active famous men and women going around having sex without being on birth control? oh… probably because they want kids. whether or not they admit it publicly, to their friends/family, or even to themselves.

  3. barack barry

    looking a few months in.
    if that’s a food baby, that must have been one bigass meal.


    I feel like all this site does is make fun of celebrities

  5. Hey, Linds… mind if I borrow that gun once you’re done with it?

  6. I don’t know, she kinda looks preggers. But the after looking at the other pics, I think the stripes on her shirt are causing a sort of optical illusion. If it turns out she is though, who wants to bet that Demi Moore is gonna have another breakdown??? LOL

  7. I agree with misery, this picture will result in a demi moore cut. But, I’m not sure she’s pregnant. The girl said ever since she lost weight for black swan, it’s been gaining back in weird places that it wasn’t before. she said it all goes to her stomach and hips now. Plus, she’s in a new relationship, and everyone gets fat in new relationships because you are happy and eat out a lot.

  8. Johnny P!

    I think during a morning ritual of grooming at home, Mila felt like she needed to douche and just grabbed the closest one at hand…

  9. Mila Kunis Pregnant Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:

    I guess we’ve finally settled the question of Demi and Ashton not having kids of their own. Demi’s insides were a rocky place where his seed could find no purchase.

  10. This relationship was bound to happen at some point. He’s probably been plowing that since they were on “That 70′s Show” together.

  11. El Jefe

    She and he could do worse I guess. They have known each other for a long time and unlike Natalie Portman’s douche, he at least has a job and makes a shitload of money.

  12. Inner Retard

    ASHTON!!! – In William Shatner’s KHAN!

  13. Dick Hell


  14. Mila Kunis Pregnant Ashton Kutcher
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    He looks pregnant too!

  15. jonesy

    The look on Ashton’s face says she got to be the man last night.

  16. KELSO! You Dumbass!

  17. Gary Grant

    No Jimmy Hats when with Mila

  18. Mila Kunis Pregnant Ashton Kutcher
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    seriously? that is what pregnant looks like? did anybody bother to tell jessica simpson?

  19. I say Halloween prank.

  20. GenYgirl

    When has Fish ever ever called it right on a female being pregnant.

  21. Mila Kunis Pregnant Ashton Kutcher
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    It seems like all these asshole celebritys do is walk around aimlessly while drinking iced coffee, then complain about the paps. It’s called a LIMO stupid! Use one!

  22. Bob

    She’s looking more and more like Nikita Denise with every pound she packs on.

  23. Mila Kunis Pregnant Ashton Kutcher
    Alpha Female
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  24. Mila Kunis Pregnant Ashton Kutcher
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    She doesn’t look pregnant, dickwad.

  25. Why is she with Bill Murray from Stripes?

  26. Mila Kunis Pregnant Ashton Kutcher
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    Ashton is possibly prego With Mila’s baby. Check out his baby bump too… or they both ate the same kinda cheese burger Shannon Doherty claimed to have eaten????

  27. Zac

    Mila is looking so rough and old in the face. They must have airbrushed the hell out of her esquire photos. Time for upgrade Ashton!

  28. Sliver

    I don’t know, the guy in the picture doesn’t look that proud of himself for having “impregnated” her. So, unless she is just trying to keep up with the Portman chick, it isn’t likely.

  29. Kim

    I don’t think she’s pregnant…just getting fat. For the past couple of months, she’s been getting bigger and bigger. Not so “sexiest woman” anymore :(

  30. dian

    kelso and jackie finally

  31. Mila Kunis Pregnant Ashton Kutcher
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    She’s definitely pregnant. The look on his face in the first pic says it all…

  32. Mila Kunis Pregnant Ashton Kutcher
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    Wow, Mila is no where close to Demi Moore’s beauty… But hey, movie stars are gross; Often changing partners like one would change underwear…just plain gross…

  33. Mila Kunis Pregnant Ashton Kutcher
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    her pants are on backwards!

  34. Mila Kunis Pregnant Ashton Kutcher
    Tu madre
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    shes way hotter then demi and they him and mila of course have history should have done it before hitching it with demi would have saved the cougar all the heart ache if any lol.

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